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Fast track court on anti-smuggling formed

Rural News Fast track court on anti-smuggling formed

North-Western Province Permanent Secretary, Willies Mangimela has commended the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) for establishing a fast track court against smuggling of mealie meal and maize in order to curb the vice.

Mr Mangimela said there is need for more measures to be put in place to cartel food smuggling to supplement efforts that security forces such as Zambia National Service (ZNS) are doing.

“We have a lot of food in our country but also at the same time we have rampant smuggling to the neighboring DR Congo,” he mentioned.

“We are very much aware that we are also going to have a fast track court which I think after this will be established so that we curtail such vices which have been on the increase especially in the past one year,” he said.

Mr Majimela said this in a speech read for him by his Deputy, Emmanuel Chihili during the official opening of a two day training organized by the national task force on food security.

Meanwhile, NPA Chief State Advocate, Nkumbiza Mumba noted on the need for capacity building with all key stakeholders against smuggling to curb the vice.

Ms Mumba said the training will equip participants with skills that will help curb maize and mealie meal smuggling which is rampant in the province.

“It is identified that players against smuggling are supposed to be equipped so as to enhance their capacities in ensuring food security,” she said.

And Kalumbila District Commissioner, Robinson Kalota has appealed to all security wings and all stakeholders to work with the district commissioners offices in all the districts.

“Government and the President are preaching to stop smuggling, this requires everyone’s efforts and each one of us should know our roles to play”, he said.

Mr Kalota, who is also the North-Western Province Dean of District Commissioners, said working together will help fight smuggling.


  1. The Zambian Government needs to have a change of Mindset and needs to stop viewing this smuggling as a problem it is an opportunity .Grow more food and export to your neighbor .Turn Zambia into a regional bread basket and export to all our hungry neighbours.
    Change your mindset from a scarcity mindset to a property one.

  2. Sometimes I wonder when making alarming statements ceased to be a crime. Two days ago some people claimed to have seized 10000 bags of mealie meal stacked in a house that cannot even accommodate 1000 bags? First you kill farming, you also kill mining now you are killing commerce, what will you not kill in this country kanshi?

  3. Again, why are we giving resources to prosecute these people?
    Why isn’t it plain for people in government to see this as an opportunity that needs to be further explored?
    Also, impostor Kaizar, I am rather surprised that you have kept doing this for so long. Enjoy London.

  4. As we are closing in to the general elections next year, the illegal activities across the borders are likely to increase. And these activities include smuggling of banned substances to influence people. The smuggled goods and articles would be used to impact the polling and the voters. The government has taken a good decision to ensure peaceful voting.

  5. The North Western Province is highly vulnerable to smuggling. One can expect anything smuggle in Zambia. That could be anything for contraband to counterfeit currency to even arms. As the opposition is trying to take full advantages of the available resources, one should not be surprised if this happens. Now that the fast track court has been formed, government should also strengthen the security forces to tackle smugglers.

  6. Smuggling is not just something coming in illegally. But it also means something being illegally sent out of the country too. And in case of Zambia, it is the food items that find way out to neighbouring countries. Government needs to check this. Instead of smuggling of food items Zambia can export them and earn foreign currency.

  7. This is one of the best decisions government has taken in recent past. We will see the long term effects of the decision. Those involved in the illegal act will be brought to justice faster and the illicit syndicate will be completely eradicated.


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