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There is no alliance- Kalaba

Feature Politics There is no alliance- Kalaba

Opposition Democratic Party Leader Harry Kalaba has denied assertions that he has entered into an alliance with Felix Mutati and Mulenga Fube.

Mr Kalaba says the assertions are untrue as there has been no alliance formed.

He said the pictures that emerged this week showing the trio in a meeting did not mean that there is an alliance working.

Mr Kalaba said the D.P is open to working with like minded political parties that will remove the PF from power.

He however insisted that the D.P will not play the role of a Flower Girl to escort another party to State House.

Mr Kalaba said he has already held consultative meetings with other political leaders including UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema.

He said the D.P would be willing to announce the formation alliance of an alliance at the opportune time.


  1. The PF are worried about splitting the Northern/luapula or Bemba vote.
    Because of the picture, they are already having sleepless nights.

  2. Harry Kalaba is a dreamer. You don’t have a political Party so don’t masquerade as a President of DP. Why don’t you found your own Party and go through the process of scrutiny by shushushu? Don’t waste people’s time

  3. Why is Kalaba wasting time. He is a nonentity in this game. At least Kambwili has made a little progress but not as was anticipated

  4. Why waste time and money setting up alliances which will never win when you know GOD has decided that pf will rule for a century

  5. Ba kalaba you are a flower girl & you are insignificant. Mutati has MPs in parliament, more than kambwili’s one MP who defected. So Mutati will be helping you become something. You need them more than they need you

  6. Very childsh who told you that God has chosen pf. Dont involve God to this useless party, party of thief’s, *****.

  7. If you look closely at their body language you can tell they just posed for the photo…3 of them gesturing like they’re talking at the same time….these are a bunch of fake small time bandits…especially KBF kawalala of a lawyer…he has a reputation of stealing his clients money

  8. These deliberately released this photo just to taste the people ‘s reaction. If people had applauded this meeting the next they would have been announcing an alliance, but it seems people can see right through them and their hopes seem to have been vaporized.

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