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Veterinary Officer who captured a stray Lion Promoted after news got to President Lungu

General News Veterinary Officer who captured a stray Lion Promoted after news got to...

The Veterinary Officer who recently tranquilized a Lioness that had escaped from Munda Wanga Sanctuary and Botanical Gardens has been promoted to Senior Veterinary Officer.

Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela says President Edgar Lungu called for the immediate promotion of Innocent Ng’ombwa.

Mr. Chitotela says the President has described the act by Dr. Ng’ombwa as brave because he sacrificed his time and put his life on the line to rescue the people of Chilanga from the lioness.

He said this when he visited Munda Wanga Botanical gardens this morning. The Minister commended Dr. Ng’ombwa for his selfless service to duty.

Early this week, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks captured the Lioness that strayed out of the Munda Wanga Sanctuary and Botanic Garden into the residential area in Chilanga

The wild animal strayed into the residential area and was spotted prowling in one residential yard around 21 hours on Sunday. Ministry of Tourism Public Relations Officer, Sakabilo Kalembwe who confirmed that the Lioness has been re-captured and that a brick wall will be erected at a point where the animal is believed to have escaped from.

And Chilanga District Commissioner, Richard Ndazye has called for calm among the residents, residing near the Munda Wanga Gardens.

Meanwhile, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Director Chuma Simukonda said strict measures have been put in place to ensure such a situation does not recur. Mr. Simukonda said the dens have been reinforced.

And Dr. Ng’ombwa has thanked President Lungu and the ministry for his promotion.

Munda Wanga Manager Wilfred Moonga said management is working at renovating and restocking Munda Wanga by bringing more animals, both domestic and wild.

The Stray Lioness that had escaped from Munda Wanga Sanctuary and Botanical Gardens
The Strai


  1. Great acknowledgement of bravery by his excellency. Had this man not risked his life, a lot of lives would have been lost. Well deserved. Continue working hard. Kz

    • So if the president had not noticed he wouldn’t have been promoted? We all have to be noticed by the President to be promoted? That is a Politburo mentality. We are a democracy now systems must be in place for rewarding such acts without the Chief at the palace acknowledging



  3. THis is the tain the civil service instead ofsocial medialing.Well earned promotion.Congratulations Dr. Ng’ombwa

  4. The President could have done much better. The man had to abandon the wedding and in his nice suit responded to the call of duty diligently. Now just Senior Veterinary Officer.????? The position is too junior. I feel the man deserves better than that.

  5. Well done Mr. President. That lion would have devoured everyone else in Chilanga. But also promote those who were with him

  6. The gentleman deserves the promotion. He is not in charge of Munda Wanga, but did what was beyond his normal call of duty. He could have said, “why the heck should I risk my life? somebody else is in charge of Munda Wanga.” Let us learn to give credit where it is due.

  7. The happy one , expecting tarino to give credit for something or compliment is like expecting stevie wonder to drive you from petauke to chinsali. That boy tarino is an angry and envious jealous f.0.0.l who since moving to his adopted country in UK now thinks the sun shines out of his behind. He ran away on his own and yet he continues to talk ill of our country. If things are going really well where you ran to then why find time to criticise and complain a country you turned your back on. He is probably a toilet cleaner there treated like a no body due to his race and so takes it out on this forum. Ignore that sick goat

  8. Ba John Phiri, please let’s give credit where credit is due. The president has done an excellent job and one should commend him for that. Ati the position of senior veterinary officer is too junior. Who told you that? The trend of criticising everything the president does just because you belong to a particular party still struggling to place its leader into State House is sickening and should stop.

  9. If you want a promotion from Chagwa, kill or capture a lioness. But if you want him to fire you, feature in a video vigorously master bating!

  10. On that score, Kainyokolola Zulu could have been fired for being caught read handed wonking himself in the office!

  11. He was just doing his job. Thats like promoting the gardener to come and water the plants which he is supposed to do as and when required.

  12. Extraordinary job? He was the available Vet on duty thats his bloody job…do you know why they ask if there is a medical doctor when someone is sick in-flight because that career is more than just a job….go on Facebook and see those Vets who respond to emergencies in National Parks.
    This is what happens when you are consumed with mediocrity.

  13. In fact, according to the 19 hours ZNBC News bulletin, the veterinary officer has been promoted to the rank of Principal Veterinary Officer and not senior veterinary officer as reported in the story. So ba John Phiri and his colleagues, what’s your comment now? Still looking for an excuse to condemn the appointment, er?

  14. Tarino we are yet to come across a vet whose job description includes rescuing people from lions. This is the problem when you have expert toilet cleaners like tarino who are given access to internet abroad.

  15. He did a good job, but it’s within his calling. I don’t note anything extraordinary about tranquilizing an animal. Vets do it all the time. The fact the animal was an escapee, is neither here nor there. It would have been different if he had wrestled the animal to the ground – but then, that would have been a bravery award. I dare ask, if any other Vets from now on do the same to another ‘escapee’, they will all be promoted? Is that how low our promotion threshold is, or this is all because of our paranoia about lions?

  16. Excuse me Mr Zulu!! What is wrong with cleaning toilets? Someone has to clean the toilets and must not be frowned upon but respected. This is a village mentality. The same people you call toilet cleaners are the ones who are supporting and funding SMALL HOLDINGS in Zambia. Please don’t talk like that. You can do better than Mr KZ.

  17. Who gave permission for people to build houses close to a game park??? Wild animals and people mix????

  18. Look at the daft UK based impostor asking silly questions as if he doesn’t watch wildlife reality documentaries on satellite tv

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