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Exit Maize Farmers, enter Hempreneurs



THE Zambia Hemp Growers and Industries Association (ZamHemp) says the country will soon experience a revolution of million youths hempreneurs country-wide once the state-of-the-art technology and technological innovations are put in place in starting September this year.

ZamHemp president and chief executive officer Peter Sinkamba told the Sunday Times during the week that ZamHemp, which will focus on high-value agriculture through hemp industrialization will utilize existing and upcoming agriculture and medicines legalization to conform and comply with the Zambian laws and policies.

Mr Sinkamba said ZamHemp has since set up a National Training Institute and Research Centre (NTIRC) which will be the training hub for Zambian hempreneurs. He added that ZamHemp will collaborate with various local and international research institutions to train the hempreneurs. Among international institutions which will work with ZamHemp is the Centre of International Rural Development Studies (CIRDS), the faculty of economics and management at the Czech University of Life Science Praque in Czech Republic.

“The Czech Republic has identified areas of collaboration in training, research and development and possibilities to transfer Czech technologies and know-how through associate membership affiliation with ZamHemp,” he said.

Mr Sinkamba said the core objective of CIRDS is to support the development of global rural areas with a complex set of activities that need to be conducted within the existing organization of the particualr society where collaboartion has been sealed.

He said this approach takes into account the current state and strategy of the Czech Republic in relation to the issue and the possibilities and needs of the recipient partners as well as speaking to needs of a company in a developing country. He added that Zambia happens to be the Priority Country for Czech International Development Aid, and for this reason, our country stands to benefit greatly through this collaboration.

“Our partnership with the Czechs on technologies and know-how, training, research and development will enhance not only the operations of our National Training Institute and Research Centre at ZamHemp but the nation at large through hempreneurs,” he said.

Professor Lubos Smutka head of CIRDS his letter of intent to ZamHemp recently said that the university had identified potential areas of collaboration in training, research and development with the training centre at ZamHemp.

“We will be exchanging information on possible concrete collaborative activities that should lead to signing extra contracts to realize the collaborative activities of mutual interest to the Czech and Zambian business community and community at large to build human capacity and develop your line of business in Zambia,” Professor Smutka said.


  1. Take it easy mr sinkamba. This is still work in progress. I would suggest waiting government’s guidance before you disappoint yourself. Issues of trading in such substances are highly regulated for obvious reasons. Good to see you planning ahead but remember things may change as security and safety of nation comes first. Kz

  2. Take it easy mr sinkamba. This is still work in progress. I would suggest waiting government’s guidance before you disappoint yourself. Issues of trading in such substances are highly regulated for obvious reasons. Good to see you planning ahead but remember things may change as security and safety of nation comes first. Kaizar

  3. I usually visit Zambia in April, after malaria season, not hot, not cold either. I didn’t go this year because of covid19. But visits are to walk in my maize and cassava fields so I witness my seasonal “investment”. I enjoy walking with 4 cobs of fresh maize to roast every afternoon.
    Now you tell me to stop my maize production? so what will be tasting from the marijuana fields, I can’t even stand my uncle’s smoke of ulubangula! No thanks, my 200 bags of maize per year is good enough.

  4. Nostra tawakwata ama paper iwe. You cant risk exiting the UK for fear of being prevented from returning.

  5. The is misleading “Exit Maize Farmers, enter Hempreneurs” is misleading. It is business as usual. There is no need to abandon maize growing. The same applies to other cereals. Maize is a staple food and many other countries in the African region. Just talk about the business of hemp growing. Why are you sensational? You need to be factual, objective and ethical. It is market forces to decide acreage and export potential. You must not mention a professor without first seeking consent when discussing dangerous drugs.

  6. @ Kaizar, Yes am not a medical doctor or “essential” worker, I have medical papers to show. Am a part-time community college lecturer, and local municipal library assistant. Not librarian. Just putting books back on shelves, and confrontation with teenagers who like kissing in library, who happen to be most college kids.
    So I have FREE time job bro. Yes covid-19 has messed up my money because both campus and public libraries are closed. That you can laugh at me.

  7. Nostra sorry to hear about job situation. I don’t laugh about such thing. Due to covid alot of jobs are at risk and it is disheartening to see people lose part of their income. This is why we in pf have introduced a number of stimulus packages. However, just like the developed world, not everyone can be helped unfortunately. Kz

  8. This is not about dangerous drugs. Industrial hemp has always been a source of raw material for the industry. It is medicine. It is a fiber for the textile industry. Our people will process this fiber. The by-product is an organic fertiliser for our maize farming.
    We grow maize using chemical fertilizers – unsustainable!
    We grow cotton in this country and yet we wear cheap imported clothes with no cotton content in them – no thermo control, etc.etc.
    Industrial hemp is not a drug. It is an industrial raw material. Try to research on this topic and contribute to the development of Mother Zambia.

  9. Industrial hemp is not a drug. It is a source of medicine, industrial fabric and organic fertiliser.
    Try to do read on industrial hemp and contribute to shaping this industry.

  10. The Czech Republic………!?¿?? What do they know about hemp production in developing countries. And since when did we become their first country for development aid?

    Help us set up complex set of activities……?..what like gangs and patch control????? I guess it’s a good thing it’s not Mexico offering help or that would definitely be dodgy!

  11. At least growing ibange is less stressful in comparison to investing in maize! Those conversant with the plant will agree that its ever healthy in the most unlikely soils like we see well nurtured bodies of mad people feeding from rubbish dumps! Growing marijuana will not stress farmer budgets and it would likely be 100% organic!

  12. We don’t have to exit Maize production you also! We still need Food Security for which Maize forms a larger part. Hemp is not a good crop but a cash crop. What you should have said is that Farmers should consider diversifying their crop production and add Hemp to improve their cash flow. Hemp on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster!

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