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Flashback: 2013 President Sata asks the DPP to establish whether HH can be prosecuted over his wealth.

Feature Politics Flashback: 2013 President Sata asks the DPP to establish whether HH can...

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Source : Lusakatimes Archives

Republican President Michael Sata has directed Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mutembo Nchito to establish whether UPND president Hakainde Hichilema can be prosecuted over his wealth.

President Sata says it is well known that Mr Hichilema allegedly stole all his wealth.

Mr. Sata has accused Mr. Hichilema of diverting resources from the privatization of companies to his personal accounts.

Speaking when he swore-in re-elected Mpongwe Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe as Foreign Affairs deputy Minister at State house this morning, President Sata says he sympathizes with Mr. Hichilema because he has never worked hard for anything that he has.

President Sata also swore in Sinjembela UPND Member of Parliament Poniso Njeulu and his Kalabo Central counterpart Chinga Miyutu as deputy ministers in the ministries of information and broadcasting services and youth and sport respectively.

He says it is very unfortunate that the UPND is no longer the same party it used to be under its founder leader late Anderson Mazoka.

And President Sata says it is funny how MMD president Nevers Mumba is claiming to be taking care of the party when he cannot take care of his hair.

he wondered how Dr Mumba can take of the people of Zambia when he can not take care of his own hair.

He has also accused Dr Mumba of duping his church of resources.

Meanwhile, President Michael Sata says youths in the opposition UNPD and MMD are at liberty to shun the youth day celebrations the same way the women in the two opposition political parties shunned the Women’s day celebrations on Friday.

The head of State however stated that government will not be blamed if the youths do not take advantage of the day to make known to government the challenges that they face.


  1. My late father MCS knew that this small boy hh was as dirty as they come. It is time he answered for his evil ness in ripping this nations resources for his own gain. We have diasoporans cleaning old people backside abroad all because of his theft and the effects of it. We have poor diasporans being called monkeys and bananas being thrown at them all because of hhs greed. Ba diaspora you are very dull to be supporting such a crook. Only diasporan lady and a few others like mine chale are wise

  2. This just shows that PF has being persecuting HH for over 7 years. Surely there would have found evidence by now. This is PF’s ploy to distract from our ailing economy.Where are the gassing culprits, we haven’t forgotten the Mukula scandal ,the $1million fire trucks and the high level of corruption in Lungu’s government. People are hungry NOW and you want to tell us stories about the 90’s.PF has ruined Zambia’s economy.RB left us with surplus while Lungu will leave us in the most debt we’ve ever been in. Does Dora Siliya want to tell us more about Zamtel saga? Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones

  3. Zambians suffers from short memory. Most of you kids don’t even know that Sata’s DPP Mutembo Nchito was Mwanawasa’s lead prosecutor in the probe of MMD rooting.
    People, yes books have been written about HH’s smartness, and we know that he is a player in offshore deals. But so what??? The guy is now ready to lead Zambia. Why don’t you like us rich people kanshi mwebantu imwe?

  4. This man was not serious like the man who is in charge now. He set the tone for failing to work, look at the mess now. All economic indicators completely down. Instead of focusing on work they are focusing on an individual

    • In my opinion the late leader never did anything tangible to improve this country. Thanks to him, we are in the mess we are in as a nation because he embraced cadres!

  5. Our priority is somebody to turn around our economic fortunes, what happened 30 years ago does not put food on our tables. Forget it, we are looking for progress please

  6. SATA was the biggest mistake people of this country made.. The only respect i have for SATA is that he campaigned and WON the elections straight. But he was not what Zambians needed. VERY BIG MISTAKE… Another mistake was MWANAWASA appointing RB…… Mistake of all times was KK who failed to groom leaders.. imagine if Late Mwanakatwe was President after Kaunda say in the 70s. So the issue about this country is LACK OF GOOD LEADERSHIP. MWANAWASA tried but he had a few issues where he tolerated corruption of his inner circle. answer now is BALLY!!!

  7. banayamba kudala, the question then is why was this inquest shelved? journalist should ask those who were tasked and also find out if the task force on corruption handled anything on the privatisation process.

  8. Strange how someone is so scared of hh instead of being scared of zambian pipo. Just check: hw did kabila go.hw did mugabe go.hw did gaddafi go.hw did mubarak go.hw did bashir go.hw did keita of mali go. Hw did mobutu go. Hw did kuruzinza go. Look at belarus. The presure comes frm pipo.it doesn’t come from yo friend in opposition. So bwana if u ar smart focus on the pipo not hh.u ar wasting yo time. Evn hh wen he coms in govt he shall face the same heat u ar facig. Fyi: Smart guys nevr plan to stay long as president. Do yo terms and leav.the longer u stay the harder it shall bcme for u to leav. Hear me bwana for yo own sake…

  9. What I can say is that all the past presidents did not know about HH’s wealth or what? . Pf government should produce evidence for Zambian to believe what they are saying and you know if a person want to die he/she will say different things let us focus on changing the lives of Zambians. Lastly they should also invistigate on chilufya case, fire tenders and 147 houses rather than saying an beneficial things please Zambians wake up so Mr kaizer Zulu think otherwise sir the Bible says before removing a stone in someone’s eye remove ur log first

  10. @Nostra – I don’t think that anyone will begrudge your wealth if you worked for it.

    It’s when you have been crafty and taken what doesn’t belong to you, that people loathe you!

