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Magistrate sentences a 13-year-old to 14 days of counseling for trafficking Marijuana


Kasempa Magistrate, Evans Yikona has sentenced a 13-year-old juvenile to 14 days of counseling for trafficking in psychotropic substances.

Magistrate Evans Yikona said the Juvenile rightly admitted to the case without wasting time for the court.

Particulars of the offence are that on September 16, 2020, the Juvenile did traffic in a psychotropic substances called cannabis weighing seven kilograms.

Delivering his judgment, Magistrate Yikona said that the offence is prevalent in the district and common among the juveniles.

He said it was therefore, his solemn duty to protect the community, the Juvenile and would be offenders.

And in Mitigation the Juvenile pleaded for the court to exercise lenience as he was a first time offender and was expected to sit for his grade nine examinations.

But in passing his sentence Magistrate Yikona sentenced the Juvenile to 14 days counseling by the department of social welfare.

“The counseling should be planned by social welfare, the sentence is effective today,” he said.


  1. It’s sad to hear of stories involving young people and drug trafficking. He’s tooooo young to be such illicit games!! Hopefully the counselling will yield some results and I hope standing before a Judge in the Courts of Law has opened up his mind that it could be worse if he re-offended. May God help the young man transform.


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