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Statement issued by Senior Chief Mukuni represents the views of UNPD Leader Hakainde Hichilema.


PF Media Director Sunday Chanda says the statement issued by Senior Chief Mukuni represents the views of UNPD Leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Senior Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya people said he finds efforts to drag Mr Hichilema and Alliance for Democracy and Development Leader Charles Milupi into the Bemba royal family infighting by Paramount Chief Chitimukulu unfortunate.

But Mr Chanda says Mr Hichilema through Senior Chief Mukuni have launched a mocking attack on Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

He has reiterated that the reasonable thing Mr Hichilema can do is to tame his Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka for the insulting and belittling remarks he has been issuing against Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Mr Chanda has also challenged Mr Hichilema to apologize to Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and the Bemba speaking people for the insulting remarks being issued by his party leaders.

He said it is unheard of for senior party members to insult the Chitimukulu or any other traditional leader in the country and for Mr Hichilema to treat it as normal.

Mr Chanda said the silence by Mr Hichilema over the matter is a confirmation that the insults coming from Mr Mucheleka have his blessing.

He said it will not help for Mr Hichilema to use Chief Mukuni to speak on his behalf but should come out himself and apologize to the traditional leader.


  1. Bill 10 advocates to remove traditional chiefs from their thrones at the behest of the Republican President.

  2. Cant the leadership of PF see that this Sunday Chanda chap does more damage than good each time he writes or says anything! His arguments are shallow and not thought through. When President Lungu keeps quiet, does that mean that he is in support of something. Sunday, go and do something else. Being a spin doctor is not your thing. Twapapata

  3. Of course it does. It is only natural that the chief mukuni would come out in support of hh who has induced him with financial favours to ensure those areas remain upnd stronghold. However a upnd stronghold on its own cant win election. Even if we allowed evil diasporans to vote, upnd would never win. As for mukuni I would have kept quiet if I were him. Clearly some one like hh is pulling his strings

    • Wait and see how UPND will sweep through to the point were not even rigging will have space. Apologizing Party you woke you apologize and you want other parties to have the coronavirus of apologizing NO. NO APOLOGY ba PF mwachilamo. Mukuni well-done they like apologizing. PF is not sleeping nowadays, they sleep UPND, they Dream UPND, they woke up UPND, they talk UPND, UPND uli mukalisana. Wina azalila come 2021, was just removing dust from my voters card to remove PF Apologizing Party. They are about to apologize wait a minut.

  4. Some people just have to say anything because that is their job. During KK days we were always bombarded by commentaries from their infamous research bureau. A time comes when people get fed up of this kind of crap. Incidentally it is only when we are near a regime change when these parrots are at their loudest. RB had his own infamous parrot.

  5. That Sunday Thing will never get employed. Frank grew up faster.
    Sunday you can’t keep following behind the Chitimukulu in public with roll of toilet paper.

  6. Nostra I am sure you think hanthony habwalya is the best thing that ever happened to media. Says it all really. Kamuhamba

  7. Nostra I am sure you think hanthony habwalya is the best thing that ever happened to media. Says it all really. Kamuhamba. Kaizar

  8. There is difference between a Bemba and a Bemba speaking person, I speak Bemba and i see no need for you to drag HH in your family feuds.

  9. Akainde does not mean well for anyone in this country. Akainde is desperate for power.
    Akainde and Milupi wrote a war crimes Report which is still at 95% complete.

  10. Hakainde Hichilema is not known to apologise for any wrongdoing that comes from his party or people from his region. I will never forget how after the 2016 elections people from the Northern and Eastern Province were beaten up and had their homes torched. All we got was velvet silence from Hichilema and his fellow leaders. It was clear then and even now that that violence had the blessings of Mr. Hichilema and the entire UPND leadership. It is the more reason why I strongly believe UPND cannot unite Zambia. If they were to be given a chance to rule, they would literally run over other ethnic groups in Zambia and unleash the intolerance we have never seen. Within UPND nothing goes wrong. That is the danger inherent in UPND. It cannot correct itself as a group.

  11. Guys, please stop “killing”each other with words. Dialogue is important and it must be done within an environment that promotes harmony. It seems we are so pregnant with partisan politics that we are blinded to logic and sense. It is either HH that or ECL that or PF this UPND that. Even a neutral issue gets painted with HH or ECL. Awe bane, this is not how we must debate issues.