    You cannot take for yourself, funds meant for all Zambians, put them away in foreign countries..helping the economies of those countries, whilst your own country’s economy is struggling – then turn round and start pontificating to be the nice person to rescue the people! Are we being serious here at all???

  11. The DPP is NOT an investigator of suspected crime. It ends there people. Michael Sata was a drop out. His grasp of things like this was always suspect.

  12. This is great.
    Mutembo Nchito will now clear HH as he investigated him under Satas instructions and found nothing.

  13. Politics Out,HH must tell Zambians how he got his money.He said he was 30 Yrs when MMD Govt. was sleeping.Clean your self sir,otherwise this will not go from your Name.

  14. This debate isn’t what we need as Zambians.There’s no substance in it; What is cardinal are anwers to ;(1) Who was the master minder of GASSING (2) WHO OWNS THE 48 HOUSES (3) ENDEMIC CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT (4) STATE SPONSORED POLITICAL INTOLERANCE and VIOLENCE (5) TRIBALISM ,REGIONALISM ,and NEPOTISME that is SPONSORED by those in authority……môre solutions to a

  15. Can a thief/Crook/Double Dealer change his/her color? Or they are cunning and have set eyes on some resources if given the opportunity to steal? I hope one royal shareholder is ready to pounce on such resources that he may have missed.

  16. This is a cse of thieves trying to divert Zambians attenstion from the 48 houses without owners , second fire tenders , fire tenders costing 1 million each , unfinished roads billed billions of dollars . mansions built in Swaziland and bus loads of unexplained wealth .

  17. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    What a smear campaign. The government and the person who presided over those government decisions to sell public assets is now passing the buck to a mere adviser? Whose buck did he decisions stop on? What a warped way of thinking is this? The government ultimately makes decisions on behalf of the country and its people… they use consultants in the process that pay millions of dollars but if the decisions go wrong, the government can’t simply blame the consultant. In other countries, it is Nawakwi who should be made to account for all wrong decisions and the looting over the privatization program.
    Right now the current Lungu govt has hired a French company at a huge cost to advise it over debt restructuring and if that deal turns out to be wrong,the govt officials can’t simply pass…

  18. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Right now the current Lungu govt has hired a French company at a huge cost to advise it over debt restructuring and if that deal turns out to be wrong,the govt officials can’t simply pass their culpability. This country never ceases to amaze me. It’s almost like a collapsed company in receivership blaming administrators or an accused blaming their lawyer. The question is why were you even using consultants in the first place… incompetence much?
    And while we talking about this, can Lungu and his minions please explain their wealthy?
    An entire government relinquishing their responsibilities and duties to an individual and trying to blame for their incompetence and theft.

  19. Fishing in a dry pond, Sata was advised later by the intelligent there was no case against HH.

    Knowing cobra how vicious he was, he couldn’t let this matter sorted.

    PF must go!

  20. Pf is the worst gvt Zambia had.
    Executive just is a problem,if I had mandatory I would have fired someone today!
    HH’s issue always arise when ever its election time….Hala bally

  21. So what has changed to prosecute HH in 2020. If there was no evidence to prosecute HH in 2013 where will the evidence come from? AG Kalaluka should trade very carefully on Edith Nawakwi’s unsubstantiated allegations. HH is only a Non-Chairman of Sun International

  22. Viciously fighting one man when there were a lot of players in the privatization programme. Non starter. If you don’t know God’s powers, you will see Him in this issue. Where is the christian nation philosophy KANSHI?

    Such vindictiveness

  23. Ba Na Wakwi wake up mama and smell coffee,Pf is a dying horse even if you have been promised Vice Presidency leave a bit of integrity in yourself.You are equally culpable…

  24. All Politicians are thieves even here in the USA…big bandits and corruption in the USA…Lungu should be the first one to explain source of his wealth…from renting a house in Chawama to owning villas Worldwide…HH and Lungu…both are bandits

  25. Late president SATA was a man of action.If it was found that his allegations on HH’s wealth were true HH would have been arrested, so those allegations by Nawakwi are just means of tornishing HH’s reputation..PF is a visionless party, instead of forcusing on their duty, all they want is to stay in power forever..Leave HH alone

  26. This Satan you are referring to is the one who single handed distroyed One Zambia One Nation throw his nepotism. This what he did about corruption; Sata told then Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda that he can not resign because he would be prosecuted for corruption during the rebasing of the Kwacha as he is suspected to have received huge gratifications from companies that printed and minted the new Zambian currency.
    Sources at State House revealed that Sata told Chikwanda on Wednesday night that it was easier for him to protect his uncle from possible prosecution while serving as Cabinet Minister unlike when he was an ordinary citizen.

  27. PF very dull. Seriously how do u focus on a simple matter of conflict of interest? U cant compare failure to declare interest with stealing from widows, gassing, 48 houses, corruption, political violence. Buying Anti Riot Vehicles instead of investing in power energy to reduce load shedding and increase production in the country & help the dying economy. Mmm PF kuyabebele.

  28. Fools always find hide themselves in places that has no secretes. If you have no future for our mother Zambia th3 door is open insted of you finishing our bundle reading to your poor stories everyday. Normal people and kings think about how they keep the entire kingdom including a foreigner. How can you be on one person insted. You have stolen alot and that is enough. It is time to say goodbye all PF parliament members.

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