Monday, July 22, 2024

President Edgar Lungu Fires Zambia National Service Deputy Commandant


President Edgar Lungu has terminated the contract of Zambia National Service (ZNS) Deputy Commandant, Major General Alick Kamiji.

In his place, President Lungu has promoted Brigadier General Benson Miti to the rank of Major General and appointed him as ZNS Deputy Commandant.

The President has thanked Maj. General Kamiji for the services he rendered to the Government of the Republic of Zambia and wished him well in his future endeavors.

The President has wished the new Deputy Commandant God’s blessing and success in his new role.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has said that Zambia has no excuse not to grow enough food for everyone because of the good soils and favorable climatic conditions in some parts of the country.

The Head of State said that it was in this vein that he has in the past instructed the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to establish big farms in Northwestern, Muchinga, Luapula and Northern Provinces.

The President also noted that the country cannot continue boasting of having more water bodies in the region when people have no access to clean drinking water.

The President said that this when he swore in Dr. Jonas Chanda as Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental protection Minister. The President also swore in Benson Miti as Deputy Commandant of the Zambia National Service.

And President Lungu urged Dr. Chanda to ensure people, especially those in rural areas, have access to clean drinking water.

He said Dr. Chanda should use his work experience in Nigeria, Rwanda, Botswana, and Swaziland to protect the environment.

President Lungu also said there is a need to promote the establishment of new infrastructure that will help the government to provide water and sanitary services to the people.

He said Dr. Chanda and other cabinet Ministers are there to serve the interests of the people.

On Major General Benson Miti, President Lungu urged him to be loyal to the Command and ensure he motivates staff in the Zambia National Service.

President Lungu said he is proud of the Zambia National Service’s contribution to food production and the construction of infrastructure.

And speaking in an interview, the new Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Minister said he will work with other ministers to deliver on what the PF promised the people.

He said since the PF came in office in 2011, Zambia has increased by more than fifty percent people’s access to clean drinking water and sanitation services.


  1. Our hardworking president has come alive this week! We love you ECL.

    Let’s now deal with Mukula, corruption, ambulances, Honeywell, FIC and AG reports, 48 houses, 42×42, the gassers, violence and incompetence!

  2. Part parcel of life. Relieved of duties so as to give someone with a better vision the reigns. Great decision making ba president. We thank the previous commandant for serving his nation and not running away to diaspora for a supposed easy life. Kz

  3. A little too late and doing it selectively. It is okay to steal, not okay to embarrass yourself with nude pictures?!?

  4. President Lungu urged Dr. Chanda to ensure people, especially those in rural areas, have access to clean drinking water.
    Where were they before?

  5. I have no qualms with appointments that involve service officers in uniform but would love to know what credentials other appointments have to be a comfort to the Zambian people that these appointees have necessary skills and education to deliver! Zambia has stagnated in matching the times in many areas of development just because of the “gratification appointments” Left to me I would, at this point Zambia is, love to have appointees to cabinet and national institutions who have at least post college qualifications!

  6. As usual, remove a Luvale and replace with a Nyanja speaking!

    Shouldn’t we just split between the formerly North-Eastern Rhodesia, and Batotseland North-Western Rhodesian territories? Or, what are the North-Westerners waiting for, manna?
    This consumption of the Zambian National Cake is not fair, seriously speaking!
    It is not democratic!
    It is not equitable!
    Something needs to done, if their is to be longevity of unity.
    Zambia needs unbiased development.
    Where is the formular, development allocation quotient or metric? None!

  7. This empty tin of the president firing wrong chaps what the well known criminals and corrupt people? .

    PF must go!

  8. A good leader is like a good Farmer, cutting out poor harvest and putting the good on display at high table.

    Before 2021, there has to be a lot of separating the wheat from the chaff.

  9. Next, he follows Eric Chimense. The sacrificial goats who did not share the loot with the boss?
    Anso, niyakuti zina iyi?

  10. This is strange indeed! The ZNS Commandant should take full Responsibility for what goes on in ZNS. The Deputy Commandant reports to the Commandant so why fire him when he is only a Reportee? There is more to this than what meets the eye.

  11. Is this a disciplinary action firing? The Deputy fired his boss spared. What did he do? Naimwema lipota dig before you present to us

  12. Chagwa, kumawa kwa anyoko ndithu kumodzi! Your completely useless reign is killing this country ka ch.ikala iwe sure fwa fye!

  13. Deputy firing was based on tribalism. Wait when other tribes come into power, you will cry like shlt…. if not it will create CW soon.

  14. Fire who? Does this rat even have the power to fire anyone? If Chilufya is still sitting in his office comfortably. Iwe Deputy general go to work Tomorrow, this Rabbit don’t ve power to fire you.

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