Delay in releasing results for Covid-19 is due to inadequate testing logistics and technology

Ministry of health Permanent Secretary in Charge of Administration Kakulubelwa Mulalelo

The Ministry of Health has said that the delay in releasing results for COVID-19 is due to inadequate testing logistics and technology, caused by high demand globally.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary in Charge of Administration Kakulubelwa Mulalelo however said that the government will work with cooperating partners to remedy the situation.

The Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary also said the government will ensure the rational use of available resources because there is no production in Zambia and Africa for test reagents.

Ms. Mulalelo told Journalists during the routine COVID-19 update in Lusaka today that Zambia has recorded 5 Covid-19 related deaths in the last 24 hours.

She said 4 of the deaths were brought in dead while one of the deaths was a patient at levy Mwanawasa Isolation center.

Ms. Mulalelo said 40 patients are on oxygen support, of which five are in the intensive care unit. The number includes 3 health care workers who were screened in Lusaka. Ms. Mulalelo said Zambia has recorded 119 cases in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has said that the non-adherence to anti-COVID-19 measures is fueling the spread of the disease.

Mr. Lusambo has particularly cited the unlawful reopening of some bars and taverns as being among key drivers of the Covid-19. He has appealed for strict observance of masking up and social distancing.

Mr Lusambo who was discharged last week from the Levy Mwanawasa Isolation Centre said that he has recovered but remains home in isolation.

He told ZNBC News on the telephone that Covid-19 remains a real threat to people’s lives especially those in cities.

Mr Lusambo said the government is doing everything within its powers to fight the disease and urged Lusaka residents to play their party in stopping the spread of Covid-19.


  • 76 cases identified through healthcare facility screening in Lusaka;
  • 23 contacts to known positive cases in Lusaka;
  • 13 individuals identified from routine community screening in Lusaka;
  • 3 healthcare workers screened in Lusaka;
  • 4 BIDS in Lusaka.


  1. Where is the President when we had few cases he was addressing the nation today the cases have gone through the roof and he is quiet what is it with this President.

  2. Where is the President when we had few cases he used to address the nation more often now that the cases have gone through the roof he has disappeared what wrong with this President when the citizens expect him to offer leadership he is not there.

  3. Today I am suffering from terrible stomach ache. Pray for me you guys. Hope te corona yamumala iyi. God watch over me.

    Your poor child, kz

  4. GRZ gone to bed, hands folded waiting for donations of equipment and cash.

    Access to equipment for managing coronavirus is not as difficult as it was a month or two ago.

    The longer GRZ delay the worse it is going to get should there be a resurgence to spikes of say, two months ago in countries with higher population that have managed to reduce infections and deaths.

    GRZ ought to focus on this everyday, and taxes to fight the pandemic. Failing this will break us as a country.

  5. This virus is as obstinate as it can get. It has turned super powers into super patients. Even countries where cases were manageable, suddenly hot spot clusters are beginning to reappear. I believe the Zambian government has tried and is still trying everything to keep the situation under control. Unfortunately, things will usually get worse before they start to get better. It calls for high levels of endurance, discipline and caution on the part of the citizens. With their support, it shall be easier to overcome.

    Finche ce vita ce speranza! While there is life, there is hope!

  6. She is reporting better than thief Chitalu Chilufya – KZ, tell us is your friend inside, appearing in court or ACC is still piling up cases?

  7. We need to know how many ventilators do we have in Zambia?

    We maybe expecting unexpected outcomes.

    PF must go!

  8. My question to the government, what are we doing in trying to find a solution to this problem? Granted there is no cure at present but we have seen countries invest in testing technology as was reported in West Africa where they have created a $20.00 testing kit. Other countries like Madagascar have come up with a ‘cure’ of their own, though not approved by WHO but its saving lives and certainly helping them. Other countries have turned to drugs like Hydro chloroquine to treat the virus and subsequently reduce deaths…. What are we doing in Zambia? Are we just announcing and retiring back to our offices to wait for more numbers to announce the next day?? What is the country’s action plan in finding a drug which will stop people from dying?

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