Saturday, June 22, 2024

Government threatens to start revoking operating licenses for public bus operators violating COVID-19 Guidelines


The government has threatened to start revoking operating licenses for public bus operators who do not adhere to the standard operating procedures for public transport.

Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya says the guidelines should be followed without fail by players in the public transport sector.

The Minister said this when he checked on compliance levels by bus operators to the anti-COVID-19 measures as he also distributed copies of the new standard operating procedures to all the bus stations in Lusaka.

He said there will be no excuse for the bus owners who fail to follow these guidelines since they have been given copies of the standard operating procedures as they do their business.

Hon Kafwaya said bus operators should ensure that their busses have hand sanitizers to be used by the passengers and that bus drivers and conductors on the other hand should ensure that all passengers are wearing face masks correctly.

“Wearing a face mask in busses is a must. We should not allow anyone without a face mask to jump into the bus. So what we are talking about in the standard operating procedures is basically the expected conduct while on the public transport, ” he said.

He encouraged the traveling public to practice what he termed as ‘respiratory etiquette’ while on the bus.


  1. This is vital to ensure a covid free society. You have all my blessings and am sure my bro lusambo also gives his blessings. Lord bless Zambia and ensure the corrupt thieving demons in HH are washed away. Amen

  2. Mmmmmm…..

    Can Person still have erections for HH for 6 straight months ???

    Hh in the morning, at lunchtime, at noon , at night ni Hh fye ???

    Hehehehe Hh is a real Tonga bull , the man has power

  3. Looks to me like PF are trying to change the topic of the day since lungu has been called to account for the $2.3 million he amassed after 18 months in office. ?????

    Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house , rings true here

  4. Dog’s always bark when they see their owners holding bones in their hands,
    Some of you pipo you’re useless dogs given bones so that you bark nonsense.
    Rubbish and childish….

  5. Spaka one cannot be a bull when he perennially loses elections. I am sure he also loses erections like he does elections. Real men win elections and serve their nation. Wimps steal from their country then claim they are at risk of being killed when questioned about their wealth

  6. They have lamentably failed to do that with operators that kill passengers through reckless overspeeding..really laughable

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