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PF SG’s Full Speech After Crushing the Opposition UPND in By-Elections

Columns PF SG's Full Speech After Crushing the Opposition UPND in By-Elections

1. Introduction

As we begin I wish to pay paramount tribute to the Almighty God for our overwhelming election victories.

I further wish to acknowledge the inspiring leadership of our country’s principal instrument of peace and development – His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who we are privileged to have as our party president and head of state. The special tribute also goes out to the campaign managers and campaign teams as well as PF functionaries nationwide; and the voters in the respective jurisdictions where elections took place yesterday.

2. Moment of Silence

But before we proceed any further, let us all be upstanding to observe a minute of silence in honour of the late honourable Rodgers Mwewa and the late Hon Mwenya Munkonge who were Members of Parliament for Mwansabombe and Lukashya constituencies respectively.

During the moment of silence, let us also honour the memory of local government officials whose premature demise led to some of yesterday’s ward by-elections! May the souls of our comrades rest in eternal peace

Comrades, ladies and gentlemen,

As we remember our departed colleagues Hon Mwewa and Hon Munkonge, we are deeply humbled and gratified that the people of Mwansabombwe and Lukashya have honoured the respective legacies of our brothers by being loyal to Patriotic Front.

3. The People have spoken for PF because PF speaks for the People

The people have spoken in Mwansabombwe constituency of Luapula Province; and because of the people, Luapula remains a PF fortress. Mwebena Mwansabombwe, abena Luapula –twatotela e’pashili pakuleka na mu 2021!

The people of Northern Province have also spoken. Lukashya constituency has emphasised that Northern Province remains loyal to the party that is loyal to its people. twatotela mukwai, mutwalile nga ifi, nokulundapo mu 2021!

Meanwhile, as the voices for PF in North-Western Province become louder by the day, the feeble murmuring of the opposition in the province has been drowned by PF development efforts.

The majority of Northwestern Province has embraced the development agenda of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the PF government. That explains the people’s joyful voices of victory from Kalengwa ward in Mufumbwe District, Lunyiwe ward in Kabompo District and Mwininyilamba ward in Ikelenge District. Most of Northwestern Province is now green.

Even in the other wards, the margins have shrunk drastically in our favour. We have gained more and more and UPND has lost more and more. Twasanta mwane! Thank you, Northwestern Province, we know you will deliver the remaining pockets in 2021! ba kopala twatotela!

Any small traces of the retrogressive tribalistic opposition continue to be wiped out by the power of the people and their love for the humility and hard work of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Like the rest of Copperbelt Province, Kasonga ward in Mpongwe District, Chibanga and Mushingashi wards in Lufwanyama district have spoken. They have rejected a trickster and his politrics. They have embraced the love peace and unity of PF. ubuyantanshi konse konse!

Copperbelt is green through and through. The people have rejected red bloodshed.

Zikomo kwambiri Lusaka province. You have also spoken for PF. Through the power of the people, we have together reclaimed Mandombe ward in Luangwa district.

Countrymen and women,

4. Law of diminishing returns:

UPND is shrinking and life President Hichilema has long lost meaningfulness to Zambia’s democratic space- he must do the honourable thing and stand down. According to the law of diminishing returns, if one input in the production of a commodity is increased while all other inputs are held fixed, a point will eventually be reached at which additions of the input yield progressively smaller, or diminishing, increases in output.

Since 2006 when he controversially usurped leadership through a tribally inspired campaign, UPND has made an input of Hichilema into 5 consecutive presidential elections and he has yielded zero returns over a 15 year period.

In the long-drawn-out 15 years of his leadership, UPND has never gone to a convention to choose leadership at any level of the party- let alone the presidency.
In the meantime, he surreptitiously amended article 70 of the UPND constitution to the effect that the party will only start counting his tenure as UPND president in the very highly unlikely event he becomes state president.

Hichilema’s self-seeking amendment to his party’s constitution is an act of supreme hypocrisy and above all an insult to Zambian democracy and good governance. Maybe it should not surprise anybody- the man is full of insults!

