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Lusaka City Council Shut down a Startup Wine Factory at Evelyn Hone College

General News Lusaka City Council Shut down a Startup Wine Factory at Evelyn Hone...

Lusaka City Council has closed an illegal wine Factory at Evelyn Hone College. This follows a complaint from the institution administration after it noticed a fermentation smell coming from the school canteen.

Acting on the tip, a team of LCC Public health inspectors moved to the scene and found a wine Factory running and all process involved in the making and packaging of the product was been done in one place.

Workers at the factory manually packaged the wine into bottles without any protective equipment and no measures were in place to allow for safe food handling.

The factory was making wines labeled Zikomo, Chibe Pakapaka, Natotela, Zambezi, Sansamukeni and Banana Wine.

At the time of Inspection, the owner of the factory was unable to produce any permits that allows them to manufacture and distribute the wine.

This is contrary to Liquor Licensing Act No 20 of 2011, Public Health Act Cap 295 and Food, Drug Safety Act No. 7 of 2019 of the Laws of Zambia.

LCC has since Seized on Premise all goods that were in the factory until investigations are concluded.

Thus, members of the public should be on the lookout for these products that look as innocent soft drinks but have unknown alcohol/chemical contents in them.

The local authority is, therefore, advising all institutions to take keen interest in reporting all suspicious business activities/premises to the relevant authorities.

The LCC wishes to warn all persons involved in illegal brewing and distribution of uncertified wines to stop operations before they are visited by the local authority.


  1. Wow these PF cadres… It is unbelievable. Such illegal production at institution with their minister Brian next door?
    Did they move in after coronavirus closure?

  2. There is too much illegality under PF and this is not a surprise at all.

    If a PF thug and thief can break into a police command center, what more about these learning institutions?

    So many wrongs in the country and things must be reversed to normal.

    PF must go!

  3. Bandits in PF how much is mealie meal? Bandits in PF lungu never give power to the speaker! Bandits in PF has load shedding finished? Bandits in PF lungu never give power to the speaker,

  4. But there’s an administration at Evelyn Hone College. They cannot be free from blame. I’m surprised Lusaka City Council hasn’t spoken to those who run the college on behalf of Zambians. Is this story true? Wht’s going on in Zambia?

  5. Formalise the wine making and comply to health and factories Acts. It is a business opportunity. We need to encourage indigenous zambian entrepreneurship. Although illegal, this is much better than cadrerism. It just needs to be regularised in line with health and factories Acts.

  6. Well done LCC. This is good especially during covid. You risked your lives to stop these illegal chaps. We don’t want such behaviour here. This is not the diaspora where people doing illegal things are kept like babies because of human rights. Here if you say puuuum we just whip

  7. Why Africans are so disorganized??? Those idyots can’t even line up bottles, the dogs don’t even know how many bottles they produced. I keep going back to those pictures, looks disorganized like at PF secretariat.

  8. Zambians leaders are f00ls. This guy is very innovative. LCC should have just helped him legalize the business and follow help health guidelines not closing the place. If it was a foreigner these LCC fOOls would swept the dirty under the carpet.

  9. The problem we have in Zambia is that the cost of doing business is too high especially in the soap and brewery business where you have big bullies Trade Kings and ZB who have ZRA in their pockets

  10. Wht I suspect the truth is that one of the lecturers in the science departments at the college was doing this. The administration then turned a blind eye because they were well u know, paid something to look the other way. But then wht about the space, electric power and water the factory was consuming? Hw were they paid for? U don’t get these free anywhere in business.

  11. You need mentors. That could be a very well organized startup with good prospects if properly guided. I despair for Zambia because there appears to be too many variables on the positive that are swamped by misguided action. Gather those enterpreneurs and see how you can redirect their efforts. Sometimes that is all it takes. Slow down the condemnation and rule book pronouncements.

  12. @KZ that’s how you will always remain a country of consumers. Yes it’s illegal but I think if they have show the skills to produce the wines why not support them with Govn’t grants and support them with licensing requirements,this factory being at an institute of higher learning I can only assume it was run by the youths. Why destroy entrepreneur spirit in these youths. No wonder you have disgruntled youths. At least they have proved themselves wanting to do something for their lives and they could employ fellow youth too unlike you just spend day and night blogging what time do you actually work?. You get paid sitting on your arssssss, you are the biggest fraudster in the country.? You will be jailed soon your days are numbered.

  13. Hyper you started well and then the upnd demons entered you and you ended up getting personal. What does it matter to you what time I work as long as i get my job done. You are not my boss. Remember that I have a PR team who even blog on my behalf sometimes. However as a director my role involves managing and delegating. A good manager works less but smartly if he can ensure his team is efficient.

  14. Hyper you started well and then the upnd demons entered you and you ended up getting personal. What does it matter to you what time I work as long as i get my job done. You are not my boss. Remember that I have a PR team who even blog on my behalf sometimes. However as a director my role involves managing and delegating. A good manager works less but smartly if he can ensure his team is efficient. In fact its Friday today so I am finishing work at 2pm. You cannot do that in diaspora because your master will whip you

  15. Kalok – try starting a business in beer and soap sector you will see how ZRA will hit you hard …..Trade Kings has Kingley the ZRA chief on its palms.

  16. I wonder how many people have consumed these drinks. Some of these things seem trivial however, the health implications on the consumer can be regretable. Don’t get me wrong, we encourage entrepreneurship amongst the youth but businesses must me licensed and production must follow appropriate health guidelines. Otherwise, It’s a good initiative but just follow the right procedure- whoever is behind it.

  17. Diaspora Lady, u seem born-again. I mean u hv not been associated with this kind of sensible blogging in the past. We’re agreeing on some things lately and that’s great. Entrepreneurship has its role but things hv to follow the law. If they can do this, they can’t be ignorant of the law.

  18. Will somebody explain to me how and why the producers picked an educational institution (a Govt. educational institution, for that matter) as their factory?????

  19. Makaka pompwe Dunderhead Kaizar Zulu this factory has your name written all over it…you being a PF Dunderhead cadre…

  20. Ankara there is no such thing as a membership card for pf members. Who are you lying to? When my father SATA founded the party he said it was party for all zambian and did not want us to create a closed group by using membership restrictions. However on other hand it is well known that upnd has membership cards. These are upnd cadres. Go check your party register if you don’t agree

  21. Ankara – Clearly, you are not a scientist. Refrain from making uninformed contributions: a laboratory is not a production facility. In addition, nowhere on earth can academic premises be used as a brewery.

  22. This is not political. Manufacturing food or drinks should be properly registered. Registering companies is the beginning of order. If order prevails cadre mentality dies. LCC should do this to all illegal producers of beverages and food.

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