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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

UPND Youths organising a Convoy of 1 000 motor convoy to escort HH to Mpika

Feature Politics UPND Youths organising a Convoy of 1 000 motor convoy to escort...

The United Party for National Development (UPND) Youths have said that the party youths are going to organise a convoy of 1 000 vehicles to escort the party President Hakainde Hichilema to Mpika where has he been summoned by Zambia Police.

According to a statement released to the media and signed by Gilbert Liswaniso, the Deputy National Youth Chairman, UNPD said that they are aware that the PF wants to detain HH to harm him so that he dies before the 2021 elections.

On Friday, Police in Chinsali summoned UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and Sesheke Member of Parliament Romeo Kangombe for questioning on Tuesday, October,21st 2020 at 09:00hrs, with the summons not stating the reasons for summoning President Hakainde Hichilema.

Below is the full statement


We wish to heartily welcome the invitation by the Zambia Police to summon President Hakainde Hichilema to Mpika for questioning and as usual, over a matter he has no hand on. This time around, however, HH is not going alone, a thousand cars from all over the country will join him and as we drive along, more and more cars and buses will follow us.

We have had enough of this nonsense and abuse of one man by Edgar Lungu, and the one sided law enforcement by Zambia Police of only one section of the population, while leaving the PF supporters and cadres enjoy unfettered protection of being above the law. IG Kanganja must therefore arrest the thugs that closed HH’s route with rocks and tyres and further, discipline the Police officers that abetted such a criminal act in a public road and in full public view. The pictures are in the public domain.

We call upon those that will not make it to Mpika to hold peaceful protests in their Townships and villages and all Pronvicial capitals and districts. We further call upon our brothers and sisters in the diaspora to hold peaceful protests at Zambian foreign missions and send a clear signal to the international community that if they don’t intervene timely, the once peaceful nation of Zambia is headed for troubled waters.

The police call out of HH is not by the Police, but is under the instigation of Mr Edgar Lungu. How much more can one human being spew so much hate and bitterness against another human being like Lungu is doing to HH. What sin has Hakainde Hichilema committed to be persistently abused, persecuted and humiliated? Is the death of HH what will finally make Mr Lungu happy? Is it a sin to aspire for public office for HH in a so called democracy?

We are aware that the PF want to detain HH to harm him so that he dies before the 2021 elections. Mr Lungu himself has maintained that HH will not enter State House. Isn’t that a declaration of a death sentence? We won’t allow that!

We will also not allow this injustice to continue because Zambia doesn’t only belong to the PF and their supporters. We therefore warn them to desist from always making people angry in the midst of such poverty and hunger. People are suffering because everything under the PF has collapsed, and instead of fixing the mess they are subjecting our citizens to, they are always seeking for ways to make us angry. What sort of people are these?

We will meet in Mpika and please Kampyongo and Kanganja, don’t forget to bring along your newly acquired huge armoured vehicles and big guns, let’s hope they will be enough to go round in all Townships villages and Districts in the Republic. Enough is enough!

Gilbert Liswaniso
Deputy National Youth Chairman


  1. Takapite whatever ge does! Lungu inherited a sound economy and has single handedly brought it down inflicting misery and suffering to the whole country!
    You wonder what he really wants. The police and judiciary have all been cowed to his mediocrity. People have been left with nothing to look out for, there are no jobs abd Govt jobs reserved for his minions.
    If Zambia has had problems before, this coming one is the mother of them; Lungu alone borrowed USD11 billion and he defaulted paying interest yesterday. The lenders will want everything paid within 30 days! Where is he going to get the money? May be Mvunga will print the money!
    Cry for our beloved country but Lungu must go!!

  2. A 1000 convoy sounds an exciting thing for citizens to be entertained to, than those useless concerts by Lusaambo.
    Kampyongo, don’t kill the motorists, let them buy fuel and cassava on their journey, this is an economic benefit for traders.
    UPND, keep it safe. Drive sober!!

  3. Mr. Liswaniso, your HH lacks popularity so even you instruct all villages, towns and people in the diaspora to demonstrate, they will not do so. Your HH is not appealing. Your HH is being not kind of person one would die for. Its you who puts HH were he’s not supposed to he. HH will never win in Zambia. Period.

