Thursday, February 22, 2024

COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise as 416 new cases are recorded


Zambia has in the last 24 hours recorded 416 new Covid-19 positive cases, 3 facility deaths and 6 discharges.

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has also announced that 79 COVID-19 patients are in admission with 26 on oxygen while 6 are in a critical condition.

Dr. Chilufya says there is a need for all to execute the multi-sectoral action to stop the spread of COVID-19 through adherence to the public health guidelines.

Speaking during the daily COVID -19 update today, Dr. Chilufya said if all adhere to the guidelines the country will defeat the COVID-19.

He has also encouraged the public to access health facilities when they observe symptoms of Covid-19 stating that this will help in treating the disease.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has said that the government will soon start paying incentives to frontline staff involved in the COVID-19 fight.

Dr. Chilufya says modalities for the package have been concluded and the ministry will soon roll out the payment arrangement to all frontline staff in the health sector.

Dr. Chilufya said this when he addressed frontline staff at Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital where he went to encourage and render support for their continued response in the COVID-19 fight.

He said the over 92 thousand tests that have been conducted since the country recorded its COVID-19 cases are a testimony of the hard work by health workers.

Dr Chilufya said President Edgar Lungu appreciates the efforts by frontline staff in halting the spread of the virus.

He further said that his ministry will ensure that all frontline workers in the health sector have personnel protective equipment and will further build capacity for them to use their Personal Protective Equipment -PPE -correctly.


  1. BA chilufya,who in their right mind is ever going to listen to you? You and your boss are the chief breakers of these so called covid-19 healthy guide lines…Please give us a break and start relaxing these measures for the Economy to pick up.Moreover we are now experiencing the hot season,how come the numbers are still surging up? We can live with this pandemic just as we have lived with other deadly pandemics.

  2. Thank you Dr. Chitalu Chilufya for your continued hard work towards this pandemic. It’s consoling to hear that front line health workers will be paid an incentive. Indeed they deserve it, their selfless efforts during this hard time shall not be forgotten.

  3. Rate of deaths continues to fall. As I said the second peak was before us as we were in cold season. As temperatures begin to rise we will soon have zero deaths and then the diasporans will get upset and gnash their teeth. I have never known a group of people to get upset when less people are dying and to wish more deaths. They say we have not handled this well and yet in the adopted countries there thousands have perished. However, to them a muzungu leader cannot do any wrong. Backwards bunch

  4. Diaspora lady what are you doing today? I am in the farms my self. There is always drama with the workers. one of my guards had an entanglement with one of the ladies who works here. I told them to behave during covid. Kaizar

  5. The minister is ignoring the health guidelines himself. That mask should never be worn on the chin. The inside part should not touch any part of the body except the mouth and nose, with clean sanitised hands on putting it on. It should be held by the springs. The outside should not be touched as it gets contaminated. What is it that cannot be said with the mask on?

    What does the reporter mean by ‘all frontline workers in the health sector will have ‘personnel protective equipment’ and capacity will be built for them to use their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) correctly? Clearly no idea what s/he is saying.

  6. Zambia is doing very well! Covid cases are rising like our GDP. Only countries with high GDPs can afford massive infrastructure developments after all. Well done guys for stealing from us in the name of infrastructure and Covid!

  7. @ Kaizar Zulu, I took my daughter shopping then had a video call with my mother in Lusaka who helps me supervise my building project in Foxdale. I was being shown the progress. Exciting!! Hope you resolved the entanglement lol

  8. @Kaizar Zulu, I took my daughter shopping then had a video call with my mother in Lusaka who helps me to supervise my building project. I was being shown the progress, exciting!!! Did you manage to resolve the entanglement lol. Drama with farm workers never ends!!!

  9. @Kaizar Zulu, I took my daughter shopping then had a video call with my mother in Lusaka who helps me to supervise my building project. I was being shown the progress, exciting!! Hope you managed to resolve the entanglement, drama with farm workers never ends lol

  10. This is what he said yesterday: ‘ Dr Chilufya also gave an update on the new COVID-19 cases which he said have increased to 7,486 after the country recorded 275 new cases in the last 24 hours.

    He said the new cases are from the 2,034 tests conducted.’
    We recorded 275 positive cases yesterday but how do we have 79 admissions in hospitals today?
    where are the rest?

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