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Water contamination in Mtendere Township caused by the bursting of two water pipes-Miles Sampa

General News Water contamination in Mtendere Township caused by the bursting of two...

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa says the water contamination in Mtendere Township has been caused by the bursting of two water pipes underground causing faecal matter to mix with the commodity.

Mr Sampa said it was established during a site visit he undertook with the Lusaka Water and Sanitation Company that one or two water pipes have busted underground and mixing with faecal matter as evidenced by the foul smell of the water.

Mr Sampa said he also inspected the reported water contamination at Chainama golf club.

He said the Lusaka Water and Sanitation Company has since sent their 10,000 litres Water Bowser to the area so that residents can draw clean Water for their domestic usage.

He said he had a phone conversation with Lusaka Water and Sanitation Company Managing Director Jonathan Kampata who assured him that underground pipes in the affected area will be repaired as soon as possible.

He reiterated his call on residents in the affected areas to avoid tap water for and draw from the bowser until repairs are completed.

The Lusaka Water and Sanitation Company recently advised Mtendere residents to avoid tap water after they received water contamination reports from the area.


  1. Still working after suspension, that’s the way to go. This guy needs to resign from the PF and stand as an independent next year,
    Mayor or MP for Lusaka central, he is sure to scoop it.

  2. The colonialist did not teach the africans how to run the gorvernments.We are incompetent and lack leadership qualities.A PHD or DR is just a piece of paper similar to toilet paper.

  3. The leadership vacuum is so evident in PF that even one Sampa who is on suspension looks like Presidential material

  4. In UNIP days when well-meaning citizens would point out incompetence and project disaster they were hounded, vilified and sometimes even harmed. Fast-forward to today we are seeing those prophetic tales of caution coming to fruition. A ciBemba saying “bakamulisha amafi” is exactly what is happening right now in the 21st Century. Those warnings were offered much earlier in the 70s and 80s. Thank you, stubborn legacy…

  5. False reporting. He is not doing that in his capacity as mayor. His office has been suspended indefinitely whilst the relevant authorities clean up the councils. Therefore the council is not liable for any legal claim that could be brought against it due to whatever activity miles is doing in his personal capacity as BOBA TV CEO

  6. If PF/Lungu/KZ/findely didn’t steal the money of Zambia we would not have this problem
    PF must go or Zambia dies

  7. Miles we sympathize with you, you uncle started the pf criminality. Lungu took it to the next level. Now that you don’t have real benefits from the criminal enterprise of pf, suddenly you have seen its bad effects. You are one of them, only your Guy Scott plans never worked for you. So make a decision, hang around these criminals & sink with them. Walk away, Zambians have short memories, they will embrace you. Kambwili is acceptable even to tongas despite his trouble sentiments. So walk. Your kitwe friend has been cut off.

  8. Yes, let Miles Sampa work so long he doesn’t turn up at civic centre to sit in the mayor’s parlour and preside over council meetings.

  9. Bad Engineering is Laying Water pipes next to Sewer pipes!
    It’s called LAZINESS!
    You need to “Socially Distance” the two! Six Decades after Independence, we are still drinking $h1t? Unbelievable!

  10. Bad Engineering is Laying Water pipes next to Sewer pipes!
    It’s called LAZINESS!
    You need to “Socially Distance” the two! Six Decades after Independence, we are still drinking $h1t? Unbelievable!!!

  11. Bandit PF how much is mealie meal? Has load shedding finished? How much is fuel ? How is the economy doing? Ba lungu never give power to the speaker. Next Government need to audit budgets from 1995 to current.

  12. Miles was supposed to be our President, yaba. But I think he was still going to have quality advisors unlike this blogger who keeps misleading his boss

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