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The “Owner” of the mysterious 48 Houses is not My Nephew- Dr Musokotwane

Headlines The "Owner" of the mysterious 48 Houses is not My Nephew-...

UPND Chairperson for Economics and Finance Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane says it is malicious to insinuate that the purported owner of the 48 Houses is his nephew.

Dr. Musokotwane said a news report has come to his attention which alleges that a man who is a suspect in the ownership of the 48
mysterious houses, a Mr. Charles Loyana is his nephew.

He said the news report further alleges that while being interviewed on Radio Phoenix on 29 September 2020, he had difficulties in answering questions from a caller who insisted on knowing from him how Mr Loyona, a mere civil servant, earned enough income to build the 48 houses.

“I wish to state categorically that I have no relationship whatsoever, whether by blood, marriage, friendship, or any other social connection with Mr. Loyana or anyone else who is allegedly connected to those 48 houses. I don’t know Mr. Loyana, I have never met him and I don’t even know what he looks like,” Dr. Musokotwane said.

“Regarding the allegation that I had difficulties on a radio interview to explain how Mr Loyona earned income big enough to build 48 houses, this is yet another cheap lie. Many people who listened to my interview on Radio Phoenix on the 29th of September 2020 will agree that no person called during the entire interview to ask me about the 48 houses.”

“Meanwhile the recording of the entire interview may be obtained from Radio Phoenix. I wish to urge those who did not tune in to listen to the recording so that they get a proper perspective as to why we are experiencing the current economic problems such as the loss of value of the Kwacha which were the issues under discussion.”

Dr Musokotwane said the vile and malicious insinuation that Mr. Loyana is related to me is a PF creation.

“It first emerged in Parliament months ago when the PF member of Parliament for Chitambo, one Remember Mutale, made a wild accusation that Loyana is my nephew. Because parliamentary rules prohibit lies, I reported him to the Privileges Committee of Parliament which deals, among others, with disciplinary cases involving MPs. Mr Mutale was ordered to prove his accusation at a hearing. For the purpose of the hearing, he was at liberty to bring as many witnesses as he wanted. He lamentably failed to prove his allegation because it was based on lies. Arising from his failure, he was found to have breached Parliamentary rules. For this, he was admonished by the Speaker in front of all MPs and he was made to apologise to me, which he did.“

“In conclusion, the story that Mr. Loyana who is allegedly connected to the 48 houses, is my nephew, is totally false, vile, and malicious, and only fit for the garbage.”

He added, “In the meantime, Zambians await the conclusions from the many investigative agencies in the country to find out the owner of those 48 houses and bring him/her and their accomplices, no matter their status or connections in society, to book.”

“Surely, this is not a complex matter as ownership of property in Zambia is on public records and can be easily verified at the Ministry of Lands.”


  1. Hire Mutewewe or is it Isaac Mwanza who take petitions to Edgar?
    Why Ba Edgar can’t set up commission of inquiry for 48 houses. The terms of reference are right there in that dark Parliament.

  2. But the owner is known, one Mr Loyana. Why is the question still on ownership? Question should be how he afforded to build given that he is just a civil servant? This is a simple matter that should be dealt with by AAC or DEC, if they understand their mandate.

  3. The biggest problem we have is that political cadres have taken centre stage in the fight against crime such as corruption instead of leaving it to investigative wings whose profession and mandate is to investigate crime. If Situmbeko Musokotwane is involved why not arrest him than tarnish his image because he’s elected to be on the other side of the political divide? We can’t prosecute people in the press or social media! Situmbeko has served this country diligently, and he’s still serving. We need his expertize. Let’s not destroy good people because we don’t agree with them politically. I hope DEC or ACC or ZP will effect arrests on suspects so that this matter is put to rest.

  4. And ECL wants commission of inquiry on privatization done 27yrs ago while his govt can’t account for 48 house in 2020?

  5. Up to now nobody knows or has seen the person PF say owns those houses , there has been no photos of that person , only mysterious names thrown about by PF

    Those houses belong to the lungu clan ….

  6. If HH or anybody from UPND was the owner of the 48 houses they would have been arrested by now. The Powers that be are connected to the 48 houses no doubt.

  7. Just a jocking republic this one. Commission of inquiry into privatization but 48 houses very close to state house area are okay with no enquiry

  8. If it is the same so called Loyana who is the owner of the 48 houses, why has he not been questioned up to date as to where he got the money to build the houses? Why is the government mute?

  9. The owner of those houses is known but where is the problem? Just build yours if you can afford, simple.

  10. jokers republic, if it had a ocean front we would have seen a lot of raft boats taking the high seas, luckily it is a landlocked mass of dirt.

  11. Why bringing in a 27 years ago issue ( PRIVATIZATION) when they fail to probe fresh matters like 48 houses, fire tenders and many more????????????

  12. Why is this musokotwane chap very apprehensive and shaken. He is refusing even where there aren’t any formal allegations against him. This is sign of guilt

  13. This CHRISTIAN country is full of breakers of God’s laws. You shall not steal. Lots of thieves from the highest offices to the unemployed street kid. You shall not murder. The corrupt are murdering the underprivileged in society who cannot access health services and cannot get a decent education. The police keep killing and maiming as they carry live ammunition even to peaceful demonstrations. You shall not tell lies. Wow! Lies, lies, lies. Journalists lie. Politicians lie, Everyone lies. You shall not covet. This is tops. There is jealousy and envy everywhere. No one feels good about the success of their political opponent or neighbour. You shall not commit adultery. This is the big one. We are like horses neighing after the mares. Never have there been so many illegitimate children…

  14. Can’t the youths in Opposition NGOs also do their part to obtain signatures and pertition the Republican President for a Commission of Inquiry on the 48 Houses etc so that the matter can be settled in the public interest? That way, no politician or otherwise will take advantage to talk about an issue that has been decided through a commission of inquiry. Fair Game than cry babies.

  15. Forks, I don’t know why you’re worked out. Since everyone else is afraid ti own up, those things are mine. I claim.
    Uyu ati iyo iyo teyandi.
    Gimme those keys mwe!

  16. Every election has a new twist just to kill the opposition not be in the race, but the only thing you should remember is that one day even the so called chigwepo lungu will be under pressure for the wealth that has accumulated so fast in the Lungu clan.set up all sorts of inquiry but HH will come out as clean as Dr.kk’s handkerchief.Ba Lungu you shall dance to the foolest bcoz your own inquiry after you leave office next year will be so interesting bcoz we know all the money & assets you have here in Zambia and abroad.don’t play smart bcoz you are in power today you will never be there forever and those parasites who have surrounded you will run away from you.remember how one FTJ was betrayed by the visionless leaders like Nawakwi and the rest,yours will be more just wait

  17. Of course it is connected to PF and Lungu. If there was ANY connection to UPND and HH he would have been thrown in jail overnight. Classic insults and claims with zero evidence to try and throw the rest of the population off the scent… but we still smell the stench of corruption.

  18. Since no one is claiming ownership better ba council to go there with graders instead of demolishing pipos houses,
    Or still turn the houses into gvt institution such as level ll hospital or another university,simple.

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