Friday, February 23, 2024

I have now been Certified Covid-19 Negative-Lusambo


By Bowman Lusambo

After weeks of anguish, sickness and pain, I am delighted to announce that I have now been certified Covid-19 negative. The latest round of tests conducted this morning have confirmed that there is no presence of Covid-19 virus in my body and as such i no longer pose any transmission risks to anyone who might come into with me.

I wish to heartily thank the Almighty God for saving my life and the hardworking staff at the Levy Mwanawasa Isolation Centre for their professionalism and dedication to duty. Whilst admitted, I came to learn that we have some of our health workers who have been in quarantine working at the Isolation Centre for over five months without breaking off to see their relatives and friends, now that is an excellent dedication to duty.

Let me also sincerely thank Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and Dr Alex Makupe from UTH for their personal interest in my case.

I also wish to thank my family, particularly my wife Nancy Manase for the support and care rendered during this very difficult period.

Colleagues, Covid is real and it kills. Let us do our best to protect ourselves, our families and friends of catching this deadly virus.

I am now looking forward to resuming my full duties soon as I seek to serve the Zambian people.

By Bowman Chilosha Lusambo


  1. We thank God. My brother I was praying for you. I am glad the lord protected you from all the evil prayers from opposition and diasporans. We need you now more than ever to enforce covid guidelines. I am looking forward to our meal with our families soon.

  2. Wasting test kits on this pot bellied nincompoop instead of utilizing them on poor people in the streets…I mean once you test positive and self isolate for 10 days and survive you will test negative.

  3. Indeed so what, what does his being tested negative got to do with us. Those are your results, take them home

  4. As I said look at how evil the diasporans are in the comments above. They think they can win over zambians with such hate. You are lying yourselves . Your hh will never rule and you will continue living like second class citizens there abroad where you clean old people. You dirty banchots

  5. Sad news. Atleast we had some fresh air when some f.ools were quarantined. Kikiki!!!! Wrong and forged certificate. He is bragging of COVID-19 and yet his forged certificate is saying something else – SARS-COVID-2. Kaya!!!

  6. Are you going to continue whipping
    People now that you have tasted
    Corvid19? Or will you be observing
    Social distancing.

  7. Ordinary citizens are not getting their results on time but this chief bootlicker gets vip hospital treatment and express covid results. The moron will go back to campaigning and risking the lives of the less privileged

  8. Godspeed young man and keep up the good works. COVID-19 virus is for real because we know better here in the USA.

  9. Thank God you have recovered.
    It might again need your usual Covid enforcement drive to bring Bars to stop operating illegaly.
    God bless you.

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