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Teaching of Sexuality Education in Schools gets Support

General News Teaching of Sexuality Education in Schools gets Support

National Action for Quality Education in Zambia ( NAQEZ) has supported the teaching of sexuality education in schools.

NAQEZ executive director Aaron Chansa said after careful analysis of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education framework and teaching manuals, they find this kind of education very useful and Important for 21st-century pupils.

“We can’t see anything anti- Christian in these two documents. For the record, this kind of education was prompted by extensive research data indicating alarming numbers of school dropouts due to early pregnancies among primary and secondary school girls. It is also important to state here that before the Ministry of Education adopted the framework for sexuality education, the Church and Civil Society Organizations were part of the validation process,” he said.

Mr.Chansa said for the avoidance of any doubt, the current framework on sexuality education in Zambia provides learners with age-appropriate and scientifically accurate information.

“If well implemented, sexuality education is designed to afford pupils with knowledge on abstinence, culture, Society, hygiene, human development, awareness of peer norms, skills and values which help young ones to become more assertive and careful to address real sexuality matters,”Mr. Chansa said

“In 2011, for example, over 15,000 school going girls fell pregnant. Surprisingly, the majority of these girls who fall pregnant are primary school learners. In 2010, the Population Bureau shockingly revealed that 12% of girls and 16% of boys experienced sex before the age of 15. This sad reality requires some intervention by the school system,” he adds.

“Further research findings clearly showed that there are serious challenges in the Zambian school curriculum on sexuality education. The Southern and Eastern Consortium for Monitoring Education Quality (SACMEQ) report indicated that 60% of grade 6 learners in Zambia did not have adequate knowledge on sexuality education,” says Mr. Chansa.


  1. This puritanical approach to things in Zambia is both hypocritical and laughable. Itis like denying that homosexual acts happen in prisons and then throwing up our hands when it is actually confirmed. Give the kids the knowledge so that when a kid does get pregnant they he or she really know what they are in for. We no longer have the luxury of traditional lifestyles where restraint was the preserve of the extended family. I am serious, and this is not politics!

  2. This should be parents’ responsibilty. We have all seen how badly things can go wrong when schools take over the responsibility of parents.

    • Very true Nine Chale Theres a limit to how far the government can enter your home. Government responsibilities end on the public street. Government cant enter my bedroom

  3. The challenge we have in Zamvia is that people like Mr Chansa fail to understand what causes early pregnancies among children. USA the number 1 teacher of CSE have children who start aborting as early as 13 and 14 years why hasn’t early pregnancies eradicated in USA. Mr Chansa the donor money should not make you forget about your culture. We accuse government to sell the country but NGOs are the number one culprits due to funding conditions they accept.

  4. Can NAQEZ please present the nation with the main topics covered under the framework and provide the same to the nation translated in the main Zambian languages to allow for more people in the nation to appreciuate what the UN agency behind it is trying to push on the unwitting Zambians. Did NAQEZ play any part in the “preparation of the ground” for foreign ideas on sexuality and queer studies to be part of the Zambian school curriculum? Zambians should be careful not to take advice from nations where gay marriage and the LGBTQ – RSTVWXYZ….. agenda have taken over and become the norm. How about if NAQEZ came up with a home grown solution to campaign against child abuse resulting in underage pregnancies?

    • The West is not using one channel to enter Africa. If they fail politically they will use Science, NGOs, economics etc. Even the GMO food they export to Africa which we unquestioningly eat is designed to make us think in a certain way. Because of too much Western foods we have had more and more homosexuals being born in Africa. Yes because of eating Western trash like Macdonalds, KFC and other junk our bodies experience chemical changes that make us see same sex as attractive.


  6. This is a very highly constested and debatable topic. It brings to mind case studies I viewed from the UK where those of islamic background were defiantly against homosexuality issues being covered in the curriculum there. We will ensure that everyone’s view points are heard before a final decision is made.

  7. Teaching our children that there are more than two sexes and gender is promoting perversion and goes against the word of God. No one has children and hopes that they will turn into a transgender or lesbian or a homosexual regardless what’s trending in the world. Anyone supporting this argument has been paid off by the LGBTQ movement. Ministry of Religious affairs needs to put an end to this nonsense.

  8. Poland as a Christian nation has criminalized this sex education for this reason and is now under sanction from the LGBTQ friendly EU body it is part of for its stand. In defense of this sanction the EU parliament said the following:

    The adopted text by Parliament also acknowledged the importance of sex education especially for girls and LGBTI children who are “particularly impacted by inequitable gender norms” and most hurt by the lack of sex education.


    Well done EFZ for raising these concerns.
    Most people who argue for CSE belong to NGOs whose little tuntembas thrive on donor funds.
    UNESCO and other UN agencies! Hands off the Zambian children.
    Show us your achievements since you introduced CSE- . You have only managed to influence even the 10 year olds into being hypersexual. There is now too much sex among young people since the introduction of this curriculum…. so much abortion taking place as a response to this freedom for the young to have sex.

    Mr Chansa and all of you supporters of CSE, Listen.
    You have robbed parents of their responsibilities to control their own children by your adverts of sex as a right for young people. These kids have never been so unruly, they are utilising every…

  10. We hv a problem on our hands and simplistic solutions will not do given the times we’re living in. American conservatives also make the same complaint about their society and usually blame Hollywood movies and removal of prayer from schools due to strict separation of religion and government. The movie industry says “it’s not us as we only make movies that reflect society as it is and not as it ought to be”. But let’s face facts. Since the advent of video cassettes, unacceptable American movies hv been circulating in Zambia. With digitization of entertainment, these movies are available even on mobile phones. We hv called it technological progress but look at its premature sexualization of children.

  11. FROM BOTSWANA”We are currently enganginour ministry of education so that we can start to teach our kids about money, shares and financial literacy. Not Shaka Zulu & cow horn formation. Those things are not relevant in this new age.” Thapelo Tsheole CEO. And here we go prioritising sex over finance and the economy

  12. Bashi Chite, there’s more to life than just money and shares with all their corrupting influence on life and politics. An all-round education that exposes children to a lot of options is the way to go. The arts, sport, the humanities, science and numeracy should all be encouraged as it’s possible to earn a living from exploiting talents in these areas.

  13. Zambians have never been confused about the fact that they are born either male or female, full stop! If you are born anything else there is a word for it in the English vocabulary it’s called ‘abnormal’. We are also not confused about the fact that the Penxxx and the Vagxxx are purposed to be used together in intercourse. Putting the Penxx in the Anxx and calling it alternative sexuality is perversion. Marriage is between a man and a woman. In the US they have confused this wisdom of God and have ended up raising a perverted satanic agenda called LGBTQ. Make no mistake, they are organized and have money and influence. Beware, these people have enough resources and influence to even topple dissenting governments. They are covert and operate using what are known as CSO that have no shame…

  14. Home schooling because of Covid has exposed what they actually teach children in schools regarding sexuality to parents. Many are outraged because no one wants their child to think they can be a homosexual, intersex bisexual or a transgender as an alternative if they want and it’s ok. Before this push the LGBTQ community tried to force this issue through tying it to aid money but it failed. Now they’ve infiltrated the school system using the UN to try and forward their agenda.

  15. This will be just the introduction of another excuse for parents who cant discipline their children. Now when their children get prematurely impregnanted they will blame the government for not teaching their kids good sex education at school. Sex education in Africa is taught by close family members who are caraefully selected by the kids’ parents. Now you want to hand it to schools.. Prepare for sex festivals and child trafficking.

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