Friday, June 14, 2024

Government launches the emergency COVID-19 social cash transfer Project


The government, with support from cooperating partners, has launched the emergency Covid-19 social cash transfer .

Community Development Minister Kampamba Mulenga says the disbursement to beneficiaries is expected to start within the course of the week.

Ms. Mulenga says the emergency social cash transfer will help to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 in vulnerable homes of the elderly, women and their children including those in the informal sector.

She has explained that the beneficiaries are those already in the database, who will get 400 Kwacha each with food hampers for a period of six months.

The Minister was speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka today.

Ms. Mulenga has assured all beneficiaries that there will not be any discrimination in the disbursement of the funds.

She has thanked the cooperating partners for contributing towards the funds.

And International Labor Organisation -ILO -Director Country Office for Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique, George Okutho, said COVID 19 has presented challenges of loss of employment in many sectors.

He said the emergency social cash transfer will help address social protection.

And World Food Program Deputy Country Director Jayoung Lee said her organization will work with the Government to distribute food across the country in vulnerable homes.

Meanwhile, UNICEF Representative Sam Mwadzikwa pledged to support the Government to execute successfully the emergency social cash transfer to all intended beneficiaries across the country.


  1. Looking at the notes being given, that doesn’t look like our Zambian currency, the picture is stolen, typical of kleptomaniacs. If Hell is real PF will enjoy the moments there…. PF must GO!!!!

  2. Look at the diasporans gnashing their teeth in anger. They are angry that we are putting in place measures to help the poor relatives they left here. The diasporan is a very complex species. They suffer from anger issues with deep psychological inferiority complex. I know one who left a very intelligent and beautiful zambian woman to marry a wrinkled mammary gland dropping muzungu just to feel successful apparently. Kz

  3. Not during campaigns or during disbursement of these funds tikanvele ati zachoka from bakasaka kandalama, this is donor money to the venerable zambians, ndalama sinachoke mu pocket yaba pf, during disbursement make that clear to the recepeints.

  4. Naimwe ba KZ , ati

    “….They are angry that we are putting in place measures to help the poor relatives they left here….”

    There is no we , your only job is to help give out western aid money ,

    PF can’t give jack assistance on their own , unless it is to your thugs

  5. This is a Malawian photo, look closely the person in a suit and tie. Zambia hasn’t got that picture on any of the Zambian currency. Copy and paste as usual PF advised by KZ. Thieves have to cover lies with further lies and truth checks them ……..embarrassing.

  6. For long time I have said that you PF idyots stop misusing pictures from some useless countries.
    That is not Zambia, look at the currency, thats NOT Zambian Kwacha. Anyway, 95% cut even see or feel when their PF squeeze their balls.
    So many things in that picture which can tell you that those are not Zambians.

  7. But LT, how can you collaborate and connive with these criminals? Aren’t you suppose to verify the story and the pictures independently? The currency shown is not Zambian and yet you publish this. You saw how these crooks tried to portray the road work in Nigeria as their own.

  8. Pic shows a couple of people collecting their hand outs ………
    This is just a publicity Stunt Obviously !!!!!!!!!

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