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Submit proposals to Government, President Lungu urges the business community

Economy Submit proposals to Government, President Lungu urges the business community

President Edgar Lungu says the government is ready to listen and take on board proposals from the business community on how to enhance the country’s economy.

President Lungu said the business community should not just concentrate on lamenting but should submit their plans to the Ministries of Commerce and Finance so that they can be incorporated in the national documents including the national budget.

The President observed that lamenting in meetings and forums without making submissions to government is unhelpful as no one would know what they want to be done for them.

He noted that many economists and financial experts in the country have specialised in theories that do not offer solutions to the challenges the country faces.

The President said people who are in business have the real picture of what is happening in the sector and are better placed to offer advice to government.

The Head of State was speaking when he met the business community in Ndola yesterday at a meeting organised by the Ndola District Chamber of Commerce and Industries held at Levey Mwanawasa stadium hall.

“You have good ideas although some of the things you have spoken about I have heard them before. But have you submitted to the Ministry of Commerce or the Ministry of Finance? It will not be of help if you just lament without submitting your proposal to government. Have you made your submission to the Minister of finance for the budget? Do not be like those theorists who just talk,” President Lungu said.

He said the business community should rise to the occasion to resuscitate the economy by producing more products to fill the gap left by imported products.

President Lungu stated that now that the country is not importing most of the products due to COVID-19, local business persons should take advantage and flood the market with thier goods.

He said businesses should find a way of operating in the new normal because COVID-19 will be around for a long time.

“Life has to continue. COVID-19 may be with us for a long time so we should find a way of opening up businesses like we have opened schools. We need to survive,” he said.

And Copperbelt Minister, Japhen Mwakalombe thanked the business community in Ndola for helping government through donations in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Mwakalombe also praised the business community for not laying off workers during the pandemic.

He explained that most business entities found better ways of working by allowing to either work from home or place them in shifts so that they could alternate.

Meanwhile, Ndola Chamber of Commerce president, John Samaras said the business community in Ndola is working hard to get the economy on its wheels after businesses were hit by the pandemic.

Mr Samaras said the business community appreciates the stimulus package which government has put in place for them.

President Lungu is on the Copperbelt for a two day working visit and is expected to leave the province today.


  1. Point Mr. President. Many brilliant ideas are coming in form of complaints hence not receiving the required attention. You have said that you have heard about them before meaning you are not acting because of the manner in which they are presented. i.e. just theories lacking practicality.

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  3. Numerous worked out plans complete with budgets were entered into government – NOTHING has been heard since. If it is not the idea of some PF person, plans are ignored.

  4. Very timely message ba kateka. What is saddening is that we have an opposition leader who claims to be a genuinely successful business man and yet the chap does not contribute anything productive in terms of business advice. All he is good at is insulting during campaigns.

  5. The best thing that your government can be doing is paying business community when they supply to your ministries. Government is owing huge somes of money to a lot of local suppliers. So forget about their proposals instead just pay what is due to them. Government has been the waste payer to the local contractors and the best local supplier distroyer.
    God help us.

  6. Mr Samaras, how are you going to get the business back on track when we are an importing country and the exchange rate is running away from you. Try to be realistic so that you can get help

  7. Where in this damn world has bad politics given u a good economy? Zimbabwean politics under Mugabe became bad after a certain number of years in power and we all know wht followed on the economic front. The politics of not respecting institutions of governance such as courts, the politics of intimidation and violence against members of the opposition etc. Where’s Zimbabwe’s economy now after years of bad politics?

  8. @pinkymasterH….you don’t have to insult in order to prove a point.
    @Nostradamus you’re entitled to your opinion. Learn to avoid things you feel are irrelevant to you.

  9. @pinkymasterG…you don’t have to insult in order to prove a point.
    @Nostradamus you’re entitled to your opinion. Learn to avoid things you feel are irrelevant to you.

  10. Create a tax haven so the worlds billionaires can dump their $$$ here. England has been doing it forever.

    We have too many rules to our own disadvantage as an economy, and too many crooks advantaging themselves at our expense.

    PF is crooked enough to turn the tide.

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