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President Lungu has confidence in Young People-New Education Minister


Education Minister Dennis Wanchinga has called on young people in the country to work hard as they position themselves to take up leadership positions.

Dr. Wanchinga says young people have the potential to contribute to the social-economic development of the country through hard work.

He was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Mwense District Commissioner Edward Mumbuluma.

Dr. Wanchinga who is also Mambilima Member of Parliament said the gesture by President Edgar Lungu to appoint young people into leadership positions shows that he has confidence in them.

And Mr. Mumbuluma has pledged to work with everyone to foster development in the area.

He said so far, he is in talks with Heads of Departments in the area, to ensure that they don’t work in isolation and work in harmony.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mumbuluma also appealed to Dr. Wanchinga to facilitate the construction of feeder roads in the area especially Katuta road, to ensure the easy movement of goods and services in the area.

Until his appointment Mr. Mumbuluma was Mwense PF District Chairman and he took over from Mr. Geoffrey Chipampata.

Dr. Wanchinga is in his constituency to witness the launch of the issuance of National Registration Cards which starts August 1st, 2020.


  1. Just shut it! There is no future for young adults in Zambia presently. Every time it’s the usual old fashioned statements from these clones reading speeches written for them in expensive suits even when the weather does not permit.

    These young adults including graduates and graduants need jobs like yesterday. STOP reading those useless speeches and instead start acting now.

    The Youth need jobs and some need capital to enable them turn their innovative ideas into tangible businesses.

    No more speeches but action.

    As for Bally my man, I have an idea which will make every vote count. I will be contacting you so.

  2. Very true words by the minister. The Youth need to be proactive and use the tools provided for them. Government cannot spoon feed you. We can only provide you with the foundation and conducive environment to succeed. After that it’s you to use your head and those things to make it. We are not diaspora who believe in government giving them handouts

  3. Apa pene mwaisa ku Education ministry kusabaila. PF chased youths to protest from the bush and Lusambo called them disgruntled youths who are without jobs. What hypocrisy

  4. Just thank your Lazy boss for appointing you in place of the wanking minister and leave it at that instead of you distasteful boot-licking

  5. Wachiiinga ikala panshi iwe, sugar-dadie in fact you took my moma. you are no by any measure a significant variation from the previous except you don’t like phoneticsex. Now you want to talk about the potential of young women.

  6. To the contrary wakacinga u are very old ,yr words don’t carry an weight.
    Education expect more disaster than his immediate past mabumba.

  7. Mr minister where you alive just recently when police where hunting youths whose only crime was to ask that they demonstrate against the wrong in today’s governance system?

  8. “Dr. Wanchinga says young people have the potential to contribute to the social-economic development of the country through hard work.” -LT

    What young people need to know is how much money, the Ministry of education has set a side for them to complete the education. Let them decide if they want to contribute or not, its up to them to decide. The ministry is there to allocate the resources, not to tell the student what they need to do.

  9. Minister of education can’t he keep his lane, gas become minister of youth instead of fostering on education and we hear what he gonna do to improve this sector.

    Is it not lack of direction and vision for him to speak on behalf of another ministry?

    PF must go!

  10. What are you thinking about the student that aren’t in the examination classes, what are you planning for them minister. mind you keeping them this long will result to fairer.

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