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Chishimba Kambwili abused his powers when he served in government-Tayali

Headlines Chishimba Kambwili abused his powers when he served in government-Tayali

OPPOSITION Economic and Equity Party (EEP) president Chilufya Tayali has said that the conviction of National Democratic Party (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili is timely because he abused his powers when he served in government.

Speaking during a press briefing at his office in Lusaka earlier today, Mr. Tayali said the forgery case involving Mr. Kambwili has nothing to do with politics or political persecution.

Mr. Tayali said that from the onset, he made it clear that he would see to it that the forgery case was properly disposed of and that he is also disappointed with some Zambians who are accusing him of being used by the Patriotic Front (PF) to silence their perceived opponents.

“I am, however, disappointed that some Zambians are quick to say that Mr. Kambwili’s conviction is political victimization or persecution and I can’t understand why some Zambians react this way. The case has nothing to do with politics because it was a clear case and the evidence was overwhelming,” he said.

The opposition leader has observed that Zambia will never have good leaders if its people support the wrong people aspiring for higher office.

“Checks and balances should also be extended to those that aspire to get into power! This is to ensure that we avoid voting for the wrong people to get into government. I feel insulted when you bring in PF in this case because this was all about myself and EEP in an effort to ensure that justice prevailed on Mr. Kambwili’s behavior.”

Mr. Tayali has said politicians should not use politics to shield themselves from wrongdoing.

OPPOSITION Economic and Equity Party (EEP) president Chilufya Tayal
OPPOSITION Economic and Equity Party (EEP) president Chilufya Tayal

Meanwhile, Mr. Tayali has said that President Edgar Lungu should quickly set up a Commission of Inquiry into privatization.

Mr. Tayali said the privatization which happened many years ago is not water under the bridge because many people suffered and the wounds are still fresh.

He said people that were given the mandate to sell public assets enriched themselves at the expense of the country.

“It is common knowledge that privatization left a lot of people suffering and it should not be water under the bridge even if it happened many years ago. The wounds are still fresh because many people that were retrenched have not been paid what was owed to them,” said Mr. Tayali.

“This Commission of Inquiry into the privatization of Zambia’s State Assets is very important because workers who were affected will come and give testimony and maybe a recommendation to pay them will be made.”

And Mr. Tayali said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema would be a wrong guy to go to State House because of his involvement in the sale of State assets.

“HH should prove that he is clean before he even thinks of going to State House. That’s why this Commission of Inquiry into Privatization is very important and those found wanting should be made to account.”


  1. Yangu ba Tayali! that case was flimsy and frivolous. I wonder want have you gained? apart from adding to your list of haters.

  2. Ati, Opposition President, Who ever cursed Zambia/Africa is dead, Pantu if he/she was still alive ngalibweshako umutima, But why, Why and what have we done as Africans to deserve this. Just Why, Why ????????

  3. Iyeeeee, ba Tayali nga imwe mukateka lyisa????? Bussy fighting your fellow opposition leaders. Remember that the fight you have just started will eat you!

    • The politics of Tayali are filthy and dirty.U can’t claim to be a politician yet u’re on other party’s ticket to persecute yo fellow opposition on the pretext that they persecuted u during their time in power.
      It doesn’t work like that.Soon or later it will be u in the same trap.Will u rejoice.Very, very bad indeed.

  4. Kambwili’s conduct when he was in Govt was something else. There are many who might themselves in the same situation as CK

  5. Iwe ka tiyali

    Have you questioned how lungu earned $2.3 million just after 18 months in office ?

    Or why PF were gassing our people ???

  6. Ba Tayali, your political party has zero policy, you cant even the electorate your policies. The only thing you do show your hatred. Give us just one name in this current government who has not abused power of office ? All of on daily basis abuse their power. Bowman LUsambo is a good example

  7. Tayali focus on your failed marriage. Do you even know who is doing your wife right now? Just keep on shafting your side chick.

    But yes Kambwili needs to go to jail for corruption and theft while he was in office. So does Lungu and most of the current cabinet.

    They are all thieves and rotten souls.

  8. Blubbering dunderhead talking nonsense. If he abused his powers in gov’t then why was he not charged back at that time then ?

  9. I have a strong feeling that if this inquiry will be set up,it will likey be during the final campaign days, it is probably their only weapon in their campaign armoury , i think some people will be used to wail and cry on campaign podiums, and after elections it will be back to default settings.

