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Dear Pentecostal Clergy

Feature Lifestyle Dear Pentecostal Clergy

Dear Pentecostal Clergy,

You will agree with me that, in the Bible, every King that went rogue, had prophets telling him he was doing just fine. Even the evil King Ahab, as he was searching for the prophet Elijah, so he could kill him, had former prophets of Yahweh burning sacrifices with Baal’s riotus lot.

You should remember too that, while that is true, there always was a righteous Elijah, Nathan or Samuel to do God’s bidding, during Israel’s difficult times.

I will alert you to a rarely spoken about fact that these prophets, who stayed faithful to God, always came from outside the King’s court to bring a message or carry out a duty. Usually, their own lives were sparse and difficult.

What I am saying is that the prophets of God did not sit at the table of the King, or fraternize with him. There was a clear separation that allowed them to speak into the life of the King, truthfully.

I address you because today is the National Day of Prayer in our Zambia. On this day, I find myself wondering how many of you will be able to say to President Lungu, like prophet Nathan did to King David – Thou art the man?
I direct this to you the Pentecostals, the part of the church I belong to, because it is you who announced to the nation that President Lungu was a born-again leader who would do right by Zambia. You essentially anointed him and presented him to the people as God’s choice for them.

Well, we all know that it would be very difficult to still state that President Lungu’s leadership has been godly or good for the people. We also know that, right now, the President is still making extremely harmful leadership choices.

So I ask, do any of you serve your own God truthfully enough to, like Nathan did to King David, say to President Lungu – you are the man that has destroyed Zambia? To speak honestly on this National Day of Prayer about the pain the country is in, under his leadership.

Or, will you keep feasting at the table of plenty, refusing to tell the President the truth so that maybe, just maybe, he may, like David, repent?

That because you choose to, this time, be honest messengers, this President may relieve the nation of the yoke of injustice it is now living under.

By Laura Miti
Facebook Post


  1. Madam Miti,you have said it as it ought to be.you bishops,father’s,pastors….you lie to yourselves if you don’t advise him ..tell him what forgiveness is,what repentance is,what reconciliation is….not in the night you plan to harm others for no reason….shame on you pastor’s

  2. Laura miti , my tribal wise wife God gave me before this nation was born,
    Love your wisdom and your commitment to a justy society.
    Continue with your work as the good Lord will always be with you in doing what are doing.
    In bemba we say ‘ bakashimikila elyo balebashikila tabalefwaya no kumfwa,’
    Prophets were teaching them none wanted to listen.
    Mwebakashi naya ku kasama ba laura

  3. Laura used my words more effectively than me. The Pente-papas are largely responsible for brainwashing us with Lungu’s version of christianity making their followers countenance to a blatant lie. We are messed up big time.

  4. A true God-Sent prophet does not assume. He waits upon God. God gives him the message, which often comes with a vision clearly displayed. Most of these who rise up and speak in the name of God are prophets of Baal.

  5. I thought these UPND morons were not interested in the day of prayer. If they are serious about staying away they should have stayed away in totality without watching the whole proceeding on ZNBC trying to pick out whatever bad they are always looking for in Lungu. Almost all the preachers today one way or the other indicated to Lungu that Zambians are in need. Farther Lupupa said and I quote “Zambians should not be wearing salaula, drive second hand vehicles, Zambians should own property, land and have something to call theirs” Zambians should benefit from copper”. The evi! cult in the UPND the only day they will be happy is when their small god is in state house.

    • This is exactly what we heard.Little Miti,you always looking for things which are stale.Surely,you don’t expect Pastors to start casting the President.That is not a good approach.Takwaba everything the President does is bad.He invites you prayers you refuse but chose to cast gate him.The President never uttered a single word.He chose to be part of the congregation,you still see his short comings.He gives a speech,it does not please you.HH is summoned to Mpika,it is Edgar who is responsible for the confusion at Serenje.I have not heard any one condemn HH.

  6. Just an advise to you Laura your letter is so judgemental and dangerous because you are overstepping your line by trying to tell the Clergy in Zambia what to do when you never called even one of them Firstly new testament prophets operate differently from the Old testament prophets The role of the New testament clergy is to pray for those in leadership and not be antagonistic because that is the spirit of Anti Christ for your own information God is big enough to remove President Lungu without your help or any opposition party And lastly even when Nathan went to tell David his sin he used diplomacy and not vulgar language which has become so common among this generation Humble yourself God is in control of every situation and dont try to champion a cause you have no idea about Running a…

  7. You can see the responses from the blind leading another blind or being led, these are wolves in sheep’s skin. There is nothing judgmental in Laura’s message but the truth which hurts, those who killed Jesus didn’t kill him because he was telling lies, but because he told the truth. Every normal Zambian knows the truth about PF and it’s schemes, just let them know that God is not a man for them to stupidly fool themselves that they can mock him. Their day of reckoning will surely come.