What is supposed to be Zambia’s main opposition has been shackled by the greed of a serially rejected tribal tyrant who has manipulated his party constitution to give himself an unlimited tenure.

In the meantime, UPND is suffering diminishing returns as they lose most of their strongholds while their dictator is busy massaging his ego and scooping all social media seats, all propaganda seats and all insulting seats. Shame!

UPND is in a huge leadership crisis. They will continue diminishing with their expired “gonga” product.

5. Zambians are Fatigued with HH UPND Members are Fatigued with HH.

Zambians are fatigued with HH UPND members are fatigued with HH.  Don’t blame Stephen Katuka, he’s innocent… ubwafya ni HH!  In the interest of meaningful democracy in Zambia, the “main opposition” urgently needs to replace their sour “gong’a” product with a real contender carrying integrity. Not a pretender.

HH must immediately resign in the interest of democracy and decency.  Let UPND find a different person if they’re serious about being worthy competitors pantu tukamufikina mu 2021 than ever before!

6. Hichilema’s Integrity is also in Ruins.

How can the opposition be effective when its leader is suffering from a critical- if not the terminal crisis of integrity? Hichilema still owes Zambians an explanation on how he became a director in sun hotels. How did he end up becoming a director in a company that was bidding to buy a state asset and he was the one appointed to do the valuation by the government? He must explain the privatisation of intercontinental hotel Livingstone and rainbow lodge and how he became a director in sun hotels.  He must also properly explain the Ramcoz privatisation.

Is he the Hakainde Sammy Hichilema that allegedly stashed away millions of dollars in tax havens as was reported by the international consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) in the Panama papers? He must clarify.

7. Conclusion

As I conclude, I once again wish to thank the Zambian people for their continued confidence in the patriotic front government led by his excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The retention of the people’s confidence in PF is the result of president Lungu’s all-embracing leadership of leaving no one behind in the PF has driven national development agenda.

Viva His Excellency dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu
Viva Patriotic Front
Aluta Continua!
God Bless Zambia.
I thank you.
Hon. Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary-General


  1. Edigar is a Thief, a Criminal and a voucher. Please ba Watchdog can you bring back the hidden knews about Ms Wendy Kanyanta, a widow who was on broad day light ECL robbed of K40, 000 in 2009 that lead to his (ECL) legal suspension. UPND PLEASE BE PRO-ACTIVE AND MAY YOU TELL THE NATION THAT SUCH A PERSON WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD CAN NOT BE A LEADER. WHY ARE YOU NOT BRINGING THIS TO THE ATTENTION OF ECZ AND ZAMBIA TWASEBANA. ITS ONLY IN ZAMBIA WHERE A CRIMINAL WITH THEFT RECORD BECOMES A LEADER WITHOUT SHAME.

  2. You are still losing the General Elections…The PF intimidated the opposition. Of course burning innocent people’s houses and breaking the poor people’s cars.

    The big day is coming next year.

    PF must Go…

  3. First of all PF and God do not belong in the same sentence…you are a bunch of heartless thieves that have sold this country to various debtors for personal gain. You gassed 50 of our country men as a political ploy with no one brought to book to date. $42 million fire tender scandal and 48 houses with a ghost owner, I could go on and on…no, do not take God’s name in vain.

  4. Hehehehe

    Looks like HH has rattled the theives by asking lungu to explain his stealing and calling for a commission of enquiry….

    Hh , don’t stop , keep up the pressure , now ask lungu to explain why his thugs were gassing our people….

  5. …secondly, Pf patting themselves on the back for winning in Luapula and extrapolating that the result will be reproduced nationwide…well, that’s simply myopic—but no less than we would expect from this so called “patriotic” front—there is nothing patriotic about theft nor of abrogating the laws of the land.

