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President Lungu arrives in Lunga District to starts his four days working visit of Luapula Province

Rural News President Lungu arrives in Lunga District to starts his...

President Edgar Lungu has arrived at Kaswela Lunga in Lunga District, as he starts his four day working visit of Luapula Province under the new normal.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu says there is need to quickly dredge the canals and water channels before the onset of the rains in areas that are usually affected by flooding.

The head of state says government will look for funds to conduct the exercise in Lunga district and other parts of the country.

He says without dredging the canals and water channels it will be difficult for people in places like Lunga District to conduct their agriculture activities.

President Lungu says government will use funds from the Disaster Management ad Mitigation Unit -DMMU- and the World Bank to work on the canals in Lunga and other districts.
He said this when he held a meeting with traditional leaders in Lunga district.

The Head of state also assured the traditional leaders and the people that He will ensure they are given additional telecommunication towers.

He said government wants all rural areas in the country to have access to telecommunications towers.

And speaking on behalf of other traditional leaders, chief Nsamba of the Unga people called for the Establishment of the Canal Development Agency just like the Road Development Agency.

Chief Nsamba said this will allow government to quickly work on the canals whenever there is need.

He also asked the President to construct roads for the people of Lunga like the ones that have been done in Shangombo District of Western Province because the area has the same terrain.

The traditional leader also thanked President Lungu for helping the people with relief food.

And Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya assured the chiefs and the people of Lunga that they will soon have mini hospitals on each island.

He said government could not build one big hospital because it was not going to be accessed by people on other islands.

And Luapula Member of Parliament Emerine Kabanshi expressed disappointment that several Ministers are scared to visit Lunga because of the distance.


  1. My hardworking boss. It was a pleasure to arrange this programme for you. Have a productive time developing our nation.

    “The Kaizar Zulu school of political science” coming soon. REMODELING THE PRIVATE SECTOR AMID THE NOVEL COVID-19. Just letting my haters knows in advance so that they don’t get heart attack when the school is open.

    • It doesn’t matter how much you divert our attention from the disgusting and precedented levels of PF Corruption. Chilufya is a KABWALALA together with that Magistrate who acquitted him, and we need him JAILED.

  2. Very risk visit, malaria there may attack your President pofye. No minister goes there, ask Kabanshi. Don’t blame HH this time.

  3. The PF people seem to be out and about, a lot, recently! They are more visible to the people, despite Covid-19. Where are the oposition parties…shielding?? At this rate, they will still be shielding come 2021 elections!

  4. There are some islands on Lake Bangueulu where we probably shouldn’t allow human settlement if we really value biodiversity on the lake. But since whn hv we cared about biodiversity in Zambia?

  5. A drain on the national wallet with his useless trip .How on earth is this supposed to development ?

  6. Just enjoy your last domestic tours and next year you will be back to Jack compound iwe kamambala.

    PF must go!

  7. Edgar China Lungu flees to Luapula because he can’t find any more friends anywhere else in the country, Of course he counts on the single friend he’s got left Gayzar Zulu. They will be sharing the same cell in Central Prison next year after the elections.

  8. And Luapula Member of Parliament Emerine Kabanshi expressed disappointment that several Ministers are scared to visit Lunga because of the distance.


  9. You have a President who keeps referring to his critics and his political misleader on this forum always refers to haters. They cant just remain focused and work. Lunga’s inflation will go down after the visit

  10. What crime did Zambia commit to God to have such a stinking dickhead for president? The mere sight of this kleptomaniac scum of society stirs up a nauseous feeling. F**k Chagwa!

  11. “Head of state also assured the traditional leaders and the people that He will ensure they are given additional telecommunication tower”

    There he is lieing and campaigning about things that are already planned and paid for those an overpriced loan.

  12. The king of corruption is spreading Covid-19, we pray he gets malaria and kicks the bucket
    Pf must go or zambia dies

  13. Talking of building more hospitals whole people die of lack of medicines in others and rats are taking over wards in others and doctors are not getting paid….. …..

    This is the worst form of political hoodwinking of ignorant people , just putting up structures ati ” we are working ”
    When in actual fact nothing is working….

  14. A drain on the national wallet with his useless trip .How on earth is this supposed to be development ?Development of what ?

  15. Every dog has his day, KZ will have his in 11 months time. Oh , I almost forgot, he will run from Manda hill to Archades mall in his baby suit , that is if history repeats itself ( UPND n elections ). VOTE WISELY so that your next 5 yrs are smooth. Thanks

  16. The ‘humble’ vision less, incompetent, accidental president has been sleeping at the wheel for all these years drunk with Presidential Power! and today during Covid-19 claims to be working? Enjoy your stunts while they last with Tax payers Money. You will have to explain your wealth come 2021. I feel sorry for my country people who are being lied to by this ‘humble’ crook.

  17. This should stop. Insulting the president is cheap politics and you know that. Why cant you write sensible things to criticize the President. HH will never be President of Zambia. Another man from the Southern province will make a better President than HH.

  18. HH will never be President of Zambia because of the hate he has for Edgar Lungu. HH became president of UPND because he is Tonga, and almost 80.9 percent of his supporters are Tonga speaking. The few from other provinces who support him are either married to Tonga women or have nothing to do in life hence their support. HH can never be equal to Mazoka at all because he was made president because of UPND because of being Tonga. Mazoka was a team prayer. HH must never be near state house in his life time. I would vote for Garry Nkombo and never HH.

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