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President Lungu wants Zambians abroad to be served efficiently-Ambassador Lomb

General News President Lungu wants Zambians abroad to be served efficiently-Ambassador Lomb

FOREIGN Affairs Permanent Secretary for International Relations and Cooperation Chalwe Lombe has urged diplomats to change the perception that Missions in the diaspora are not doing enough to serve Zambians abroad.

Ambassador Lombe said President Lungu wants Zambians abroad to be served efficiently.

“We urge Zambian Missions abroad to step up efforts in the implementation of the Diaspora Policy to promote efficiency,” Ambassador Lombe said.

He said the Ministry was aware of the challenges regarding delayed processing of national identification documents such as NRCs, Birth Certificates and Passports and had put in place measures to speed up the exercise.

“The Passports Office in Zambia has been equipped with dedicated computers and internet specifically to serve the Zambian Diaspora to speed up the process of issuing national documents,” Ambassador Lombe said.

The Permanent Secretary was speaking during the Virtual Clinic on the implementation of the Diaspora Policy for Missions in Asia and Middle East.

“We commend Zambia High Commission in India for using the diplomat’s personal resources in some cases to facilitate the repatriation of Zambians in distress,” he added.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga said the Mission had an updated Register of Zambians living in India and other countries of extra accreditation, which made it easier to assist the Zambians in distress.

“We request that arrangements be made with Road Transport and Safety Agency – RTSA to enable the renewal of Drivers License from outside the country,” Mrs. Kapijimpanga said.

Meanwhile, Zambia’s Ambassador to Malaysia Walubita Imakando called for Missions abroad to start issuing national documents such as passports on behalf of government while Zambia’s Ambassador to South Korea Wylbur Simuusa called on Zambia to draw lessons from countries such as South Korea which were efficient in issuing national documents.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ibrahim Mumba called for the need to increase the number of Zambians working in the Middle East while Zambia’s Ambassador to Israel Martin Mwanambale called for a mechanism to harness knowledge and skills gained by Zambian students abroad especially Israel.

This was contained in a statement released by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in India Bangwe Naviley.


  1. Especially Passports, I bet there are less than 50 applicants from diaspora applying per week. But it takes more infinite to receive a passport. We used to pay $100, which is K2000, (K2million MmD money) today.

  2. Passports among other issues. Why is it so hard for Zambians who have had acquired the same documents from the same missions to get new passports?

  3. The problem is that there are some diasporans who think that they automatically qualify for a Zambian passport and should therefore be given it without questions or checks done. Look you lost Zambian citizenship and we don’t know what you have been doing in diaspora. We know some of you have committed crimes there due to desperation and discrimination. We do not want to have criminals being able to freely enter and leave our country. So I would rather the passport office take their time to ensure checks are done in a reasonable time so that you refuse applications in time for some of those criminals. Just because you were Zambian does not give you the automatic right to regain citizenship. Who do you think you are ? Get off your high horses ba diaspora

  4. They are absolute useless and not fit for purpose most of them .They are mostly relatives and friends of PF thieves in Zambia .

  5. When did President Lungu tell you that PS? That is why when Winter Kabimba a sharp SG for PF then always used to tell Ministers and government leaders to be saying things that were in the PF manifesto than mere rhetoric from their heads. This job saving technique of always referring to a president who is blank when their President is not even aware of what the government leader is talking about has become very common and an attention seeking ploy.

  6. Why is that everything in this country is about President Lungu said this, wants this. There is no thinking of people on their own. They have to be told everything by the President. What country is this one?

  7. A little too late. We have the likes of KZ and the rest of the mwankoles who do not understand the concept of dual citizenship. Let them be reminded ” Dual citizens are people who hold the citizenship for two countries at once.” We look forward to a government that will have the interests of each and every Zambian wherever in the world they might be.

  8. Malaiti if you took up the citizenship of another country prior to the dual nationality law coming into effect, like many diasporans did, then you do not hold dual nationality. Don’t be daft. The old rules meant that you lost your zambian nationality by virtue of adopting another nationality. So you need to re apply for your zambian citizenship. This is the self entitlement I am talking about. You chaps think you are special. My friend we don’t care where you are based. We will treat you all the same.

  9. The great leader, the dear leader, the humble leader wants us all to grow 3 inches taller like him. The dear leader cries all night for the shortage of alcohol in the country which the people can drink to be happy. Oh, our great leader, we praise thee. A Lungu nawo, ayangana! A Lungu nawo, ayangana. Ayangana zonse zo wawa, ayangana! Kumulu ni Lesa, panshi ni Lungu!

  10. KZ laboratory assistant now living in a council flat in London lecturing Zambians about the law that he is not qualified to comment on .Tell us Zambians how you test for malaria .May be we will agree with you .

  11. Gayzar Zulu, don’t defend the government’s failing. You always defend PF policies and the government’s handling, even when the service is bad. Look in the mirror!

  12. All the ambassadors are doing is just telling us how beautiful the places they are serving from are; that’s not what an embassy is for. We need to close them down and use that money in Zambia.

  13. Kaizar Joseph Goebbels Zulu, you’re extremely disgusting, you fooooo1. You think you’re more Zambian than others, mumbwe iwe. That’s why you PF criminals are losing the election next year and going to prison. Kabwa iwe.

  14. Zambia High Commission in London has been closed for some time now. When you ring them, the recorded message tells you they are open from 09:30 to16:00 hours from Monday to Friday. The truth is that the offices have been closed for close to six months. I have made two trips to London for passport renewal, there was nobody at the office.

  15. Zambia High Commission in London has been closed for some time now. When you ring them, the recorded message tells you they are open from 09:30 to16:00 hours from Monday to Friday. The truth is that the offices have been closed for close to six months. I have made two trips to London for passport renewal, there was nobody at the office on both occasions.

  16. Kaizar Zulu, you’re a very dumb primitive individual. How in the world did Lungu make you his adviser? But then again, Lunug is equally clueless. Do you know how much the diaspora contribute to Zambia’s GDP annually? Millions of Kwachas. What makes you think you’re more Zambian than the diaspora? Mumbwe iwe.

  17. Lie detector what millions can angry hateful jobless upnd supporting diasporans contribute? Only patriotic Zambians based abroad are contributing. Keep those benefits you are claiming from those countries


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