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We will Find Serious Local Investors for Mulungushi Textile-HH

General News We will Find Serious Local Investors for Mulungushi Textile-HH

The UPND says it will once in Government find serious local investors and possibly partner with foreign plus government injection for Mulungushi Textile and others like it in order to revive them.

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says his Government will create cotton outgrower schemes among the farming community especially for youth and women to supply Mulungushi Textile and others like it.

He said by doing so, his government will encourage Mulungushi Textile and others like it to manufacture a lot of fabric and in turn create employment opportunities for the Zambian people.

Mr Hichilema said colleges and trade schools will be encouraged to train more people in the tailoring industry and support more youths youth and women to set up tailoring workshops and buy the fabric from Mulungushi Textile and others like it.

He has emphasised that uniforms and other linen, for example, security wings, hospital and clinics bedding curtains and many such should be bought by government institutions from these workshops so they can expand more.

He said the UPND in Government will further review the tax regime for imported fabric so as to protect the local industry.

Mr Hichilema says this is just one example of how one sector can create jobs and opportunities for the youth and women.

He said Mulungushi Textile industry in Kabwe and others like it in other parts of the country are key to UPND planned economic recovery that will create jobs after 2021 elections.


  1. Good intentions but to be honest Mulungushi is obsolete and would never be able to compete against Chinese textiles.

  2. Bally is right we can do it ourselves. FDI is possible but much emphasis on local investors is more important than FDIs.

    Once we produce more goods and services we can export to other countries and earn forex to stabilize our kwacha.

    PF must go!

  3. Hh you will never form government. Face reality and move on with your life.you will regret having wasted your time in politics when you are 80 and still trying to win an election. You will die sad. Just look at by election results in your stronghold. That is a message to your party from your supporters. They have lost confidence in tribal politics

  4. Even with tax incentives the Chinese joint venture failed to run that factory, so it isn’t viable to run unless you make radical changes and the best is to turn it into an edible oils refinery. Who doesn’t use cooking oil? Zambia is still a net importer of saladi. Just count how many trucks pass through Nakonde and Chanida

  5. Even with tax incentives the Chinese failed to run that joint venture. It means it isn’t viable to run as a textile. Turn it into an edible oils refinery. Zambia is still a net importer of saladi. Just count how many trucks pass through Nakonde and Chanida

  6. Text book rants.
    Once engaged by the FTJ Government, damn it, our mines money somehow got into your pocket thus ICIJ reports.

    What do you know about running national assets when all you see is a chance to steal and hid money in off show accounts?

    Once bitten twice shy ba suntwe.
    Natural born Kleptomaniac.

    God will punish you. Eee eee infact stfu.

  7. Paolo the truth hurts and many people are in denial of it. You don’t need to be God to figure out that a guy who has stood and failed over 4 times will never win.

  8. Hahahaha joke of a day. you want to send youths into farming mmmmmm but you are same hh who have being preaching about creating more jobs for the youths but now it is youth into farming.Ubufibulaya nokubwela.Waikolokofya

  9. As to whether Bally will win next year’s elections, any average Zambian endowed with a little bit of common sense will have reservations because history has shown us that Zambians don’t elect leaders according to their ability serve but even a senseless campaign song like Dununa Reverse can win you an election. So this Bally thing can just gift a Freemason an election victory. Zambians can even choose scum over cream; are those in govt better than Hichilema? NO!

  10. There just isnt’ any hope for the incoming President. Mulungish Textiles is as useful as th eperson claiming to be Kaizer Zulu on this platform.
    There cannot be or justifiable textile company in Zambia as long as Chinese imports are still allowed.


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