  10. u see the Bible says whatever u sow u will reap at some point. Tayali thinks whatever he is doing Zambians cant read btn the lines and for him he is even saying he is disappointed with Zambians who are saying he is fighting political battles on behalf of PF. Never live and earn a living by slandering fellow human beings coz the consequences of that are so disaster and God hates such people. Eat and rejoice while others are crying to God for the pain u have inflicted upon them but the time of reckoning is surely coming. How many corrupt people Zambians have come to know in PF and those who have been mentioned in FIC report? all this u have been quite and now u want to think Zambians are dull and they will believe your fake fight for justice while u are only interested in fighting for your…

  11. Its true he did abuse his powers when he was in government just like others are still doing up to now so why aren’t you going after them also. Why selective justice from this clown.

  12. Can this media stop giving non entities like Tayali a platform to spill his folly. now does this foool know how many more government officials in todays government have the same issues he took kabwili to court over?

  13. I don’t understand why people are blaming Tayali, if UPND were to open the cases for Chitotela and Chilufya and both are found guilty will that mean UPND will be persecuting them, people should ask residents of Luanshya how Kambwili grabbed land from people even part of the golf course, did Lungu investigate the allegations when Tayali presented his findings in 2014? no he protected him the same way he did with Chitotela and Chilufya, no one is above the law.

  14. Don’t blame the journalists. They are young apprentices and are only practising to be journalist for a real scenario whenever and wherever it comes about. This is just a role play or dress rehearsal for the young novice journalists. Tayali you are being helpful in the training of youngsters, you are a good teacher and you should be paid a salary of a teacher by ECL’s govt.

  15. Is this a role-play meant to train the novice journalists or is it really happening in a republic. If it is a rehearsal for the journalists, it’s really good and Tayali should be paid a good Teacher salary. WELL DONE, TAYALI for providing an environment for training.

  16. Is this a role-play meant to train the novice journalists or is it really happening in a republic. If it is a rehearsal for the journalists, it’s really good and Tayali should be paid a good Teacher salary. WELL DONE, TAYALI for providing an environment for training. The setting was also even better than ‘Coming to America’!

  17. Oh No! In Zambia political crooks only serve 2 months of their 2 years. It is a joke to think HH will go in for many years. 1 month would be enough. Spax is already a free man. You know the reason for all these childish play games is that President Lungu had also a hare in these thefts.

  18. Sine media houses are clowns in Zambia. Where on earth would you give media slot to such a character?

    Such characters like Tayali are time wasters.

    PF must go

  19. True Chishimba Kambwili abused his powers when he served in government but why wasn’t he brought to trial then? Why did justice wait for him to become a rebel? Because Justice never visits the ruling party?

  20. Mr Tayali are you saying Mr kambwili
    Is the only politician who has committed an offence? How many have done bigger crimes then kambwili and walking free.Catch bigger fish not small offences.

  21. Wise words my friend tayali. Tell these pompous upnd supporters and their diaspora supporters the truth. It really hurts them to hear the truth. Kambwili committed an offence, so do you want us to hug him and praise him ? The law is the law

  22. Tayali is being funded by somebody and identifying the source that provides him courage to tread paths that his small party can not make safe need be priority than castigating him. I wonder why some people that he rubs the wrong way are always quick to pardon him than letting courts to straighten him! Tayali’s courage is in the proverb about the hyena and courage!

  23. Tayali has done a great service to the national , Keep it up Tayali , any corrupt leader will never lead ZAMBIA !

  24. Tayali, with this job you have given yourself make sure you ask for proper security from Jonathan, otherwise your crusade will be short-lived…… Just saying……

  25. Insala kapondo.This fool has failed to smell the coffee because the stench of hunger is too strong.When PF is out of power which is soon he will find himself in problems

  26. Sending Kambwili to jail will never make most Zambians happy but they want every one who has looted state coffers to be meted out with the same wrath of justice..Iwe ka Tayali people know your sponsors and don’t think we re stupid to see you fighting your fellow opposition… You re best suited to sell umusalu mune!!!

  27. Zambians are funny people. We are hooked on circus politics. Why do we always try to make excuses for wrongdoing? Kambwili once said he could afford to fly to England to have tea with the queen in the morning and fly back in time for dinner. The man stinks of corruption and one would argue that he knows so much about how the current crop of ministers are stealing because he is one of the architects. This is why our politicians feel that they can get away with such nonsense. We need to start sending these people to jail one by one to have any chance of restoring sanity in our country. Vo lumba lumba muleke! These are petty criminals who do not deserve any chance of governance.

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