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Nevers Mumba unveils Democracy House

Feature Politics Nevers Mumba unveils Democracy House

New Hope Movement for Multi party Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba has unveiled the Refurbished MMD Secretariat in Kabulonga, Lusaka.

The MMD is celebrating 30 years of it’s existence under the theme 30 years of Democracy and Development.

The MMD Secretariat will now be known as Democracy House.

In opening Democracy House, New Hope MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba said that the MMD will fight for Democracy in Zambia.

“As the mother of Democracy in Zambia, we shall fight tooth and nail to make sure that this Democracy which we fought for in 1991 is safeguarded”, Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba then said that the Party decided to name their refurbished Secretariat to Democracy House because the foundation of the party was democracy.

Dr. Mumba then said that Democracy House will host a library and leadership school.

“Lastly but not the least, We would like to inform you that Democracy House will have a Governance and Political Library and will further have a Young Leadership Institute”, Dr. Mumba said.


  1. So impressive. Look even RB picture is there.
    Chi Lusambo and Chi Nakachinda are so jealous, they are planning to hire thug Mosho to go and demolish that Democracy House.
    Just be humbled and rejoin the party.

  2. Good development for the mmd. Although I personally think it is a waste of money looking at the odds of them securing a victory. However I guess democracy is expensive. As for the diasporans above, you should be busy at the drawing board with your demigod trying to figure out where you went wrong in the by election. I was expecting to see a UK number on my phone from Larry mweetwa to congratulate us…

  3. Good development for the mmd. Although I personally think it is a waste of money looking at the odds of them securing a victory. However I guess democracy is expensive. As for the diasporans above, you should be busy at the drawing board with your demigod trying to figure out where you went wrong in the by election. I was expecting to see a UK number on my phone from Larry mweetwa to congratulate but alas. Kz

  4. The words “MULTI PARTY DEMOCRACY” in Zambia shall always be synonymous with their architect and founder, FREDRICK CHILUBA, and not with the clergy, therefore, the omission of his portrait from major programs of the party he founded is a curse to from his ancestors and followers.

  5. What could be impressive about a brickwall around a plot? Ba LT is this the best you could give us about a structure you have told us is a Democracy House? Your pictures dont “unveil” anything

  6. What Nevers should be doing is nurturing young ones to take over with from him…he has too many cobwebs the man escaped jail time only because he was a Veep, very indecisive just two years ago he said he quit politics for preaching and has a habit of selling out. He thinks he will follow his clergy friend’s path in Malawi.

  7. He has found a good sponsor and that’s the tragedy of Zambian politics. Why would somebody sponsor Nervers Mumba unless there’s some concession? Let’s work at funding our politics out of our pockets not through foreign funders or money raised from inflated tenders

  8. Chiluba was not the progenitor of multi party democracy. It was Aka and company. I stand to be corrected

  9. @Luapula Premier, you are right. If Chiluba’s portrait’s not included, it would appear a small rubbing out of facts has occured and totally disrespectful. Chiluba is the one that rose up to break ‘one party democracy,’ which by the way was democracy because we voted for continuation of KK. MMD is not the mother of Zambian democracy. Zambia has been proudly democractic since 1964.
    I’m personally troubled by MMD’s image makeover currently. They appear to be adopting methods to disrupt democratically elected govt by riling the citizens. It’s not necessary to be revisionist…by misplacing facts of our history like the Chiluba contribution omission and inferring KK era was not democratic. There are many guises of Democracy and multi-party politics in Africa is a colonialist ploy…

  10. If indeed MMD is new hope, Dr Mumba should invite everyone to MMD for the convention and assure them that he will accept anyone who emerges as presidential candidate for 2021 and rally behind that person in the general elections. Even if they don’t win the elections it may give MMD a considerable MPs as a springboard for 2026. If that happened Nevers Mumba can go in world history as a champion of democracy even if he does not rule Zambia but just help restore democratic tendencies.

  11. Why do people believe that chilubas portrait has been omitted. Its the one that’s just before mwanawasa’s on the far left. It was just caught in a bad light but if you drive past, its very clear.
    Eagle’s eye, you’re very correct. Chiluba is not the founder of democracy in Zambia. Please read “Not Yet Democracy ” by Derrick chitala. This book gives and account of events that led up to the formation of MMD, the people involved and how cowardly chiluba behaved during this time. Chiluba was a coward that didn’t want to cross Kaunda again and didn’t want to have anything to do with MMD when approached by the founders. Just like data, he came in at the last minute to hijack the presidency of the party when the front runner author wins showed signs that he was medically unfit.

  12. Iwe Sunta you can say a lot of things about thief Chiluba but coward he was not. Long before any of the people who turned up at Garden House had mustered any courage to oppose KK, Chiluba was standing up to UNIP and KK. Kaunda once made Chiluba stand up in a UNIP conference and told him that you cant challenge me because Iam 6 feet and Chiluba you are four feet. That was just how Chiluba troubled UNIP’s almighty authority. Chiluba would address press conferences and point out where UNIP was going wrong. That’s why he was arrested and none of those who awoke in 1991 were ever arrested. Chiluba was a short man but with a very tall courage.

  13. Polytricks, all that you are saying is well documented and am old enough to remember first hand, what he experienced as a Union leader during Kaunda’s authoritarian regime. What am talking about is the time he was sent to prison by Kaunda and he became “born again” whilst serving time. When he came out, he was a different man. He was no longer the fire brand that was a thorn in Kaunda’s flesh. He became a coward in the name of Jesus. When the multiparty agitators, mbita chitala and aka, approached him to join the fight, he refused on the basis of biblical scriptures that don’t allow you to go against those in authority. Mbita and aka were disgusted by him. He had become a coward with scriptural justifications. Please read the book.

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