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PF had restricted Invitations to the opening of the flyover bridge in Makeni-Antonio Mwanza


Patriotic Front Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza says the PF cannot take advantage or use the COVID-19 pandemic to campaign when numerous achievements are visible enough to speak for themselves.

Mr. Mwanza has clarified that the party restricted invitations for the flyover bridge commissioned by the Republican President under the strict health guidelines contrary to accusations that the huge crowd that turned to witness the event was allowed.

Speaking when he featured on ‘Let the People Talk’ program on Radio Phoenix, Mr. Mwanza explained that the strict and specific invitations were sent for the flyover bridge event but people still turned up to witness the ceremony.

He said the PF party fully supports and adheres to all the COVID-19 health guidelines and called on all Zambians to exercise self-responsibility devoid of politics to ensure that social distancing is observed.

He said COVID-19 has brought about a lot of socioeconomic devastation and questioned what value or benefit would it bring to the PF when people have negatively been affected.

Mr Mwanza further said the PF is not using the pandemic to campaign but is equally contributing to its fight through the distributions of face masks, personal protective equipment PPEs under the strict adherence to safety measures and questioned the allegations by the UPND that there is selective application of the law when it comes to public gatherings and said everyone is free to engage publicly as long as it’s done within the confines of the law.


  1. How can you take this boy seriously yesterday he was laughing at those same achievements…as for restrictions these shameless boys just make the lies as they go along

  2. I was saying the same comrade Antonia aka banderas. I agree that we cannot be blamed for being very popular. What should we do when we are loved so much that people are even willing to risk their lives. All i will say to our loyal supporters please we know it is hard to not support us. However your lives come first so please stay home unless you are invited in future. I am sure the upnd does not have this problem due to lack of support. Kaiz

  3. Only a ship full of fooools in power will count themselves popular by counting the number of unemployed loafers turning up at a commissioning looking for hand outs

  4. If a hungry and unemployed person can still find the means to attend and support the government, that in itself says alot about the support we have. Loyal supporter

  5. If a hungry and unemployed person can still find the means to attend and support the government, that in itself says alot about the support we have. Loyal supporters. Spaka even your girlfriend was there for all you know

  6. Call a spade a spade. Even if I am a PF supporter I will not compromise that nonsense from Mr. Mwanza. This is a man who is telling the lies. This is a person who is giving glory to PF instead of God. Zambia as a Christian Nation is suppose to give glory to God. Shameless and spineless man, Mr. Mwanza that is what you have turned yourself. Not long ago Mr. Boman Lusambo was against breaking COVD-19 rules.

  7. Is the road traffic decongestion project under which the Chawama fly-over was built a PF project or a government project? Is this separation of ruling party from government too much for some? Are they too backward to know the difference?

  8. I think Antonio Mwanza should strike a balance between party matters and government projects .This project is not a party project but a government one fully funded by the people of Zambia.The PF after stealing so much should not claim success because they are not paying for this bridge .As a matter of fact Zambians now know the way they have been doing these projects .The writing is there on wall from the forty eight houses without owners ,the fire tenders costing one million each ,pictures of Nigerian roads on facebook ,the mansions in Swaziland to KZ becoming sticking rich within a short space of time well beyond his earnings .The questions which we have to ask ourselves as Zambians are ;
    Why did we vote for someone who has record of stealing money from his client?
    What have we…

  9. Hardly a month before Mnangagwa & his friend Chiwenga dislodged Sekuru Mugabe from power, ZANU-PF voted him 100% as their presidential candidate. Within a week of his overthrow, the same people impeached Sekuru which sent him into a depression tailspin to the grave. So Kainyokolola, these rented crowds of yours and Chagwa, mzagwa tuf.ikala imwe!

  10. The road decongestion project is neither PF nor government: it is all designed, constructed and paid for by the Indian government. And Edgar China Lungu wants the Zambian people to thank him. Instead he is infecting them with Covid because he can’t even instruct the corrupt police officers there to maintain a distance! Pathetic!

  11. Miles Mulenga, it’s a government project, albeit paid for by borrowed money from the Indian government. It has nothing to do with the PF party. In Britain they even distinguish btwn state functions and government functions. A banquette in honour of a visiting dignitary is a state function in Britain and the monarch is the one who officiates, receiving credentials from diplomats accredited to Britain is also done by the monarch as is commissioning officers in the armed forces.

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