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Kampyongo calls on all MPS from the North to rise and Defend Chief Chitimukulu from politically charged individuals


SHIWAN’GANDU Constituency Member of Parliament Hon Stephen Kampyongo has vowed to defend and protect Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga Sosala from politically charged individuals attacking him.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on the traditional leader at his residence in Kasama District of Northern Province, Hon Kampyongo said he would not sit idle and allow uncultured politicians to go on attacking the Chief with impunity.

“Mutuka mfumu tatuka imo, atuka shonse” [One who insults a chief, insults not one but all chiefs] Hon. Kampyongo said.

Hon Kampyongo said that it is morally incorrect for any politician or ordinary citizen to begin to abuse the traditional leaders in the country regardless of the regions they hail from.

Hon Kampyongo who is also Home Affairs Minister assured Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of President Edgar Lungu’s undisputed support to himself and other traditional leaders who have so far come under attack by some immoral politicians.

He also called on all elected members of parliament who hail from the Northern Region to rise and defend the traditional leader.

The Home Affairs Minister is in Northern Province to check on the mobile National Registration exercise which was launched last week.


  1. The Chitimukulu faced his worst experience under Michael Sata’s state house. Where was Kampyongo then? Disagreeing with the Chitimukulu whn he comments on public issues in the media is not attacking him.

  2. Let’s not beat about the Bush. We all know it is upnd and hh threatening the existence of chitimukulu. We have it on record that they aim to get rid of him if they win elections. Good thing is that they will never win an election in this country. They even tried to blame bill 10 when all along it’s their plan to get rid of the chief.

  3. And this boy Kampyongo is also Home Affairs Minister….Lazy Lungu’s appointee putting the IG again in an embarrassing position.

  4. Kapyongo…..among Zambia’s most imbecilic PF cadres. Along with Chief Clueless, Edgar Lungu, have no moral standing advising on matters regarding traditional chiefs.

  5. This tribal nonsense again!!! The people allegedly attacking this chief hail from the same area the chief comes from. Why not call them to a sit down and sort it out amicably? While you are at it – advise him to try and show some decorum and desist from making wild, divisive statements that open him up to ridicule. Instead you choose to use this issue as a dog whistle for tribal hate based on inneundos. How about you pay more attention on developmental issues?

  6. But uyu Chief azisebanya cabe, monga ni uja waku mukuni . In fact na waku mukuni akambapo fya nzelu pali aba ba cite, ati ChitiBig?

  7. Kampyongo, so chitimukulu or any other chief can publicly accuse anyone (including a political figure with millions of followers) of unsubstantiated, wild, politically charged imaginary claims and the rest of us should just keep quiet and not dare fact-check him/them and expose their myopia??!! Pathetic! Absurd!

  8. IT’S CALLED A REGIONAL AND TRIBAL CALL. WHAT happens MPs from other regions who would like to support chitimukulu?

  9. When time is up you can use any trick and things don’t work out. One thing that I like about the Bemba is that they are intellectually independent. The majority know that the Chief is misbehaving and used as political tool for fearful PF

  10. Wind of change is not yet here,you cant force wind on were and how to blow you cant, so wind of change is very far away upnd cant rule they are miles away.

  11. Kampyongo like most Zambians nowadays I observe just wants to stretch his tribalism through regionalism. Why ask all Northern province mps to collaborate on this tribal campaign? Part of me is from the Northern province but have nothing to do with Chitimukulu because I’m from Isoka. We should not have a situation where all mps from Southern province should back a particular person . All mps from Eastern province should not be against a certain prominent individual because he is their tribe. Let’s move!

  12. Ubufumu buchindika umwine. Translation: Respect for royalty starts with royal person conducts himself/herself.

  13. It’s like the Chitimukulu has let himself get drawn into politics enjoying the cosmetics channeled his way. The Mwine Lubemba does not need gift beans for they are not tastier than the ones he has enjoyed grown locally and widely enjoyed by his subjects and the country at large. The Chitimukulu is above petty appeasement politics as his leadership is a birthright. Politicians must stop dragging the Chitimukulu into being partisan or a divisive element among his subjects and his other subjects around the country by extension. The Chitimukulu has everything to lose for any government in waiting (opposition parties) that he chooses to label “unfriendly” could occupy plot one and would not need to be courteous with the Chitimukulu to implement projects beneficial to his subjects.

  14. Look at this foolish Bemba man ,let me tell you now, you Bembas dont ve a chief. If ka loud-mouthed Sosala is what u call chief in yo province., Then i ll borrow a Lenje headman to take control of Bembaland for you guys. Cos yo ka Sokala is not chief material. Thats jst a buddy from another pronvince- nothing major. Chiefs are; Lewanika, Mpezeni, Mwanachingwala, etc.

  15. I honestly think these Northern tribal bigots are now treading on very dangerous ground. This country is tittering on collapse under the weight of Bemba tribal bigotry against Tongas and other tribes, thus stinking Stu.pidity must stop, now!

  16. Hon Kampyongo is right. He has asked for people who understand their cultural underpinnings and also understand the importance of of the bembas chieftaincy. Bembas are not a grouping of people who have just sprung from nowhere for sake of government allowances that have led to emerging of unkown traditional ceremonies. Infact, not only MPs, all bembas must protect their Paramount period!

  17. Traditional leadership is polity at satellite level. That is why in a federal system Kings are an important authority to the governance of the state. Slim this country we have seen how one snr chief has done and said things with impunity to an extent of inviting an opposition as guest of honor at traditional ceremony all you who condemning mwine mangala defended the issue!
    Who does that? Traditional ceremonies are government programs infact activities and occasions where boma reannouces its policies by updating the country.

  18. Mwansambula kulima, traditional ceremonies are not government programmes, they will always be there. They are the traditional establishments responsibility. For example Kuomboka ceremony is of the Lozi people and not government. Governments will come and go, ceremonies will always be there. On the other hand let me tell you the people of Zambia know what propaganda is and cannot be cheated by those who want to magnify this so called chitimukulu issue. It is not here nor there, in the 56 years of Zambia or even in the colonial where was a chief dethroned by a government? No where.

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