  4. Good business for kobil, BP, mount meru and group. Let the police allow it. It’s an amazing arrangement that has never been seen before. If the police stop it, then UPND will appear very capable.

  5. That’s the reason why I have no kind words for any Politician…they like causing confusing and using gullible morons to advance their selfish motives……this is recipe for more trouble and even thats how civil wars start….i don’t like Edgar Lungu and his PF but am more scared of HH and his UPND knuckleheads….these guys need to be checked properly and there’s no way they can organize a convoy of 1000 cars…this is a safety hazard to the general population

  6. Having head Tayali answer questions on Muvi TV on Kambwili’s jailing, I am beginning to believe that he is more of a presidential material than these kawayawayas, just going to burn fuel for a person who is clueless who received the throne on a silver platter. However, this is not new, we know that leading to 2021 testosterone is going to rise dangerously in the opposition camp more so in the UPND. But Zambia has changed it is not the Zambia these guys knew a long time ago. UPND is too small a tribal party to set this great nation on fire just for wrongly born clueless leader. He refers to the people of Zambia as though he has even 45% support in the nation.

  7. From Solwezi to Mpika eshi, who is going to pay for the fuel? Mr. Liswaniso, before you go to Mpika, I suggest that first go and pick Mr. HH’s children to be at the forefront of the 1000 cars. Do not put people’s in danger.

  8. Yeah, yes …….keep up the pressure.

    This is the only way the west will see lungu for what he is…..suppressing and brutal wannbe dictator..

    We know PF and lungu can not survive 1 year without forigne aid.

    Zambians are not demanding anything illigal. Right of assembly is a right not exclusive to PF.

  9. There are bigger problems around the world. The west is not even concerned about the HH. Remember what the Youths in Upnd said, with or without a permit they will demo. Did they demo? Liswaniso should learn that not all the members in upnd are with him. Upnd adopted someone who was rejected by pf. Do you think members in upnd were happy?

  10. The scary part is those not listening to others feeling aggrieved will one day reap the same misery. Why is the law being applied selectively? Why do others demonstrate anytime without permits? Why not summon those that blocked the road? Why is aspiring for higher office so difficult in this country?

  11. PF guys hv not gone to proper schools & universities hence their insecurity & childish handling of obvious situations. What msg are they sending to the World by arresting HH & debarring him from standing in 2021?

    Why didn’t they stop him from standing in the past?

  12. They don’t have something constructive to do? Wishful destructive thinking, that’s the best of Hichilema and UPND. He’ll do worse than that if he gets into State House, HH the devil’s incarnate

  13. This guy doesn’t care about this Country. His father came from Angola. His father was a cattle rustler of Namwala who just left him with a Namwala woman.

  14. This commendable for UPND, time for cowardise is gone, take on the bull by its horns. If always PF wants to play foolishness on you and tricks , why not showing them that you are equal to the task

  15. Illogical logic October 17, 2020 At 5:39 pm

    “…..There are bigger problems around the world. The west is not even concerned about the HH…..”

    If you think the west wants to spend their tax payers money in the form of aid on another Mugabe in the making in our region , you are as thick as they can get…….

  16. Faka speed HH! We need Tayali behind bars for accepting bribes from PF to have an innocent man sent to jail on a frivolous crime. We know that 99.99% of PFoolish Ministers have registered companies in fake names and we ain’t seen anyone sent to jail, including that owner of a fake pharmacy in Chilenge. Infact Tayali should be in prison already for raping a 14 year old kid.

  17. “they are aware that the PF wants to detain HH to harm him so that he dies before the 2021 elections.”
    What stichupid utterance. Who would want to kill someone who is ending up in prison for stollen public properties and money.

  18. What PF is doing to HH is intimidation. What the UPND youths are doing is to show there is no need to intimidate an innocent citizen. We cannot allow bullies to rule over us. The world prefers democrats.

  19. Hh’s children should be in the lead vehicles and William Banda, the worst violent man Zambia has ever known in its political life accompany you.


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