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20,000 inmates eligible to vote in the 2021 elections

General News 20,000 inmates eligible to vote in the 2021 elections

Zambia Correctional services Deputy Commissioner for operations, Mr.Lloyd Chilundika has said that about 20,000 inmates are eligible to vote in the 2021 elections.

This follows the Godfrey Malembeka, Chief Executive officer for Prisons Care and Counseling Association (PRISCA) Versus the Attorney General and the ECZ case, where the court held that the prisoners right to vote must be upheld.

Mr. Chilundika said following the ruling, the Correctional services intends to undertake prisoners voting for the 2021 general elections.

“Following the court ruling allowing inmates to vote and working with other stakeholders, a technical committee with clear terms of reference has been constituted to operationalize the court decision and this committee has been going round to inspect physical prison structures and other matters that are incidental to the rights of inmates to vote and they will how we will implement voting system,” Mr.Chilundika said.


  1. Kaizer Zulu when is hh being arrested? The privatization act is clear about declaring interest. Let him clear his name in court so that the rest will be history, as he claims. Let’s do this quickly quickly

  2. Kaizer Zulu when is hh being arrested? The privatization act is clear about declaring interest. Let him clear his name in court so that the rest will be history, as he claims. Otherwise he will get worse insulting & claiming slip of the tongue. Why can’t his tongue slip in his mother tongue?

  3. zambians are very intolerant people when it comes to political views, if those who are free are publicly attacking each other in front of police men, what are the chances that prisoners holding different political views wont be attacking each other in these prisons? i hope this wont be a recipe for the mushrooming of prison gangs, in south america its the drugs that cause that, here with our political intolerance, am afraid what this decision might ignite in our prisons.

  4. I know they will vote for HH and not Edgar Lungu seeking sympathy vote from the inmates won’t work.

    This will be aTsunami for PF government.

    Zambia in history making next year.

    PF must go!

  5. Bongoz the police are looking into it. Don’t worry.

    As for the article, I would rather have inmates vote than evil diasporans. Remember that the inmates are Zambian whilst the majority of evil diasporans lost their citizenship when they took up their colonial masters one. Why should we let foreigners vote before a Zambian, albeit, with a criminal record.

  6. This is not funny anymore. What does the law say about registering to vote! Do you require to have a home address? Is prison registered as a home address? Can you open a bank account while in prison? Can you get a mobile phone contract while in prison? Can one get a loan while in prison? Lawyers give us the rights and privileges of prisoners. Maybe it is worthwhile going to prison.


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