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Oliver Saasa’s alarming statement about Mopani takeover by force by force is malicious and extremely worrying


Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Honourable Richard Musukwa has challenged stakeholders in the Mining sector to be truthful.

Mr. Musukwa says alarming statements by Economist Oliver Saasa that Government intends to take over Mopani by force are malicious and extremely worrying.

The Minister says Government is negotiating the way forward with Glencore on how best the state can buy shares which Glencore holds in Mopani Copper Mines.

He says Expropriation occurs when Government takes over property from private hands for the benefit of the people but this is not the case at Mopani.

“Negotiations are ongoing and dialogue has always been key, we cannot use force, we Govern based on the rule of law,” the Minister said.
Mr. Musukwa adds that the Ministry is in receipt of a letter dated 13th July 2020 from Glencore which clearly shows that talks have been on going.

“If Glencore wrote to us through ZCCM-IH and we responded how is that expropriation? The statement attributed to me in the daily tabloids by Professor Saasa is not true,” stated Mr. Musukwa.

He further said it is sad that an academician who is supposed to be professional has chosen to mislead the masses using falsehood.
Economist Oliver Saasa has accused Government of taking over Mopani using expropriation in some sections of the media.

This is according to a statement made available to znbc news by Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development Relations Officer Lucy Shawa.


  1. The most educated more often than not are attention seekers and demonstrate the least common sense and wisdom. They hide immaturity behind qualifications. That’s why it’s the not so educated that rise to power and employ and rule over them.

  2. I like ” ndoleshafye ” really our education is doing nothing good for us Africans , may be some one’s teachings in our universities were tailored to benefit him and not Africans.
    The more papers they acquire the more ignorant they become, we should work up from that slumber and become the real people we need to be , if we can break out of this bondage and prosper our continent.

  3. Nawakwi do you remember the story of a DOG, to whom the butcher had thrown a bone, was hurrying home with his prize as fast as he could go.
    As he crossed a narrow footbridge, he happened to look down and saw himself reflected in the quiet water as if in a mirror. But the greedy DOG thought he saw a real Dog carrying a bone much bigger than his own.

  4. Why would an educated man like Prof. Saasa demean himself to such an extent!!! I guess more and more people will want to be relevant as we head towards the elections. It’s now clear “who is who”.

  5. That’s why we Africans lag behind other races. If this was Arabia, Glencore would have had even terrorist attacks and demonstrations daily. But here we have misfits like Saasa who are ready to betray their country to get his agenda across. Such matters are of national interest, any personal, partisan or tribalistic interest should be treated as treason and traitory.


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