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Bill 10 will allow new chiefs to get government subsidies – Western PS

Headlines Bill 10 will allow new chiefs to get government subsidies – Western...

Government has maintained that it will follow the judgment passed in the courts of law over subsidies for chiefs installed after 19th November 2019 unless the constitutional bill number 10 is passed.

Speaking at the burial of the late Chief Sekute? of the Tonga speaking people of Kazungula District, Southern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba emphasised that whoever will be installed as the new heir to throne will not have subsidies from Government but be looked after by his or her own subjects.

Mr Liomba said government will only take the responsibility for logistical needs of Chiefs if the constitution bill number 10 of 2019 is enacted by parliament.

He told hundreds of mourners that his office does not expect any new chief to claim payment of subsidies because this is heavily dependent on the proposed amendments to the 2016 constitution which removed the provision for chiefs’ subsidies as responsibility for government.

“For now it is you people here to look after your own chiefs until this matter is solved by the passing of bill 10 in parliament,” he said.

Meanwhile, Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale has wished the Sekute? family a peaceful transition and selection of a new chief.

Dr Hamukale said succession wrangles are a hindrance to meaningful development in any given society.

He said the people of Sekute? chiefdom should honor the late Chief and emulating his leadership styles of unity and peace which he exhibited during his reign spanning over 38 years on the throne.

“Succession disputes are? a hindrance to development this is why government expects a peaceful transition in the Sekute chiefdom,” Dr Hamukale said.

And speaking on behalf Southern Province chiefs, house of Chiefs member Chieftainess Mwenda appealed to chiefs in the country to revive the culture of writing family trees to avoid succession disputes when a chief dies.

She said old men and women who are custodians of family history should not be sidelined but instead be involved in all matters of chieftainship.

The chief expressed concern of the happenings in Southern Province where a number of chiefdom have been rocked in protracted succession disputes for many years.

“These disputes are a worry to the house of chiefs because? the affected chiefdoms are being robbed of the much needed development and peace”, she said.

Chieftainess Mwenda further called on the Sekute? Chiefdom to consider selecting a new heir who will work with the government of the day like the late Chief did.

Family representative Francis Chika thanked government for the support rendered during the long illness and subsequent funeral of the traditional leader.


  1. Chiefs own three quarters of Zambia’s land and taking away subsidies means surrendering the land to the chiefs. The government has a lot to lose. Remember, chief have grassroot support for anyone dreaming of winning.

  2. This is progressive. All we ask for is the opposition to be mature enough to debate the bill. If you think the bill is wrong then debate it and convince the majority that it is not. What are you scared of? I am drunk at tasila wedding this is great

  3. Bill 10 is Lungu propaganda so he can maintain power. We see through your tricks Mr. Lungu. We are educated and our minds are not dulled by alcohol.

  4. If this kak of a bill passes…I will know Zambia is definately the next Zimbabwe…..the precedence that this current govt has set is very retrogressive.

  5. Who’s created new chiefdoms? The number of chiefdoms is fixed and there’s perpetual succession to the position. This one does not wash.

  6. If PF struggled to get 50 + 1% votes in 2016, they don’t want to take chances in 2021. Bill 10 is PF’s Ventilator. If PF gets 49% votes, they simply need a PF-friendly small opposition party to form a Coalition government. The rest of the clauses in Bill 10 are cosmetics, decoys or Sugar coat meant to hide the real intentions or poison behind Bill 10!

  7. This too, shall pass. Bill 10 is like a bad dream. We must wake up and shake it off — there are more important things to focus on.

  8. Whn a pensioner dies, the state continues to pay their spouse. There’s no problem there. Whn a chief dies, surely the state ought to continue paying the successor chief, right? It seems no, if the Southern province PS is to be believed. Or is it a case of bad reporting by LT? I’m confused.

  9. Bill 10 is progressive, its gives us women a right to compete with other women. It gives us equal opportunity an even playing field. As women, that’s a good start for us.

  10. Kudos! Respect them Chiefs man. They are the traditional fabric of our country. Nice to see someone remembers to care for their traditional rights and powers.

  11. True it is, as women, the first hurdle we face is inequality. Bill 10 gives us that chance to stand among equals, to have at least a chance to fight for what we can achieve. God is good!

  12. P.F.manipulation. Bill 10 is a cover for P.F.f evil intentions for immunity from prosecution after they lose the election. Parliment kept trying to puch this bill through even when its own members were spreading the virus. They are very desperate now. Cowards.

  13. Looks like no one here is interested in reading, this Bill 10. Read it first man. Don’t be like those buffaloes – following one another blindly.

  14. Succession issues, we have all seen – who lets go property and rights. KiKiKiki…..but then this Bill given them chiefs the power to deal with succession issues. Which is awesome! Its good.

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