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President Lungu thanks Zimbabwean President for Helping Resolve Border Dispute with DRC

Headlines President Lungu thanks Zimbabwean President for Helping Resolve Border Dispute with...

President Edgar Lungu has thanked Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa for his help in resolving the border issue between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

President Lungu says Dr. Mnangagwa took personal interest in the matter when he served as chairperson of the SADC Troika on Peace, Politics and Security Cooperation.

President Lungu said this during the 4th SADC Virtual Ordinary Heads of States Summit and Governments hosted by Mozambique.

The Head of State also called for peace in the SADC region.

He said from independence, Zambia has been an advocate of peace and unity in SADC.

And Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji said SADC has ratified the 1989 border treaty between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr. Malanji said the process of putting up beacons will soon be undertaken.

He said the treaty was born because of the commission which was put in place by former President’s Kenneth Kaunda and Mobutu Sese Seko.

Mr.Malanji said both Zambia and the DRC have shown willingness to provide resources for the exercise.
He told Journalists that the Zambian government has thanked Zimbabwe for presiding on the matter when it served as the chairperson of the SADC Organ Troika on Politics, Defense and Security.

Speaking when updated the media on the outcome of the 40th SADC virtual Heads summit, Mr. Malanji further said the presidents resolved to continue promoting peace and unity in the region.

During today’s summit, Tanzania handed over the Chairpersonship of SADC to Mozambique.


  1. Great African ubuntu. We are one and the same people. However we have amongst us a few rotten diasporans who are trying to create animosity amongst us. These evil creatures were praying for a full blown war in the hope that it would lead to their tribal demigod going to state house. These chaps are not even zambian after running away and renouncing their citizenship. They are now beenused by their slave masters to create division for us here in Africa. MwanyalA

  2. KZ

    Zambians will never forget the gassing of our people by yourselves and lungu all to blame Hh , the blood of 50 innocent lynched victims is on your filthy hands

    Tell lungu we will never forget them and his attempts to cause civil unrest in Zambia for political gain

  3. How can you thank someone for helping you in some issue you denied was happening? Lies have short legs indeed

  4. Haspaka you ain’t zambian you I.di0t. Stop talking and claiming things on our behalf you asylum seeker. Concentrate on wiping old peoples backsides there. Whether you foam at mouth or fart all day, the fact is we are in power and we will continue to do so after 2021.

  5. KZ

    You are just a son of a bit.ch who is going to jail soon, without a dought and Zambia does not belong to your bit.ch mother

    Your insults can’t hide the gassing of our people and the blood of innocent lynching victims on your hands

  6. Haha haspaka I like that the real you is now coming out. The haspaka who is tired and frustrated of losing elections for many decades. Do not take your anger out on us. You know that your demigod leader is unsellable and yet all because of tribe you cannot force him to stand down and give someone else the mantle in your ka useless party. You are now insulting my mother like you are in primary school. Grow up. Meanwhile you left your mothers here suffering while you ran away to diaspora. Thank us for taking care of them..chimbweee iwe

  7. #takapite. The policeman who expressed his opinion has been transferred! We should not be silenced. Anybody printing t shirts with the hashtag, I would like one like yesterday!

  8. KZ

    Just shurrrrrupp

    Why don’t you like being asked about the gassings while you claim to in the upper PF ranks. ?????

  9. KZ

    Just shurrrrrupp

    Why don’t you like being asked about the gassings while you claim to in the upper PF ranks. ?????

  10. You shud have asked why KK did not take this issue to SADC or AU (OAU) by then? You should have also asked why the MMD is its 20 years rule didn’t hastily resolve this issue!! YOU ARE LOSING LAND AND MINERALS AND YOU ARE BUSY CONGRATULATING A FACILITATOR FOR THAT?! I JUST HOPE OUR PARLIAMENT WILL NOT RATIFY THAT HASTILY DONE DEMARCATION SO THAT IT CAN BE REVISTED WITH SERIOUSNESS!!

  11. Next time use drones take our land back swiftly. We are peace loving people but we should not be taken for granted ala. Look at the size of DRC. They have no shame to encroach all the way into Zambia making us to cross borders just to get to the other side of our country? Malabish.

  12. The word ‘Jagaban’ means ‘leader of warriors’. It was formed from the chieftaincy title bestowed on Tinubu in a town in Northwest Nigeria: “Ja a gabar borgu” which means “the leader of Borgu land or in the Yoruba Language the asiwaju of Borgu land”

  13. What I am interested in is: How has this resolution changed our territorial claim? What is the total land area for Zambia after this “resolution”? In fact, Zambia’s land issue should be resolved with the Pedicle in mind – we can’t have such a stupid land map in the history of mankind.

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