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Our 2021 campaign message will be about development-Lusambo


Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo says the ruling PF will base its campaign message for the 2021 re-election bid on development.

Mr Lusambo who is also Copperbelt Province Mobilisation Committee Coordinator said the PF will highlight several of its developmental projects as it campaigns for possible re-election next year.

He was speaking on Saturday in Luanshya and Masaiti when he unveiled the Mobilisation Committees for the two districts.

He implored the Mobilisation Committees who will be spearheading the party’s campaigns on the Copperbelt to also adopt the issue based campaign agenda.

“We will have to go and explain the several developmental projects we have done and are still doing and how those projects improve their lives. We have scored many successes which we should be proud to highlight,” Mr Lusambo said.

He said the Copperbelt Province will soon benefit from road rehabilitation as government has approved the finance for road works in several Copperbelt towns.

Mr Lusambo said it is the desire of President Edgar Lungu that all areas receive development without leaving anyone behind.

“When you come to Lusaka, the place is changed. There is serious transformation taking place in Lusaka and this is what will star happening here on the Copperbelt and across all the towns in Zambia,” he told a sizeable crowd at Roan Market.

He also released 40,000 Kwacha as economic empowerment for around 300 Marketeers at Mpatamatu and Roan Markets to boast their working capital.

In Masaiti, Mr Lusambo urged the newly appointed District Mobilisation Committee Chairperson Christine Chande to ensure that residents in the area receive the message of development and economic empowerment.

He stated that the mega Kafulafuta Dam which is under construction should benefit the local people through job creation opportunities

“Let’s give priority to the local people here to go and work at the Dam. We don’t work to be seeing people from other towns doing jobs at the Dam which could be handled by local people. Let the people see and feel the development we have brought here,” Mr Lusambo said.

Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo at a Market in Kabushi
Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo at a Market in Kabushi
PF cadres meeting on the Copperbelt over the Weekend
PF cadres meeting on the Copperbelt over the Weekend
Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo at a Market in Kabushi
Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo at a Market in Kabushi
PF copperbelt Provincial Leadership engaged in a chat
PF copperbelt Provincial Leadership engaged in a chat
Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda with Bowman Lusambo
Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda with Bowman Lusambo


  1. Imwe ma guys velelani koni wantu cifundo. Step aside and just let people who know what they are doing steer the nation forward mwe. We are heading towards a cliff ati it will be about development shuwa? Awe kwena ma fella timveleleni koni cifundo…

  2. I am impressed Lusambo didn’t mention privatization of RAMCOZ. It’s so annoying for all country to fall back to fvcking privatization sh!t.I
    If Lusambo continues that way then UPND can keep him in New government next year.

  3. It has always been about development. Our track record speaks for itself. What track record does upnd or hh have Apart from hh shady deals during privatisation. If anything hh has never served in public office. Even tasila has more experience of public service than hhwho has been losing elections since the times of noah.

    • NOW how can you compare an opposition party to development which has not taken office? The next president of Zambia in 2021 is HH. You brought gassers, it failed. You burnt markets it failed, You brought Bill 10 Kikikikiki it is buried, now you bring in Nawakwi another dead end. When God says YES it yes for HH this time. NO matter what tricks may come remember God it will BE YES FOR THE PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA HH come 2021. The time for PF is over. When it is over its over. We thank you PF for your bad time and wait for good time from HH. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA, GOD BLESS AND PROTECT HH THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA.

  4. When a ruling party starts premature campaigns before the official time, just know they sense defeat and are in panic mode! These are people whose lifestyle is built on sand and they know it’s about to be swept away!
    In someone was made president after defrauding a widow and orphans, then anyone can be president in Zambia. No wonder foreigners are calling us names for such a weak choice!

  5. Life as at now is unbearable. From inaccessible medical facilities to corruption to injustice to nepotism to incompetence.

  6. Life as at now is unbearable. From inaccessible medical facilities to corruption to injustice to nepotism to incompetence.

    They must be must go otherwise the next 5 years will be horrific.

  7. This Kaizar Zulu proxy is doing well and surely earning his/her pay check. With regards to the development, it would be interesting to find out how much has been invested and how much has been raised from that investment. It’s clear government is already struggling to pay back part of these loans, with others to enter pipeline when respective projects are done, and also run bau activities! You can’t boast ama development ya nkongole!

  8. For sure lusambo has supprised me with this instance of maturity ……

    Not trumpeting a the privertisation old story but things that affect people’s lives today…

  9. I will be very surprised if Zambian vote for this party. How many years had PF been in power? What development project have they developed in the last 6 years? How much debt have they incurred to develop those project? Once you answer those questions , you can decide the way forward

  10. They will be shocked. The wind of change is blowing. Zambian have had enough cheating. They now prefer HH as he is a good negotiator, he managed to sell Nawakwi’s properties while looking. He never sold Zambian properties/assets because he was neither a minister or GRZ employee.

  11. Thanks Zambia watching for reminding us about;
    FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says President Lungu’s administration was playing with fire over the petition filed in the Lusaka High Court seeking an extension on his term of office.
    He stated that under the provisions of the current constitution, President Lungu’s mandate will expire in 2016 as this is tied to the life of Parliament.
    “So which law will Edgar Chagwa Lungu use to postpone the 2016 Presidential elections? Edgar Lungu is playing with fire and he will be burnt. Edgar Lungu, being a lawyer by profession is fully aware that he cannot go beyond 2016 without holding a Presidential election because that will be contrary to Articles 34, 35 and 88.” Mwanza said.
    The FDD Spokesperson said attempts to mutilate the constitution was…

  12. Continue
    The FDD Spokesperson said attempts to mutilate the constitution was tantamount to an impeachable offence on the person holding the Office of President.
    “Article 34 of the Republican Constitution states that an election to the Office of President SHALL be held whenever the National Assembly is dissolved. And according to Article 88 of the Republican Constitution, the tenure of the National Assembly is 5 years after which it has to be dissolved and fresh Presidential and Parliamentary Elections have to be held. The life of the current National Assembly is expiring in 2016.
    Therefore, according to Articles 34 and 88 the next Presidential election must be held in 2016.
    Article 35 of the Republican Constitution prescribes the Tenure of Office of President. And subject to clauses 2…

  13. HH is a good man, educated and knows how to bring Zambia back from Chambia. He cares for the people and will not tolerate cadres to do whatever they want. Law n Order will finally prevail under his watch…..VOTE WISELY!

  14. When time ripe HH is unstopable. God is releasing his children from the bondage of poverty leadership where a dollar now is trading at K20 to be realistic.

  15. Very soon he will be in ICU with covid and it will send him six feet under,then aza muziba yesu, then ZMW 40,000 over 300 nima change of ZMW133.33 per person, is it capital or money for buying salad

  16. Fix economy please, look at the dollar, look at the price of food, fuel, Zesco electricity, public transport, the highest note in the country cant even buy 25KG staple food, come 2021 you wont see my vote this time I swear. I would rather give my vote to some other party.

  17. I heard someone here say the wind of change is blowing. Really laughable this wind of change is only on the internet. PF is still winning come 2021

  18. Ba KZ Your 2021 campaign message will be about overpriced development-Lusambo and election bribes .Playing on people’s minds is another one .

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