Saturday, June 22, 2024

UPND and PF vows to respect each other during campaigns


Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said that no form of lawlessness will be accepted during the ongoing campaigns for the Lukashya and Mwansabombwe Parliamentary by elections.

Mr. Kampyongo said that there will be no sacred cows in maintaining law and order and anyone intending to engage or incite violence will be dealt with accordingly.

He has urged political parties to practice co-existence amongst themselves and inspire peace and unity among their supporters.

Mr. Kampyongo said that if political parties are able to resolve differences among themselves, it makes the work of the police easier.

He said that political parties must also adopt a culture to address one another through round table discussions to resolve matters and not engage each other physically.

Mr. Kampyongo was speaking shortly after attending mass at Saint James parish in Kasama today.

And UPND Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka said political parties both in opposition and the ruling party must respect each other and avoid insulting each other.

Mr. Mucheleka said politicians must remember that their role is to serve the people.


  1. You have no need to worry, Minister. In these parts of the country, people are civilised. There is no violence. In the bantustan of southern province, there are tribalist savages who cause mayhem whenever elections occur.

  2. Such agreements only work in PF strongholds.
    Please PF supporters, let us show UPND the good ways of co-existency in a competition.

  3. This statement is well received. In addition to your statement kindly let other political parties campaign freely.

    Thank you.

  4. There was violence during the Roan by-election in Luanshya and a life was lost. Luanshya was known as a PF stronghold and UPND didn’t even participate in the by-election.

  5. The PF are not violent because there is no police there to see and record it. The police are sent to UPND areas. Where there is no law, there is no crime.

  6. Very great advice. The police are there to protect the nation. If anyone starts trouble during election let this be a warning that you will wish you were never born. We the pf are winning and upnd know this. We know they are working on bringing about confusion. We saw this with the unexplained gassing. We know it was a scheme by opposition to show that this government had let me challenge them to try that again. You will feel the heavy arm of the law.

  7. Who gassed in killed 50 innocent Zambians n why the law enforcers are not bothered in bringing to culprits to justice? WHY , Why why?

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