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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Lusaka Morningstar Clinic Doctors Corner- Sudden Cardiac Death

Videos and Audios Lusaka Morningstar Clinic Doctors Corner- Sudden Cardiac Death


  1. Knowing how to do CPR can be life saving. Drivers should be expected to learn basic CPR as they are sometimes first line responders.

  2. This is good information which may save some upnd and diasporans members lives when the elections results are announced in 2021

  3. The last person I remember mocking UPND members and diasporans ended up apologising profusely for his malice after after resuscitation after they conducted CPR on him. They even got him new pants and trousers. So my dear Kazier Zulu, have boundaries for your comedy. The best thing you can do with your precious time and energy is to advise the President to allocate more resources towards training more citizens in handle emergencies including CPR since ambulances are limited.
    Mind you the President is as bad as his advisors.


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