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ECZ Has Become Arrogant And Is A Threat To Zambia’s Peace

Feature Politics ECZ Has Become Arrogant And Is A Threat To Zambia's Peace

Opposition New Hope Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba has said that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has become arrogant and it is a threat to Zambia’s Peace.

Dr. Mumba who is also former Republican Vice President was today’s guest on Hot FM’s Morning Breakfast show.

Dr. Mumba who yesterday revealed that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) rigged the recently held Lukashya Constituency By-Elections, reinforced his Position.

“The ruling Patriotic Front rigged unfairly and unsquarely in Lukashya. The results that were announced by the ECZ were not a reflection of the votes there”, Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba then said that a Senior Member of the PF Campaign team warned him on how the PF would rig.

“Apart from the information and evidence we had that they were planning of rigging, a senior member of the PF Campaign team visited me at midnight at the Lodge where I was camped and reconfirmed our fears that the PF was planning to rig and further informed us on the extent that they would do it. The following morning, we had a paid-for Program at Radio Mano where we revealed this rigging scheme and did our best to stop it”, Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba then said that his Party forensic team is in Lukashya preparing all the evidence which will then be presented to relevant stakeholders to prove that these elections were rigged.

Dr. Mumba then called for the current ECZ Board to be dissolved as it has become arrogant and a threat to Zambia’s Peace.

“This rigging was made possible because the ECZ was part and parcel. The current ECZ Board become a very arrogant one. They firstly announced big sums of money as Nomination fees and they further announced that a new voter register will be made within one month where they are targeting 9 million voters. To us that is impossible and we have repeatedly asked them to reschedule their position but they have declined. Their conduct is a threat to Zambia’s Peace and we call upon them to immediately resign”, Dr. Mumba said.


    • There is nobody who is a f.0.ol. Just be objective and point out issues. F.o.0ls have a tendency of insulting others. When you see somebody calling others names, just know that the brain must have a very small capacity. Lets discuss our politics in a civil manner devoid of insults, these are just politics and not fights. Wake up…

  1. The two recent parliamentary bye elections were not free and fair in the sense that there was a lot of government vehicles of Ministers in the area using government fuel disadvantaging others, imagine even Religious Affairs Ministry Fuel, DMMU who think people are f.o.o.l.s where on the ground as usual with a cheap and blatant no truths that they were there already distributing food when infact not. ZNBC was as usual showing the majority of PF activities, blatant disregard that this is a public broadcaster, and somebody in his wisdom must say the two elections were free and fair. My foot.

  2. Sham of elections actually, but because the country has degenerated to the lowest ebb, even such a sham of elections has become normal. I am not a fan of Kambwili, but when he says people must have shame in doing wrong things which is not the case currently, I cannot agree with him anymore. And you don’t have a President who has the wisdom to question ZNBC why his opponents are not being featured prominently on ZNBC TV which uses tax to run, including taxes from the opposition, and remember we have a sleeping opposition who by now should have obtained an injunction to stop ZNBC from running. How come all defections on ZNBC a public broadcaster run by tax payers money is only to PF, Is that normal in a democracy

  3. Government fuel all over in the recent bye elections, meanwhile either no drugs in hospitals or expired drugs available. Retirees no payment up to now, waiting for the guy to get ratified by parliament, print money and pay them. O what a web we deceive ourselves in when we try to deceive others.

  4. @Janet: Do you call discussing unsubstantiated allegations and speculations being civil?? This twit has nothing to offer Zambian politics except waste our time and massage his ego. It is i.d.!ots like you who encourage such s.t.u.p!d.ity and are destroying and retarding our political development.

    • You full called Zambian citizen, whilst we acknowledge that from time immemorial edeots like you will be in our midst, atleast pretend you have a head which has a brain in a head which is above your shouders. Zambia is too rich to be poor, the jokes cant continue, I repeat don’t insult, mangwams like you are a problem to advise but I repeat we need to decency and civility in our discourse, shaa

  5. Prime TV tactically closed by the PF government that their license had expired and yet we know the real reasons. Then on 18th October they will go to the show grounds ati national day of prayer, fasting and reconciliation. Recent bye election, government resources deployed with no shame, religious affairs fuel was in Mwansabombwe and Lukashya, can you believe it. DMMU firmly in charge on the ground, no shame, life goes on

  6. This full called Zambian citizen should be tamed. The country can’t continue having ideots insulting day in and day out. Shaa

  7. Scientists have discovered a new species of human beings. They differ from the rest of humanity in that their brains are located in their stomachs. When they looked in the head, they found a stomach. This species of being is prevalent in Zambia. That is why if you show them a bag of mealie meal, you win them over. Show them a brown envelope and you are there. Their political parties have no ideologies. They join where they will eat. If a party wins the elections, it immediately becomes the biggest party.

  8. @Munthu Wamba: makaka iwe!! That’s why upnd is losing elections, with i.d.!.ots like you supporting any failure who barks rubbish!!! Nevers is a total loser but just because he is attacking PF it makes sense for you?? Chipato chobe, makaka iwe!!!!!!!

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