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The Hour has come for the Youths to Save Zambia


By Gregory Mofu

Over 2 months ago the National Executive Committee of the New Hope Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) elected me as the Deputy National Secretary of the party.

My election is beyond personal victory. It is a testament that the youth can save Zambia. The hour has come for all the youth to stand up and have their voice heard.

The New Hope MMD is a political party of choice with a clear agenda to ameliorate the hardships facing the youth across Zambia. Taking up this new responsibility firmly places me in the political records of Zambia to be among the few youth that will have held senior political party positions in Zambia.

Over 30 Years ago, due to the economic mismanagement of the Economy and lack of tolerance to divergent views, a movement was launched. This movement was a loose alliance of trade unions, student unions, young technocrats and a few of the Old Guards’. This movement came to be known as the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD).

My late father Capt. George Mofu was one of the people behind this Movement. After this movement was registered as a political party the following year, he helped campaign for then MMD Vice President Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa as he stood for the Chifubu parliamentary seat. The word I learnt first as a child was Hour. It is fulfilling to uplift the legacy of my late father as the New Hope MMD he tirelessly fought for is today Zambia’s most honest political party.

Three decades into the future, I am today the Deputy National Secretary of the political party that my late father not only helped form but selflessly campaigned for to form Government in 1991. The baton of leadership has been passed from one generation to another in the Mofu family. My fellow youth, we all can make a meaningful impact in the governance of our country if we positively apply our energy to a good cause. Let’s save Zambia. The hour has come for change. We must be in charge of this historical transformation of Zambia. The New Hope MMD has demonstrated beyond measure that it believes in the Zambian youth. I implore you to stand up and join the New Hope MMD.

Today, more than 6 million youth in Zambia find themselves at a crossroad. Their search for Hope is met with a reality of despair. The youth in Zambia are highly demotivated. Sadly, the current Government is clueless and desperate. They stand as a direct threat to the sustainable future of the Zambian youth. It is recklessly borrowing and shocking our shrinking economy into perpetual debt. We have a Government that threatens to break the bones of the youth that dare voice out their grievances. We have a Government that does not respect the youth.

I am calling on my fellow YOUTHS to stand united as we save Zambia. We have a vehicle in the name of the New Hope MMD. Become a Member of the New Hope MMD, Register for the New Hope Young Leaders Institute and position yourself to actively participate in the 2021 general elections.

The hour has come for the Youths to Save Zambia!!


  1. Good to see clean youthful politicians in MMD and Socialist party.
    We are tired of those thugs, cadres, violent street criminals who now provincial ministers.

  2. What is your agenda, bwana?? Show us your manifesto first. Your MMD destroyed the productive base of this country that KK built over 27 years. Levy signed mining contracts that handed our resources to foreigners where we can’t even use our Courts for any dispute. MMD/Washington Consensus should never come back to power in Zambia!!

  3. Sounding very sensible, well done. And you can tell the decency and the focus. You can see the difference with the likes of Tutwa and Bowman.

  4. Congrats Gregory. I knew him back in our days at David Kaunda high school, he was my junior, very quiet and humble. Intelligent too. Great to see people from our ranks taking up leadership roles. Thumbs up.

  5. Zambian citizen. Whether you like it or not, the fact will remain that zambians were much better of with mmd before 2011 the pf after 2011 in all aspects of life. So get a grip with that boi.

  6. @Wako: much better because the crumbs from the crumbs from the mines were larger due to high copper prices. All aspects?? Women giving birth on dirty UTH floors was better?? Limited potholed roads-in Lusaka, to get to woodlands from makeni you had to go through town first or from Chipata to Mpika you had to get to Lusaka first-that was better?? Kazungula, a major border used a pontoon left by Welenski-that was better?? Check your reality, my man!!

  7. Every citizen got educated and had decent housing and a job under KKs parastatal system. MMD took unemployment to 90%. Was that better?? MMD ran a basic school system that has crippled the workforce with no skills and foreigners brought in their people to do even simple jobs while KKs parastatals equipped locals with skills, my man, MMD system is the cause of today’s misery not PF. At least PF is trying to revamp local industry through ZCCM and IDC.

  8. Zambian citizen, simple things. Lets not complicate the issues. What affects the man on the street. Crazy load shedding of 12 to 16 hours per day has decapitated the industries you are talking about. Dollar shift from 5 to 18 has not doubled but trippled the prices of all items in the market because most of our items are imported. So therefore cost of living has trippled. The tarrifs for electricity are beyond reach. The prices of fuel are crazy, the price of our staple food has trippled from K40 to K120. People are struggling to find their next meal. What are they going to do with expensive roads and expensive airports my brother. Like what the late sata used to say himself remember?Are we going to eat roads! So now what happened? This is what affects people. If pf can control these…

  9. You have much to learn from society so you havent yet arrived watch and learn do not be in a hurry. Look at fellow youth we thought could lead see what has happened to them?

  10. @Wako: You speak of loadshedding, did MMD build any power plants to mitigate the rise in electricity demand?? Levy boasted of bringing so much foreign investment but forgot that these investments would chew a lot of power. Since KKs Kafue Gorge built by Yugoslavians, it’s the PF who are about to complete the Kafue Lower power plant. The exchange rate overheated after commodity prices crashed just like the way Angola or Nigeria have seen their currencies crash after oil dropped from $120 to $30 per barrel. Wako, when was the last time you bought mealie meal for K40?? 2005?? Farmers were selling a bag of maize for K200, how can mealie meal cost K40??? Be reasonable.

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