  8. Please permit me to educate you on what the Bible says about leadership and the role of those that are led by them. The first is Romans 13, all governments good or bad are appointed by God. Second

    Please permit me to educate you on what the Bible says about leadership and the role of those that are led by them. The first is Romans 13, all governments good or bad are appointed by God. Second 1 Timothy 2:1-3 that all subjects should pray for those leaders that they may rule with the fear of God. This is what God says He desires. What you think or say therefore is of no consequence. Only what God wills is important. Also a person cannot stand judgement over another in question of their righteousness because we are all sinners. This is why many bring judgement on themselves and misfortune…

  9. Laura may be a prophetess without claim or title.
    But what I can say is listen carefully to the honest truth she has poured out of her heart.

  10. The opposite of a Christian is a devil worshipper,,,Laura Miti has spoken the whole truth. Any contrast to that is evil and bent on oppressing the general Zambian populous!!
    Don’t advocate wrong just because you are beneficiaries of the high tables crumbs!!

  11. All what Miti was hoping for was for people to shane the DoP you were disappointed. Whether you like or not people love ECL just the same way you adore HH. Why having evil thoughts all the time. If the DoP was meant for PF
    and you with upnd didn’t want to attend so be it. Go jump into the fire if your not happy,

  12. President Lungu is a great leader.He loves and fears God Almighty.No wonder he is highly favoured

    Please don’t speak ill of those in leadership.
    If I may ask .Have you taken time to pray for those in leadership as commander bu our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?

    No partisan politics in the things of God.

  13. The Bible does not allow a woman to teach the Word of God, a woman must remain silent when it comes to the things of God. In fact, the Bible does not allow a woman to cut her hair short. The devil is misleading these women in the name of human rights and NGOs.

    Remember God does not change, the very instructions He gave Paul are the same instructions you and me must follow.

    Read the entire Corinthians or Timothy.

  14. Good one Laura but you could have used the murderous Saul who became a fearless Paul in your example to Rhime with those saying prophet Nathan was in the old testament. Brethren when a leader is bad nothing good comes out of his leadership no matter how much you pray for them like king Saul whom Samuel never stopped praying for. People can change too and change their destiny in so doing like King Manasseh in 2 Chronicles 33 did. As long as you have life in you it’s not too late to enforce radical changes in your life.

  15. What is Laura Miti known for? As an Activist or as Christian? Depending on the answer to this question; the bible says woe unto you if they speak well of you. In other words, who are supporting you?

    Before throwing a stone at another, look at your life. Do you truly pray for Edger Lungu or can he listen to you by the way you conduct yourself? Is godliness only for Pastors and not you as a church member?

    When Paul was writing that we should honour our leaders as Christians, were those leaders godly in Paul’s time?

  16. Laura shares a view that many that see the day of prayer as blasphemous do harbor! The frenzy exhibited on this particular day is amazing in its being faked! A day that was decided by the urging of “Christians for Lungu” has no sacred appeal!

    Prayer as guided by Jesus Christ is individual conviction not supervised by government for perceived political gains. How I wish many would use their two ears to listen more and the mouth to talk less as this may lead to learning more or a more learned citizenry that understands better what their mouth will produce once opened to talk!

  17. You should also explain why God says leave judgement to Him. The righteousness of a person is like filthy rugs. The truth is that this nation needs God and no one has the right to tell the other people how they should pray. Focus on the salvation of your soul and stop the bitterness.

  18. Religion has been complicit over the ages. It’s worse so where the fear of the gods has diminished. To say a leader is anointed is to assert the people’s will only for an electoral season or to perpetuate an injustice wrought in collusion.

  19. Take extra care when speaking for God, you are just flesh and blood. We may end up inviting God’s wrath through careless writings and talking.Those that are praying should be left alone, the don’t should be left alone. We are not God to judge.Do not become an enemy of God, He is the creator you are just a creature. May all the glory be given to God through Jesus Christ

  20. The mixing of religion in political leadership has confused many nations before. It has even been responsible for genocide and history has shown that it is easy to have intolerant extremist religious views. Developed countries know this too well & none of them spend too much time on religion and religious ceremonies. Let us be very careful how spend our limited time.

  21. Parables are not going to address public concerns. Take time to separate state from religion. It is callous for civil society activists to base arguments on biblical writings. Biblical writings stand for lasting peace and non violence. Love your enemy. It does not matter whether your enemy is a politician. You give up too easily. Remember, in Matthew 5:38-40, New International Version Eye for Eye:
    “38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’[a] 39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. 40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.”

  22. As a follow up: Laura you must be ashamed of yourself-that is if you have any conscious at all remaining in you- at the success of the prayers the Devil is always a loser dont join him and be used by him this is a nation under God and His plans and purposes shall go ahead with or without you

    • Very sure JJ and it is high time some people came to understand what the bible talks about than courting scripture out of context,do not touch the anointed ones of God.


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