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On skeletons in Chitimululu’s closet: Kalulu Tapusuka Mipya Ibili – Part IV


By Dr. Henry Kanyanta Sosala

‘’Kalulu tapusuka mipya ibili,’’ is a Chibemba proverb which can literally be translated as: ‘’The hare does not escape the burning plains twice.’’ The actual lesson is that no one should take his lucky for guaranteed or push one’s lucky star too far.

Politics is said to be a dirty game because of how it is played. A lot of scheming, deceit and intrigues are employed to attain desired goals. Some even involve in character assassination as in the case at hand.

In the first place, it was just too much of a coincidence that the serious false allegations you are about to read by Mainda Simataa were brought up after the joint statement of condemning me by the leaders of the Opposition Alliance. And in Chibemba we say:’’Ubushiku bwaluba umukote ne cimbwi canye mfwi. Kanshi abantu bonse kuti batila cimbwi eulile shikulu bantu.’’ And according to Dr. Lumbwe’s translation this means: ‘’The day the old person goes missing, the hyena has grey hair in its dung. And the people would automatically conclude that the hyena has eaten the missing old man.’’ And therefore three leaders i.e., Messrs. Hichilema, Milupi and Lukuku are automatically involved.

Here is what Mainda Simataa wrote: THE SKELETONS IN CHITIMUKULU’S CLOSET:………. Then BOOM! I remembered the story of how boxes of ‘ENGRAVED FORM’ – codename for Bank of Zambia (BOZ) CASH IN TRANSIT went missing under the chiefs watch when we worked as an accountant at Zambia Airways. He reportedly served jail time, and may be those traumatic years in isolation are coming back to affect his mind.

The short story is that on dates unknown, but certainly before many of us were born, a certain airport fork-lift driver accidentally pierced a carton box marked ‘ENGRAVED FORM’, and was astonished to see money coming out, and he quickly reported to the boss, chief.It’s said Chief and his few friends decided to pounce on some of the boxes. BOZ security quickly discovered the scam and traced it back to Chief. President Kaunda was alerted about the young crown prince’s mischief, and immediately ordered that the culprits be arrested and brought to book. State lawyers however reported back that they couldn’t secure a solid conviction because the prosecution could not prove to the court that ‘ENGRAVED FORM’ was missing, and that it was actually money, and therefore state property. However, President Kaunda couldn’t let a legal technicality get in the way of Justice. He confiscated all the houses chief had bought in Chelstone, and Chief was sent to jail. But Kaunda was kind enough to spare the prince from hard labour, and arranged long-distance studies for him were he eventually became a prison graduate in philosophy from an Australian University .Question is what moral right does chief have to lecture youths when he has passed secrets he hides? We want answers. SO WISE CHIEF, TELL US ABOUT ‘ENGRAVED FORM’

I can honestly confess that I was confused when a friend sent the story to my e-mail. Indeed, I had many years heard that money in transit had been stolen at the Lusaka International Airport after I had left the airline. And incidentally I have never been trained in accounts but was trained by then Central African Airways in the airline’s management and operations and have never been to Australia to study prison philosophy. I was at a total loss because I had left Zambia Airways in 1968 and I was being accused about something that might have happened 52 years earlier (i.e., 1968-2020). Where would my starting point of defence be? When I tried to figure out where to start, I realized that most of my then former colleagues who could vouch for my innocence that I had actually left employment at the time of the thievery were dead and definitely my conspirator was among the four living former workmates. In fact, I was very sure that my Judas Escariot was among the living four because the author used the term ‘’engraved form’’ which was a secret code used by CAA airlines to conceal the real contents of any parcels which contained money on cargo manifests and only the senior staff knew of it and such parcels were normally sent by what was called the ‘’hand of the pilot.’’

And humanly speaking I was pinned down and there was totally no way out and I believe my conspirator was celebrating and no wonder he even taunted me in big letters: ‘’SO WISE CHIEF, TELL US ABOUT ENGRAVED FORM.’’ And I agree with most of the people who think that such an individual who can tell such blatant lies with a seared conscience must be an initiated Freemason and Satanist and a member of the Grand Lodge of Zambia which is the Masons Temple in Lusaka’s Cha Cha Cha Road.

