Lusambo condemns the violent attacks on PF supporters by UPND carders in Lufwanyama


Patriotic Front Copperbelt Provincial Mobilization coordinator Hon Bowman Lusambo has condemned the violent attacks on PF supporters by UPND carders in Lufwanyama.

Hon Lusambo who is also Kabushi MP has since called on the police to bring to book the culprits behind the attacks saying such acts are retrogressive and goes against the tenets of national development and peacebuilding.

Speaking during a rally in Lufwanyama to drum up support for the PF ward by-election candidate Evans Chipupu, Hon Lusambo called for issue-based campaigns as opposed to the violent ones being practiced by the UPND.

He said such provocative campaigns will not be tolerated and warned that days are numbered for all those behind the attacks emphasizing that the law will catch up with them.

“President Edgar Lungu is interested in taking development to all parts of the country and fulfilling his desire for a better Zambia,” he said and encouraged the electorate to vote for Evans Chipupu in order to have rounded development in the area.

Hon Lusambo also expressed disappointment at the failure by the incumbent UPND MP for Lufwanyama Leonard Fungulwe to deliver development as evidenced by the deplorable state of the roads in the area but said such underdevelopment will be a thing of the past once Lufwanyama gives the PF a representative at ward and Parliamentary levels.

“Time has come for Lufwanyama to have passionate leaders who care about your welfare. How can you have an MP who stays in Luanshya while this place is so underdeveloped” Hon Lusambo said and expressed confidence however that the people will vote for the PF candidate in order to accelerate development.

And Hon. Lusambo has promised the people of Lufwanyama a community hearse that will ease movements during bereavements adding that cries by community members of lacking a community hearse have been heard.

And speaking at the same event, Ndola Central Member of Parliament Hon Emmanuel Mulenga said the people of Lufwanyama should also take advantage of the various empowerment programs which President Edgar Lungu has facilitated in order for them to be part of the empowerment agenda which the PF has rolled out to all parts of the country.


  1. …As Lusaka province Minister, what do you, Lusambo, have to say about the UPND party member’s house that has been petrol bombed right here in Matero, Lusaka? Are you going to condemn this violence in unequivocal terms, seriously demand for justice, and not thwart police investigations if the culprits are PF thugs (which we believe they are!)? I don’t think so! You’re a boot licker, biased towards PF even on matters that demand your objective intervention as Lsk Minister. Certainly not worth my vote!

  2. I have always said that the upnd cadres are a bunch of violent uncivilized savages. This behaviour has been condoned by its leadership who turn a blind eye in order that the party appears perfect. You never hear of hh or ugly kakuta reprimanding or taking action against upnd members. It’s like raising spoiled kids who are not disciplined. See what happens when they lose. Can the police be prepared to whip these cows.

    RIP to the police officer who took his own life in the kafue river. I was shaken to find out about this as I was in kafue this weekend

  3. Maybe my ears are clogged, sinanvesese ati UPND MPs on the copperbelt in LAMBA land? So pf cadres have been lying ati upnd is only in one region, Lusaka rural is also under upnd, copperbelt too. Elo chi mwankole ati regional, gwa, gwa, gwa….

  4. Zambia wake up. If we are not careful Lungu will lead us into civil war. He is going to make us start killing one other. I am pleading with the police force to please help save our beautiful country.

  5. Has Lusambo ran away from his job as Lusaka Minister?
    The only minister who didn’t abandon duties to go campaign is the repented Chitalu Chilufya.

  6. Can God please answer our prayers because our Zambia is slowly nose-diving into a war country. I can see that poeple are now shame free and too evil at the same time.

  7. I guess the people of Lufwanyama haven’t seen Lusambo’s billboard. Remember: #MaskUp; #Sanitize; #SocialDistance? As if…

    I only wonder why the “hon” minister doesn’t get out his distancing stick and start beating the crowd for disobeying his guidelines. It seems he is getting ready to hit some people in the photo so maybe that’s the plan?

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