  12. Sunday i never heard President Lungu condemn the thugs from PF who were attacking radio stations so he was in support educate us

  13. Reading the writings of the chief Chitimukulu makes one believe that Mr. Sata knew what he was doing after all. What’s sad is the inability to reason or even try to think by the PF. It’s true then that ”some people would rather die than think. Most do.”

    • Especially KZ and Kudos they irritate me with there blind support for this Chi PF thing. Baseless comments. Vote out chi thing.

  14. It looks like Chiefs in Zambia, except the Litunga and Mpezeni, do not seem to realise that they are part of government, regardless of which party is in power. If there is any problem with the government of the day, they can channel their views through the House of Chiefs. As for Chitimukulu, it looks like Shakespeare’s words, ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown’ apply to him in another way. Furthermore, he is showing insecurity of tenure. Is he really qualified to be the Mwinelubemba? Is he supporting PF because of self preservation ends or because they are in government? I hope it is the later.

  15. Sunday Chanda and Kaizer Zulu are killer agents to democracy! It’s not just politicking but deep rooted haters with malice! Deep down within themselves they know that the UPND that they constantly want to paint black has a kind human heart and they don’t have to worry about the aftermath should UPND form government as they will be embraced to enjoy freedoms as enshrined in the Zambian supreme law.

  16. While reading all the Tonga bashing charade by Bembas and now their “Chieve” CheatMukulu’s malicious accusations that the UPND wants to unseat him once in power, I came to realize that built into our system of elections is a Chernobyl-like defect: placed under the right conditions of stress, the system is vulnerable to catastrophic breakdown.
    Over the last three elections, we have narrowly avoided such an electoral meltdown, but the 2020 elections promise – in a manner never seen before –to present a combination of stresses that could lead to epic failure. Firstly, the tribal bigotry that Michael Sata & his PF goons engendered has festered full cycle & is clearly malignant now. The last three electoral voting patterns clearly show the country is seriously split along the line of rail…

  17. .from Livingstone to Solwezi with all its resources will split from Zambia, violently.

  18. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Man they say never hate or despise anyone but I sure despise this Sunday Chanda dude (at least his ramblings, not the person). Dude never ceases an opportunity to run his mouth, incoherently and inarticulate. What a d0uche! He fails spectacularly to address any of Chief Mukuni’s wise and valid points.

    Now someone help me here: why is Sunday Chanda inserting himself into the Chitimukulu’s issues? Is he’s responding because he is Bemba or because he is PF or both? Unbelievable! What did Sunday Chanda say about Sara’s treatment of Chitimukulu?

  19. As with everything UPND, it’s either partisan or tribal.

    People can not be fooled. We’ll vote against one tribal dominance over majority 2021. Same as usual. Status quo.

  20. Lazy, mediocre statements from Sunday Chanda are not helping PF.
    A ruling party deserves an intellectual spokesperson who can issue smart and thoughtful statements.
    I guess being smart is not a requirement at the PF political party.

  21. Chanda tone down your voice. You are a let down to all the Bemba people. If we.say Par Chief Chiti does now own Zambia, it is shameful to have him always show off as though he is the most educated Chief and yet he is equal to other chiefs like, Mupezeni, Gawa etc.
    Now be smart talk and divide Zambians is not good.
    Ba Chitimukulu must show wisdom to lesser Chiefs. Its not good to fight or provoke other chiefs who are silent just because you have one of yours in heart? Twakana kanabesa Zambia te Northern province ngunifyo tuleke abalozi baputule ichalo muiteke mwekanaifwe tushale fweka ngakuti chawama.

  22. So if it indeed it represented the views of the UPND, What would be wrong with that. Start working, you have grounded the Zambian currency to the extent that it is the second worst performing currency in the world and you are busy politicking here. Dear Sunday, what is wrong with getting a life, I am a staunch PF , you are busy embarrassing us.

  23. The retrogressive political thinking of Senior Chief MUKUNI against President Lungu’s Government have been well documented. Mukuni’s veiled disparaging remarks against Paramount Chitimukulu reflect ideas drawn from the database held by UPND’s inner-circle, for which even a hired Anthony Bwalya cannot access. Apparently, demands by HH to demand for the return of a CAR plus 20 CATTLE he donated to Ba Chitimukulu reveals a tip of a corruption “ICEBERG” hidden under HH’s sleeves. In this regard, we appeal to subjects of the Bena-LUBEMBA to collectively pool resources to refund the reported gifts to HH.

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