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Government still considering the right course of action on the issue of privatization during MMD era

Economy Government still considering the right course of action on the issue...

Vice President Inonge Wina has said that Government is still considering the right course of action to take regarding the issue of privatization of the country’s assets during the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) regime.

Mrs. Wina has described the privatization matter as a national issue that is being debated by various stakeholders, adding that the people of Zambia want Government to put the discussion to an end and that this is still being considered.

Mrs. Wina said that the privatization of state-owned assets left most parts of the country poor and that many citizens were subjected to destitution.

She said this during the Vice President’s question time in Parliament in response to a question by Muchinga Member of Parliament Howard Kunda on whether the Government is planning to set up a commission of inquiry into the matter.

And Responding to a question by Itezhi Tezhi member of Parliament, Herbert Shabula, the Vice President stated that President Edgar Lungu has not failed to run the economy and that the appointment of the Bank of Zambia Governor is a prerogative of the Head of State.

And Mrs. Wina reaffirmed that relations between Zambia and the United States of America are extremely strong and cordial. This followed a question by Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu who wanted to find out why the American Government has not yet appointed an Ambassador to Zambia following the recalling of Daniel Foote.

Mrs. Wina said it is only recently that Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America was accredited by President Donald Trump.

She however said the Zambian Government is not privy to arrangements by the US government to appoint a new Ambassador to Zambia.


  1. Aka nako ka nkote, why doesn’t just quit and go to nalolo to practice witchcraft.

    You mean you can be swayed with hearsay and still you don’t know the truth.

    I thought you get briefing from your intelligence about this issue.

    You can’t just be there sitted ndwii issuing inflamatory statements.

    PF must go!

  2. Zambians can not reverse the privatisation that took place in the early nineties.

    Today, Zambians want to know what happened to the Euro bonds.

    We also want to know who was gassing and killing citizens.

    We want to know why toilet paper has more value than the Kwacha, literally.

    We want to know why our wildlife is being “relocated”, and why we still allow big cat hunting.

  3. There are many issues Zambians are debating and privatisation during the MMD era is just one of them. The Privatisation Act is still on our statute books unless my information is out of date.

  4. What do you want to achieve when you have stolen, improvised and divide Zambians to levels never experienced in modern times?
    Pack your bags and let skilled, experienced, passionate, motivated … Zambian clear your mess and show you how rich this country is. It’s time to restore our dignity and respect!

  5. How can she even openly say that PF government is finding ways to prosecute HH?
    HH should go higher by engaging IMF lawyers to defend him.

  6. Madilu System, Kanshi party yenu tamwakwata no mucinshi kubafyashi. Abo lesalula nibakateka elo kuti baba nibanoko, ba aunt angu banokokulu. Ebo wingalasalwila napa mulabasa (media). Small wonder muleila mukutuka aba Bemba in the presence of their wives and children abene abaikalile fye. Ulecensela kubaice banobe. Not kubafyashi elo bakateka on top of that.

  7. There has never been any right actions taken by your clueless government to try and ensure that tax payers money is protected white collar thieves in your party and their friends and relatives . The people who become rich rich way beyond their means and build a number of mansions dotted around Lusaka and Swaziland .This careless government is worse than covid 19 and cholera put together

  8. It is a waste of time to commission an enquiry into Privatization. We know what happened and it lost its intended purpose. We do not even know what happened to the money from selling of the mines and other industries. The money from selling government and council homes as a revolving fund to empower others .Formers ministers will know where the money went or used. It would be beneficial to commission an enquiry team how to create wealth.

  9. Investigating Privatization where key witnesses like FTJ, Penza, Paul Tembo are dead will be legally speaking, a Goose chase and an award for thieves to steal more in the name of investigating their fellow thieves! This is the reason we have statutes of limitations!
    The primary objective of Privatization was to change ownership of companies and to have them continue running. Why did ECL strip Cold Storage and grind it to a halt the same way he has done to Zambia? Why is it that Companies privatized by HH are still running and growing? As you set up this witch hunt, please include FIC and Auditor General’s reports from 2011 to 2020. We want to know what happened during Digital Migration, Eurobonds, all road contract tenders, Fire tenders and Ambulances, Mukula, Chimutengo Forest fencing,…

  10. Excellent wisdom from our mother. Just look at the panic above from the tonga upnd diasporans. They know that the law is slowly closing in on their demigod. The truth will soon come out.

    I have to say I fail to understand how a party full of grown men and women can fail to find a replacement for hh who has lost elections over 5 times. Is it a case of lack of confidence in themselves or are these the effects of tribalism?

  11. I think she was asked then she responded.. the gassers have been appearing in courts. Just follow the courts proceedings. You will know the gassers

  12. Edigar is a Thief, a Criminal and a voucher. Please ba Watchdog can you bring back the hidden knews about Ms Wendy Kanyanta, a widow who was on broad day light ECL robbed of K40, 000 in 2009 that lead to his (ECL) legal suspension. UPND PLEASE BE PRO-ACTIVE AND MAY YOU TELL THE NATION THAT SUCH A PERSON WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD CAN NOT BE A LEADER. WHY ARE YOU NOT BRINGING THIS TO THE ATTENTION OF ECZ AND ZAMBIA TWASEBANA. ITS ONLY IN ZAMBIA WHERE A CRIMINAL WITH THEFT RECORD BECOMES A LEADER WITHOUT SHAME.

  13. Go ahead and include what HH has mentioned and lifestyle of present government officials.
    Zambians have been taken for a ride for a long time and we don’t want this to appear again in 2021 elections.

  14. I swear Zambia is ruled by *****s! What’s wrong with this old woman? She has gone senile,all the money she has stolen as PF has gotten to her head…

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