Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Kawalala Party is back!




Photo by Tahilla Photography and courtesy of Chi and Hope

Former breakfast radio presenters Hope Chisala and Chinyota Msimuko are hoping to recreate the magic that turned them into houshold names.


  1. I bet the show is full of s¢x. Every thing in Zambian English is sexual.
    I stick to Shi Mumbi and Mwine Mushi. Are there TV shows in Tonga?

  2. This must be an interesting show to watch. My gal Hope and I go way back!! Good on you and Chi, best wishes through it all!!!

  3. There used to be family friendly comedies on ZNBC in various broadcast Zambian languages Kapotwe and others dubbed “Play for Today” all of whom were neglected and left to “die” that had they been sustained (nurtured) they would by now have matured probably even participating in full movies! Well, not surprising as most beautiful non political things that happen to Zambia are short lived for lack of recognition for apolitical talent!

  4. It’s good to have them back. It was good on hot.. they would present political issue as if it’s not politics . But the current ones are too immortional

  5. Who is this Kaiza guy? He has a thin skin.He can’t take critism,even constructive one, with an intellectual’s mind. He’s always clapping back with high school emotional mentality. Grow up!

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