National Assembly COVID 19 Test Results Highly Suspicious – Mweetwa

Conelius Mweetwa
Conelius Mweetwa

UPND deputy national spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says there is need for UPND Members of Parliament to seek a second Covid 19 testing as the one conducted by the National Assembly has proven unreliable.

Mr. Mweetwa who cited the case of Keembe UPND MP Princess Kasune who tested negative during the Parliamentary testing but was found positive when she sought a second opinion at UTH as highly suspicious.

Mr. Mweetwa who is also Choma Central Member of Parliament has since advised his fellow parliamentarians to seek a second opinion to avoid being caught unawares as he calls on Chief Government Whip Brian Mundubile to stop behaving like a drunken cadre.

He says the UPND received a statement attributed to Mr Mundubile alleging that the UPND was celebrating the outbreak of COVID 19 in the country and death of two lawmakers not only cheap but also not worth the status the government whip is occupying.

He wondered how Mr Mundubile could make such insinuations against the UPND whose membership has also fallen victim to the pandemic with its leader Hakainde Hichilema consistently calling for measures to stop the spread of the virus which has become a global health problem.

Mr. Mweetwa has since called on the Chief Government Whip to at least preserve the decorum of the office he is holding and avoid being the peddler of lies.


  1. Mweetwa,
    Its very normal to just refute statements in this era than to start insulting fellow Honourable Members of Parliament. Please have respect for other people. There is no need to be arrogant. Calling a honourable MP, a parent and lawyer as a drunken cadre has no Parluamentary decorum either.

  2. Mweetwa,
    You cannot be calling other people names all the time you speak just because of the statements they have issued. All you do is issue your counterstatement. Calling a fellow honorable MP and a parent for that matter, a drunken cadre has no Parliamentary decorum either. You have no endless wisdom to be disparaging everyone like you are doing now.

  3. But the ability to lie and be corrupt is what qualifies him to be a PF member in the first place.
    How will Mundubile fit into the PF party if he were not a humble lier?

  4. He deserved to be called A DRUNKEN CADRE becuae of his behavior like a drunken cadre who entered police hq and beat up other cadres friends to Mundubili. All UPND MPs have great manners now ba PF MPs behavior yama cadres. The way they talk you cant even know that aba niba MP Ba PF cadre cadre all the times.

    • Shurrup, the man who kept misleading his boss and landing the nation in a mess in everything

  5. Mweetwa kutumpa uku nomba, don’t behave like your styupid cousin Larry.
    Emerges you were a hero on 15th to defend yourself from Matibini, and 12 days later you turn yourself into zero!? Now you putting the milf Kasene in jeopardy that she is faking her covid-19. This disease is not an orgasm, you can’t take it.

  6. Mweetwa, THE ZAMBIAN PEOPLE are extremely impressed with your asking these guys who have failed in everything to be truthful all the time otherwise the Christian nation issue will die a natural death. They lie all the time, 51 people died during the gassing only for a vice president to heap the blame on opposition without producing any evidence, why do these people behave like this Kanshi.

  7. Trump national security adviser Robert O’Brien tests positive for coronavirus. President Trump’s national security adviser Robert O’Brien has tested positive for COVID-19, according to people familiar with his situation. O’Brien has been out of the office since late last week, one of the people said. O’Brien came down with the coronavirus after a family event and has been isolating at home while still running the National Security Council, doing most of his work by phone, according to one of the people. (Bloomberg)

  8. You want such an !d!0+ in Government.
    Hell no!
    S+up!d statement.
    $!11y party.
    Extremely dead upended.


  9. The thin skins in Zambia are just amazingly fragile. I see attacks on Mweetwa for what he said. Well, lie, steal, loot. When you are called out you scream disrespect and pushback like whimpering bullies defeated by the schoolyard underdog! Awe shuwa! Mundubile azicindike cabe. Basi.

  10. One can test COVID 19 positive today and the following day negative. MP Kasune says she did not show any signs.

  11. Indeed it’s tricky unless you have a plot in forest 27 and refuse to apologize to a leader of business in the house for unpalatable comments. We are watching

  12. The opposition is winning 2021 election even without campaigning. Tutwa and Lusambo will be the first to lose their seats.

  13. This boy also, he is used to insulting elders. Just goes to show that he indeed had a rubbish upbringing. Not long ago he was insulting his mother, now he is insulting his uncle, what next. The other day he was insulting hh, someone teach this boy a lesson please.

  14. PhD – Stop dreaming. The opposition will not win next year. Zambia’s opposition is so useless that even with the uselessness of PF, they can’t make an impact. As for Mweetwa, all the respect that people had, has evaporated because he is now being viewed as a pompous, vulgar and excited young man who needs time to grow. He seems not to be worthy of Honourable – this is the problem when an opposition political party has MPs who feel entitled.

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