Friday, June 14, 2024

Honour your COVID-19 Pledges, Health Minister Appeals Corporate Entities


Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has called on corporate entities who made pledges towards the fight against COVID-19 to activate them.

The Minister indicated that some of them have not yet fulfilled their pledges.

Meanwhile, Dr.Chilufya has expressed worry at the levels of stigma against COVID-19 patients.

Speaking during the COVID-19 routine update at the ministry of health on Sunday, Dr. Chilufya said stigma reduces the gains made in the fight against the pandemic.

“There is no need for stigma because anybody is at risk. We frown upon stigma there is no need to stigmatise against COVID-19 patients.” Said Dr. Chilufya.

He expressed concern that because of stigma, people who are critically ill in their homes are failing to report themselves putting a lot of lives in danger.

He said President Edgar Lungu’s call for unity of purpose and solidarity was key in the fight against the pandemic.


  1. They got free publicity on tv for their organisations and goods and services, but have not honored their pledges, you why business minded prime tv was not for the idea of freebies.

  2. I can’t give my pledge to an inmate.
    Chilufya resign and see how much will poured in covid19 by this friday. It just swap ministry with Nkandu Luo, Chilufya will do well with cows.

  3. Very timely advice from the minister. Nostra we didn’t ask you. We know you are a typical broke unemployed diasporan burden there in diaspora

  4. Very timely advice from the minister. Nostra we didn’t ask you. We know you are a typical broke unemployed diasporan burden there in diaspora . Keep the donations you get

  5. Very timely advice from the minister. Nostra we didn’t ask you. We know you are a typical broke unemployed diasporan burden there in diaspora . Keep the donations you get to survive. You need them more

  6. @Kaizar, why you repeating comments, so you have hiccup?
    Did you check on your sick rival Lusambo? Tell him not to be trembling, he make it through with covid, they have reserved a ventilator for him.

    • So the 6.3 billion that was raised a couple weeks ago is finished??? and now you are asking for more donations… these k@swe`s are bad.

  7. Just shows total disregard for our democracy and judicial system. He is under investigation for corruption and without shame he is asking donors to honour their pledges. That’s a big insult. If Lungu is not corruption and has moral decency He would suspend this thief until he is cleared. The defence of being innocent until proven guilty is so miss applied in our nation. Suspend Chitalu due to an investigation does not meaning quilty, it merely restores confidence and faith in our partners that such accusation conducts is not supported or tolerated by the govn’t. All is to avoid situations like these ” A health minister asking donors to honour pledges while he is understand investigation for corruption”. If he can’t resign let the alkie in state house force him to preserve integrity…


  9. Chitalu chilufa asking for donations to fight covid is like a headmaster accused of rapping girls imploring parents to register their children at his school……

  10. Is there completely no shame nor honour with these guys? Dr Chilufya you are facing charges of corruption and plunder and you have the guts to appeal to corporates to honour their pledges to a fund that you manage!? Is this a joke?! This is precisely why you where supposed to resign or removed from office as you undermine the integrity of the office you hold and the entire government regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty!! I guess the appointing authority does not really care at all or he would have removed you already!!

  11. How can they honour their pledges when the funds are not properly explained and laid out on how there using it, the corporate entities need reports on how the funds are being used , if that was done I believe a lot more would have come on board .

  12. Isambi lilapamya. Sin removes shame and normalises the abnormal. People why are you surprised that Dr is in this situation

  13. KKKKKKK. This is the reason he should have stepped aside to pave way for investigations. Now even a genuine call is looking so uncomfortable. How can you lobby for support with such people at the helm. Please Mr. President, even a forced leave can do.

  14. Mmmmmm…..this corrupt Minister! So that he can pocket more funds. Ndipo if these people are mistakenly given another mandate next year Zambia will be completely finished, ransacked

  15. PF government is sending wrong signals to donors, cooperating partners and corporate entities by fronting Dr Chitalu Chilufya to remind them of their pledges for funding covid-19 pandemic. Chilufya is a wrong person to speak to corporate entities who basis of expenditure on money is anchored on the principles of transparency accountability. Dr Chitalu is allergic to transparency and accountability. We know this with his burst-up with Minister of Finance Bwalya Ng’andu who insisted on accountability of covid-19 funds received. Chitalu resisted and insisted on free spending with his concubine.
    Dr. Chitalu was arrested by ACC on corruption allegations that is actually true and is facing court prosecution over the same. How does Pf government tell Zambians that PF is fighting corruption?…

  16. PF government to be heard by the world should hide Chitalu’s face away from donors and those who pledged. Remember, the world is enlightened can not be duped, PF should avoid embarrassing itself. Hide Chilufya or lock him away from public.

  17. Chitalu you have the balls to ask for pledges when you are in court fir stealing and your boss is protecting you! Bring back the billions you stole first shameless pig.

  18. This is not funny. A thief is telling you he’s not done with you yet. He still wants more. A kleptomaniac beyond redemption, as Fwanyanga Mulikita in A Point of No Return, would call him.

  19. LCC and KCC suspended by useless thieving PF ministers yet this cash thief is still out there asking for money

  20. Tarino what have the two got to do with each other. Different facts and allegations based on difference evidence and yet you want the same outcome. Very dull. Yet they laugh at my humble education. It seems f00lishness is immune to education levels

  21. Chitalu Chilufa you see why you needed to resign or be suspended in interest of the national health system. You have become the news, overtaking COVID-19. Who will ever take you seriously even when cry for help help, mutule mutule…

  22. Zambians are frightened of facing mortality, so they never write wills, hide their heads in sand like ostriches.

    It’s fear, but at this time we ALL must be very brave not just for us but for others including our families. Monitor yourself if you feel a bit under the weather, take a few days to see if it worsens or gets better.

    It’ll soon Passover. Keep in prayer for protection.

  23. No morality in our leadership. Why honour pledges when the corrupt thief is still in charge? As long as Fatso is heading this Ministry, no one in their right mind will pay up. Dr Never Say Mumba is showing us the money from TD Jakes in KalikilikiTownship. Sontapo Chilufya.

  24. Whoever pledged should know that their pledges will go to waste as long as chilufya is still at the helm. So think twice, am sure the government in their budget have a contingency liability plan to use for this. Had you not been corrupt there would be money for this, had you not purchased those fire trucks at that thieving price we would have money for this, had you not been buying councilors to stage by-elections there would be money for this covid-19.

  25. How about that covid-19 bond you issued to roads. And was the money used to campaign for bill 10 not enough to help alleviate the problems you are facing with covid-19, or to make it simple was bill 10 prioritised more than the health of the citizens especially during covid-19 pandemic? I rest my case.

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