UPND youths will not allow police to arrest their leader in a brutal manner-Mwanakayaya

UPND Youths at HH's Residence to show Support
UPND Youths at HH's Residence to show Support

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka district youth chairperson Archritius Mwanakayaya said that youths in Lusaka will not allow police to do whatever they did in 2017, arresting their leader in a brutal manner.

Mwanakayaya said that it is clear that the Patriotic Front (PF) had conceded defeat in the 2021 general elections hence maneuvers aimed at silencing the strongest opposition political party.

He reminded youths not to give up the fight against injustices and that it was only the UPND and it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema that could fix the mess the country was in once elected into office in 2021.

Addressing youths that went to show solidarity at Mr. Hichilema’s residence in New Kasama, Mwanakayaya told the youths to be alert with the issuance of National Registration Cards (NRCs) that were being issued ahead of the much-awaited voter registration.

Welcoming the youths at the ‘community house,’ Mr. Hichilema said the PF had cheapened the politics in Zambia and that there was a need to raise the bar to issue-based.

The UPND leader told the youths that they needed a leader that will demonstrate that land belongs to Zambians and not foreigners.

“The people of Zambia need a leader that will provide jobs and create opportunities for the youths, women, and other citizens of this country,” Mr. Hichilema said.

“You must feel proud to belong to the UPND, we have been resilient and survived the brutality of the PF,” He added.


  1. When you belong to a cult you will try to defend the indifendable. Who is above the law if they have to appear before the courts of law?. We have always said there is no reasonable enginuity on the party of HH and his “wealth as he would like people to believe that his wealth wS as a result of hard work and intelligence. This wealth was only by trickery. Just as he ascended to the throne of UPND political party. Zambians are not that dumb, they have seen through all this. HH has received reasonable respect from Zambians but he has stretched his tribal card too far. It does not matter whether you are bemba, Lozi or Tonga when you still you are a thief (Kimasholi fela). There are no two ways about it. When you still you think now you can lead a nation, sad. HH you will get only less than…

  2. … It does not matter whether you are bemba, Lozi or Tonga when you still you are a thief (Kimasholi fela). There are no two ways about it. When you still you think now you can lead a nation, sad. HH you will get only less than half of the votes you got in 2016 if you contest for presidency in 2021.

  3. Kikikikikikijukija kwekwe qweqweqwe

    What will you !d!0+ goons do?

    Will you fit in his banker with him.
    When police use the term flush out, I guess you know what it means.

    Police can not be deterred.
    You don’t dare police.
    You will be flushed aside using minimum force.
    Being Police Service does not mean they have completely forgotten about force.
    You’re mere civilians thus act civil.

  4. Lock them up and use them to clean the streets. Nobody is going to arrest HH, guilty or not guilty but this sort of behavior should be stamped out. UPND is a violent party because they think violence attracts the international community. This time Zambia has no appetite for violence, we have serious problems to worry about ahead of us. Instead of exposing the thieving in PF, the opposition in Zambia have gone to sleep, hoping to wake up in state house one day.

  5. Oh shut that your stinky mouth. Ati ba youth kwisa. The law of the land is supreme. If the authorities find your tribal demigod with a case to answer and put him in custody there is nothing you can do about it. If you try and bring disorder the police are ready for you. Who do you think you are. Hh is not some royalty or special person. In fact he is an alleged criminal and am sure on a personal level that he stole during privatisation.

  6. Let him explain to the courts let him talk Zambian wealth doesn’t belong to one crook the law must take its cause you cannot allow lawlessness to prevail.
    You can stand there all your days the law will not go away Zambian people want justice you cannot hold us at ransom , it will not work for you cases do not rot no one is above the law if ministers have been arrested and taken to court what does a common Zambian do no one is immune from the law.

  7. Kikikikikikikiki @ ba Yufi, Uzamuziba bwana, suzanenaso ati nidene Yufi, Lazo ni Lazo, let him defend himself at law,you are busy running to the media and crying, your friends are busy collecting evidence, The house was legally gotten but the issue with Sun hotela kaya?

  8. kick of a dying horse. what evidence did you want. he was not a shareholder at the time of privatization, period. Why is this issue only coming when it’s time elections. We are not ready to be fooled around anymore. If successive governments failed to set up a tribunal or take HH to court, but resort to sing Choruses when it’s campaign time, then the guy is innocent.

  9. No amount of pressure will make Zambians change their minds on HH, take it or leave. We gave you over 25 years to prosecute him. We did not know about HH until 2006 when he became presidential candidate for UPND and gave you another 14 to 16 years to bring up your issues against him, but the only charge we saw was a traffic offence. Sorry, this is HH’s time.

  10. Am not PF and I don’t like Lungu but UPND scares me alot…..these chaps can easily start a civil war….HH stop using hungry desperate kids….this is uter rubbbbishh….its clear now HH will never become President…we just have to continue dealing with PF bandits

  11. Ati Chansa…it’s normal sense. If you commit a crime today, even after 40 years or 50years if the evidence against you is enough…mudala you will go in. By the way stop using the name Chansa you are not from north…

  12. PF corrupt criminal thugs and bandits,…are running scared and throwing everything they can at the opposition, UPND. Ba mumbwe imwe ba PF, you know you’re losing the election next year, don’t you? And after that we’ll audit your assets and if you can’t account for any of them, you’ll forfeit them to the State. And then we’ll march all your corrupt behinds to prison for a 150 years each. That includes slimy Kaizar Zulu and his buddy Edgar, mpopwe mukalamba, Lungu. You’re all going to prison. No escaping justice.

  13. As a youth, HH for life. Take it or leave it, here in Kasama all the youths are the young man. You will be shocked to see what I can see.

  14. Making noise all the time. Mulandu si uwola teti. Instead of you imbeciles in UPND putting yourselves in front of the police with live bullets and with automatic weapons, let HH exculpate himself through the court system. You are just going to be killed for being stupid and no Zambian want any bloodshed.

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