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UPND demands Police action after member’s house in Matero is petrol bombed


UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka has demanded for the conclusion of police investigations in which suspected PF cadres on Tuesday night petrol bombed a house belonging to UPND Muchinga ward 24 Trustee Peter Kalyata.

Mr. Katuka who visited and donated assorted items to Mr Kalyata Saturday morning said it was sad that politics had become a risky and dangerous activity leading to the injuring of political opponents.

He said he never thought he would live to see a day when a Zambian would be petrol bombed for merely expressing a difference in opinion hence the need for the police to quickly bring the culprits to book.

And Mr Kalyata explains that he had to pass through the window when the house was on fire as he could not access the passage through the living room which was ablaze.

Displaying his burns on his back and hands,Mr Kalyata whose wife and three other children which include his granddaughters said it was a miracle that he managed to rescue his family in the inferno.

Meanwhile,Lusaka Provincial Chairlady Rosa Zulu wondered how medical practitioners at Matero level one hospital could discharge the family from hospital with heavy and visible burns.

Two of the victims are admitted to the University Teaching Hospital while the other one is at Matero level one hospital.

Mr and Mrs Kalyata have been discharged despite being in a bad shape.

The Secretary General was accompanied by National Women Chairlady, Namakau Kabwiku and Matero Constituency and Muchinga ward 24 officials.


  1. Too bad! It was fights like these between Nkumbula’s ANC and Kaunda’s ZANC which lead to the formation of UNIP later on a one party participatory democracy. Is that what we want? Whoever did this shame!

  2. We all know these violent PF acts have the blessings of lungu…….

    UPND , remember , I have been urging urging you to encourage and promote video recording using cheap concilled devices ( under $30) or even footage captured on cell phone.

    You need this pf violent footage evidence in the Run up and during 2021 elections and watch lungu and his gang get sanctioned by the rest of the world…..

  3. Before anything else we are human beings, then we are Zambians, then affiliates of whatever vehicle we are using to get to power. Let’s not forget that, fellow Zambians. Do not shed blood or alienate from one another needlessly. These politicians are not enemies; they will share a cup of tea and a laugh while you are busy ripping each other apart. Do not forget that.

  4. In order to suspect someone you need some sort of evidence pointing to the suspects. In this case ugly katuka does not have a single shred of evidence. This ugly man must be sick in the head. Is it our fault that the victim was probably bonking another man’s wlfe and the annoyed husband has retaliated? Please do not involve us in your dirty drama. What have we got to gain from burning an insignificant person from a party that is losing and has been losing elections. Stop trying to make yourselves seem important when you are nothing and nobodies.

    RIP to the police officer who took his own life in the kafue river. I was shaken to find out about this as I was in kafue this weekend

    • I can’t believe this father ,leader was once an adviser to the head of state…..of all responses this is the best he would produce

  5. Where was Lusambo when all these atrocities happening in his province? Mwaliteta knows half of Lusaka gangs, but Lusambo knows them all.
    If they ask PF’s commander Innocent Kalimanshi he can help point at which gang responsible for Matero’s attacks.

  6. Kalyata is a name from North Western Province, but does that make him a second class citizen for belonging to the opposition? CRY MY BELOVED NATION!! The dogs have come to this country!

  7. To some of you on this platform who served in govt. committed crimes against humanity, let me just remind you that there is time to repent, even the chief tax collector repeated and promised to pay back twice what he had stolen


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