Friday, February 23, 2024

Zesco United Congratulate Successors Nkana


Outgoing FAZ Super Division champions Zesco United have congratulated Nkana for winning the 2019/20 league title.

Nkana were on Sunday crowned league winners of the chaotic shortened season due to Covid-19 and are now record 13-time Zambian champions.

Zesco captain and goalkeeper Jacob Banda said Nkana have won the league on merit despite the season being shortened due to Covid-19

“We congratulate Nkana, they are champions for this season,” Banda said.

“Even us if we had taken our games accordingly we could have been champions but this is how God prepared it for us,” he said.

Zesco Chief Executive Officer Richard Mulenga said his team acknowledges that Nkana are champions.

“You know some time ago I did some banter regarding Power and Nkana. And it was not well received, especially by Nkana fans. We will recognise Nkana as champions,” said Mulenga.

Nkana are now five titles above Zesco.


  1. Andrew Ndanga Kamanga must go. If Adrian Kashala is man enough let him find the lost computer and hand it over to DEC we see how strong he is instead of threatening Kalampa fans. The next business on the agenda is Elections, chapwa

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