  6. Opposition parties strategists dont appreciate that it is difficult to campaign to individuals who are used to getting free benefits.The Luapula/Northern regions are the poorest.Any slumps in living standards are less felt by them compared to more richer regions.Campaigning on issues like high cost of living,corruption, unemployment are less important. PF are well aware of this.Short-term benefits are more vital to the rural power.Their strategy is to give handouts like clothes,social cash transfers and electricity.They are the only party with the financial muscle to give almsThe rural poor know this,also.Unless demographics change,Oppositions will always struggle to change minds

  7. They’re panicking knowing that the just ended election results are not what they expected.

    These Mwanks (mwankoles) we shall make sure Takapite!..

    PF must go!

  8. KZ

    That’s why you look like lungus buttocks ……

    Carry on your insults , you will then attract insults to you and lungu…

  9. I have already told KZ to watch his words…if continues with such vocabulary here….we take care of his platform account accordingly.

    He thinks he is on the streets of Lusaka no law or order from law enforcement.

    Not here……

  10. We still have some cyber-noise from the losing team … If you lose election, it is time for reflection and introspection…it is not a time for arrongace and provado…

  11. You know what really grinds my gears? It’s when a damn person tries to sound educated and very smart.
    @Pan Africanist- word of advise! reflection and introspection basically have the same meaning. APA standard writing style…in the future try to replace it with a different word. Nice try.
    PF must Go.

  12. I am just waking up very tired from campaigns last week and partying after we won. This is a very powerful and hard hitting statement ba SG. The westerners say the truth hurts and it is evident from the abhorrent comments above from the diasporan UPND supporters. These guys are idl0ts. The upnd will continue to lose because they are very stiff necked and arrogant. Hh aniya lchlshupu bena ati wind of change. Kikiki kuti waseka. Numbers don’t lie ba kimb0

    As for denny mwaba I have nothing to hide. You can see my name. You know where I reside. So if you think you are man enough then come and meet me in Lusaka at my residence

  13. Kaizar you have respected Bally too much by saying ‘what more panshi.’ Why didn’t you just say ‘what more kwisa mbavotele?’

  14. Kaizar you have respected Bally too much by saying ‘what more panshi.’ Why didn’t you just say ‘what more kwisamba?’

  15. Bane didn’t Sunday distance the party from HH privatization scandal propaganda? Lelo ba SG ba Mwila still pushes this propaganda? Either PF is dull or they are insinuating we are dull. You are still mining this privatization issue and at the same time distancing yourselves. Looks like the ones that lack integrity are PF. My president is HH win or lose come 2021. Twanaka nenu ba kelenka.

  16. But bakamushi aba nabena. How in the heck can you be voting for these well known PF criminals? We really have work to do, educating our people in rural areas. Way too much ignorance. Anyway, we need to stay on track. PF is still losing next year and going to prison. Gangster Lungu and his minister of propaganda, KZ , must go to prison next year. Bapompwe aba don’t belong anywhere near State House. They belong in Chimbokaila.

  17. Spaka and the upnd bigots have been reduced to cyber vulgar idlots. This is how childish these guys are when they lose. Instead of deeply reflecting and making changes to how they do things and to their leadership, come next election they will do the same thing while expecting a different result. This is how f00lish these guys are. We tell them hh is unsellable, they don’t listen because his tribe is more important to them. Very backward bunch. Uncivilized village hippos

  18. KZ

    We are showing you that insults and profanities can be met with insults and profanities…..

    Do onto others as you would like them to do onto you …..

    The same we have been telling HH , time to give up your nice guy image and tell them to account for the stealing and looting and plunder and…..

  19. Congratulations to PF for winning Lukashya and Mwansabombe elections. I also want to thank UNDP for the hard work of explaining to the masses why PF should not be voted in power. UNDP should work 10 times extremely hard than PF to explain to the public how wealth is created. All what PF has to do is to point out to the paved roads, more malls, Zambia Airways etc. The public do not care whether the money is borrowed or is going to generate a profit or loss. UNDP need to explain to the public as if explaining to a grade 7. Sad part, Zambians do not need to fight whether they belong to PF or UNDP. God bless PF and UNDP. No normal insults from both camps. Talk about how Zambia will be great and end poverty

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