And as usual what actually the group of satanists had not taken into account in their equation to damage my reputation was the presence of the Living and Almighty God in the universe. It is said that God’s Word is absolute truth and triumphs over every issue of life. It holds the solution to every problem. And being a staunch Catholic, I strongly believe and I have proved far beyond any doubt that the Rosary is a tremendous and powerful weapon against Satan. And there are ‘’Fifteen Promises of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Christians Who Recite the Rosary.’’ And Promise number 11 states: ‘’You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the rosary.’’

And therefore having prayed on the rosary about my predicament, I travelled to Lusaka and on Monday, 13th July 2020, I walked into the National Achieves library without any idea of what I was going to do in there! But in an instant, I requested for copies of the Times of Zambia from January to December 1969.

And after about five hours of perusal and when I was just about to give up just then, I came upon the Times of Zambia of 6th September 1969 where it was reported that Barclays Bank was offering a reward of K5,000 to any information leading to the arrest of a person who stole two parcels containing K53,000 which was in transit. The money was sent from Barclays Bank Livingstone branch to the head office in Lusaka.
Then BOOM and my eyes almost propped out of my sockets, Times of Zambia of 8th November 1969 came out with the headline: GOOD-TIME THIEF WHOPED UP ON K53,000. …….’’The man was jailed for 5 years for stealing two parcels containing K53,000, and he gave himself away by throwing a series of wild parties and gave out money to those who attended. He is Anaiya Zulu, the 29-year-old Zambia Airways porter who stole the parcels while off-loading a plane at Lusaka International Airport. The money had been sent from Barclays Bank in Livingstone and was destined for main branch in Lusaka. Zulu admitted that he was the airport thief and told the detectives that he had a lot of experience handling parcels. In a house search police recovered more than K19,000 and more money was found at his home village in Ketete district in Eastern Province. Property worth hundreds of kwacha was also seized. Police are still investigating the whereabouts of the remaining cash.’’
There the truth lay bare before me and then suddenly hot teas ran down my cheeks upon realizing the magnitude of hatred these people have in store for me and I profusely thanked the Lord.

But why? It’s a spiritual battle to try and destroy my scarlet thread or star. Every human being carries a scarlet thread or star at birth which signifies destiny. However, the scarlet thread or star bestowed upon individuals greatly differ depending upon destiny. For example, in the book of Matthew 2:2 it is stated, ‘’….Where is He that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the east and we have come to worship him.’’ In some cases, the star is a symbol of power and authority! It is a symbol of honour, dignity and greatness.

Every battle of life is tied to one’s destiny and to every destiny there is a scarlet thread which one’s enemies want to cut; burn; control or dim it’s shining! And I have for many years kept wondering what sort of star that I carry and for which people are after. I have people who in their fertile evil imaginations created terrible lies about me in order to destroy my integrity; created situations where friends suddenly become antagonistic against me; situations where I am rescued from danger at the last minute. For instance, I was at one time fast asleep at Lusaka’s Chrismar Hotel, when my brother Colonel Chanda Sosala came to wake up and urgently asked me to dress up in a woman’s clothing because he had just received an urgent call from a senior diplomat at the Zambian embassy in London that I should quickly move out of the hotel, otherwise something bad was going to happen to me.

My worry is that there is somewhere in the Constitution an article which I cannot now recall where it is stated that one can raise issues or complaints which can if proved valid can disqualify a person from standing for elections. But this would I am sure prove fatal to many innocent people if you can deduce from my above predicament. It was the same for President Lungu, some evil went to Eastern Province trying to prove that he was a Malawian. Then they later came up with a story that he was a ‘’duplicate Edgar Lungu.’’
And as I indicated in PART III, the problem arises in many people mainly from lack of self-contentment and self-confidence since they see more in me than in themselves which translates into uncontrollable envy. I have, however, made it a habit to daily read Psalm 91. I have now for many years kept the words of British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill: ‘‘You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.’’

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