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Mutati urges the Church to preach more peace, unity and reconciliation

Headlines Mutati urges the Church to preach more peace, unity and reconciliation

Movement for Democratic Change MDC President Felix Mutati has called on the church in Zambia to preach peace and unity, especially that the 2021 general elections are fast approaching.

Mr Mutati who took part in the day of national prayer, fasting and reconciliation at St John’s UCZ congregation in Kabwe observed that the country is sliding towards the crossroads and eroding the fundamentals as well as the vision enshrined in the national anthem of togetherness.

He attended the church service at the invitation of renowned lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube KBF and was also joined by opposition Democratic Party President Harry Kalaba.

“Our conversation must be about preaching the unity in diversity, preaching peace and preaching reconciliation. As a nation, we have many challenges and sometimes have a feeling that we are sliding towards the crossroads, eroding the fundamentals and our vision that is enshrined in the national anthem of ‘Ubuntu’ oneness.” He said.

Mr Mutati said the day of national prayer, fasting and reconciliation is of great significance hence the need for the church to focus on preaching unity in diversity, peace and reconciliation beyond 18th October only.

Mr Mutati said people also need to utilize the day to reconcile and heal wounds that they might have inflicted on each other.

He further called on the people to pray for politicians who are bound to error because the responsibility of what those in politics do lies in the same people.

And Mr Mutati called on Zambians to choose leaders wisely as the elections approach because as voters, they hold the power to elect credible leaders that will drive the country towards achieving its developmental aspirations.

“We ask you to choose leaders wisely because you are the ones that hold the power to elect anyone, we do not have that power as politicians” Mr Mutati said.

This is according to a statement issued by MDC Deputy Media Director Edmond Mbanga Miti.


  1. I have all the reasons to believe that this MDC and DP will be a havens for all those against Mr Lungu but are just eating for now until a time to reject and challenge him comes. In fact, they are so many and we shall see how the likes of Kampyongo will be behaving..

  2. They have always been doing that. What they need is to publicly and courageously condemn actions and schemes bent on disturbing peace and unity. Preaching alone wont work. Law breakers must be punished.

  3. No need to choose a leader. The chosen one is already leading us. All the voters need to do is confirm his leadership. Kwasila!! Chapwa!!

  4. Zambia has never known the political violence , persecutions , corruption and decay of systems of governance as of now under lungu…..never ever ever before.

    Lungu is the cause of all this….

  5. KZ

    “..No need to choose a leader. The chosen one is already leading us. All the voters need to do is confirm his leadership. Kwasila!! Chapwa!!…”

    If lungu is the chosen one , why is he brutallising and harrassing the opposition like he is a prostitute that has not been paid by a client ???

  6. Kaizar Zulu is part of the rot that has ruined Zambia no wonder he approves the current mess .Birds of a feather flock…?

  7. Kaizer is a beneficiary of a filthy system. Do you honestly expect objectivity from a person using his stomach to think? Notihng can ever be a success to him apart from EL. Anything apart from EL disgusts him and upsets his tummy. The same applies to every person of his calibre..

  8. MDC has created a huge crack within PF government that will be hard to fill. A prerequisite of the demise of PF in Luapula and Northern regions.
    The confirmation statement of Felix Mutati that the country is sliding towards the crossroads and eroding the fundamentals of togetherness enshrined in our national anthem is quite telling.
    The matrix here is;
    1- PF destined for self destruction never to be known in Zambia again for any good reason, as MDC causes havoc in PF bedroom regions
    2- PF and MDC merge up, almost impossible (KBF with a surprise in his sleeves for PF on nomination day)
    3- Confusion during the elections to benefit those with repository of power for a lame excuse
    4- Allow Zambians to vote freely and peacefully for candidates of their choice
    We await to see as…

  9. this mf kz is panicking.i can’t wait to see pf out of office.they will cry and run away there own shadows.this mf has alot of boasting alot.


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