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Grey Zulu was a great politician – Former Vice President Enock Kavindele

Headlines Grey Zulu was a great politician - Former Vice President Enock...

Former Vice President Enock Kavindele has described Former Secretary General of UNIP and veteran politician Grey Zulu as one of Zambia’s greatest politicians.

Mr. Kavindele said Mr. Zulu will be remembered for the role he played in fighting the 1990 coup d’état after making the announcement on television. Mr. Kavindele said this during a special program, The Update, on ZNBC TV.

He said Mr. Zulu did justice to the nation in all ministries he served and other portfolios he held.Mr. Kavindele said Zambia has been robbed of a great leader who served the nation with passion.

Meanwhile, Historian Bizeck Phiri said Mr. Zulu saw himself as a man with a heart to help others without putting his interests first.
Professor Phiri said this is evidenced in the book that Mr. Zulu wrote about his life and contribution in the fight for freedom.
He said humility stands out from the many qualities that Mr. Zulu had.

Mr. Zulu , 96, died at his home in Lusaka yesterday after a long illness.

Meanwhile, the young brother of late Mr. Zulu, Anderson has described him as a gallant man who served the country with love.
Mr. Zulu says his late brother believed in the principles of love and unity.He says Mr. Zulu was a man who also preached unity and peace in the country.

Mr. Zulu has encouraged leaders to emulate his elder brother’s dedication to duty, obedience to authority and serve the nation.
He has also thanked President Edgar Lungu for the long-standing support rendered to the family during the time of his illness.
Mr. Zulu was speaking at the funeral house in Makeni today.

And UNIP Secretary General Alfred Banda described Mr. Zulu as a man who served the country diligently.


  1. A great leader he was. A great mentor to me and my family. A great father figure who United us all. It is sad that the upnd hyenas and diasporans are using this time to criticize the ruling party. You seem to think that our leadership has no blessing from the founding fathers and yet they fully supported and continue support support us. Your hate will only lead you to your graves early

  2. These were great leaders unlike the current corrupt,inept and greedy bunch we have leading Zambia now.Go R.I.P Bwana Grey Zulu.

  3. These are leaders who will not be forgotten when the history of this nation is being re-written. They had attributes of leadership which is lucking in the current leaders. They had empathy for others as well as integrity in the way they were running the affairs of the nation. We messed up this nation when we created leadership of thieves in 1991. It became a nation of jackals and lions. They started stripping the nation of its resources. People who were poor became very rich at the expense of poor many. Zambia has never been the same.Poverty is all over the place because of the worst leadership of 1991.

  4. Do not dent the impeccable character of a gallant veteran true son of Zambia that he was your mentor. If that was the case Zambia would be corruption free and thieving belong to those outside government. Yet today, Zambian government is stealing from Zambians.

  5. Lusambo will probably not be impressed by humble Grey Zulu, he probably sees him as a good example of self inflicted poverty as if he was not at the top of power for 27years.

  6. I know he was a great leader, but as a person who wants to learn, where can I read his history/autobiography. Because everybody posting is generalizing that he was good, but since I am an analyst I want to delve deeper to understand what made him great.

  7. Sad to learn of the demise of Mr. Grey Zulu. For those commenting without actually understanding the true nature of the man he was, all I can say is shame upon you! Mr. Grey Zulu would never approve of a politicization of his death, let alone the use of his funeral for the trading of political tirades. My advice: Campaign among the people out there, not among mourners! Those in the UPND leadership are not holy cows either!

  8. Okay Mr. realist, unfortunately you may just have to read his own memoirs. His book is available… just polish your interest. Otherwise, for some of us who actually saw the man in action as a top party and government official in the early 1980’s and had the privilege of meeting him at his retirement home in Makeni (though accidentally) we can confirm he was a man with a humble public disposition, Indeed he had the aura of a statesman.

  9. True leader indeed. Grey Zulu had No hidden accounts or mansions in foreign countries. Just here in Zambia living the life of an ordinary Zambian citizen. Zambia was built on the backs of these pioneers who risked their lives to form a foundation for who we are today.

  10. Gile waluta sure …. What a good man he was! He was a very good example in every respect. Those who grew up under KK will tell you how dignified and truly humble this man was. He was so humble that he never threatened to fall on anyone like a tonne of bricks. He was a man who walked his talk and the good we saw in him is what we got! Sadly, we only appreciate people when they are gone. My condolences to the wife, children and the rest of the Zulu family. You have us the best!

  11. Go well aGile, still remember those days on radio they used to call you “the party secretary general.”
    A least your generation IMAGINED what Zambia could be like but sadly the wheels came off and you probably had nothing to do with the 80s Zambia I grew up in. That Zambia was of waking up at 4 am to catch a seat on the bus to school, then jumping through windows to get onto the bus, being sent home from GRADE 4 class for not paying school fees, then the curfew that never ended, my old man arrested for visiting church folks at night, and Paul Nyirongo singing on national radio “hafu muntu hafu mwenye.” Such a CARING PEOPLE we were under the “the party and its government.”
    All the same, the people will measure you by “DIDN’T STEAL” or “HUMBLE” making you much better than the…

  12. …. making you much better than the PhDs in the cabinet of the thieving “ka 4 feet,” and way, way better than the current crop with their big cars, mistresses, illegitimate brood, 40+ houses, plots.
    Sho! Human heroes are complex, Zambia and Africa IS damned!
    God comfort your family.

  13. … making you much better than the PhDs in the cabinet of the thieving “ka 4 feet,” and way, way better than the current crop with their big cars, mistresses, illegitimate brood, 40+ houses, plots.
    Sho! Human heroes are complex, Zambia and Africa IS damned!
    God comfort your family.

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