Esther Lungu Foundation in K1.5 million worth of donation from Higer Bus Zambia

First Lady Esther Lungu

Higer Bus Zambia Limited has donated K1.5 million worth of assorted hygiene martials to the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust.

And First Lady Esther Lungu hailed the private sector for the support it has continued to render to government in response to the fight against Coronavirus.

The First Lady says over the years, the private sector has been a key partner in the delivery of quality health services to the general citizenry.

ZANIS Reports that Mrs Lungu explained that the private sector has generated huge support to the health sector not because they are endowed with money but due to the hash effects of the Covid-19 on their families and business.

She said this at State House today when she received a donation of assorted hygiene materials from the Higher Buses Zambia Limited.

“It is not surprising therefore, to witness this donation today from Higer Bus Zambia Limited, who have joined hands with the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust to donate 100,000 pieces of Children’s face masks, 50 pieces forehead thermometers and 100 pieces school bags, all equivalent to a total value of K1.5 million which will definitely go a long way in the education enhancement of our learners in schools,” she gladly stressed.

Speaking as the Chairperson of the Foundation Trust, First Lady Esther Lungu implored the local private to hasten their integrated approach to the healthcare services of the country.

Meanwhile, Higer Bus Zambia Limited General Manager Wu Ming expressed satisfaction with the role of Esther Lungu Foundation Trust in reaching out to the needy in society.

Mr Ming who punctuated his speech with commendations to the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust, underscored that government has vigorously fought and controlled the spread of Covid-19 through different strategies.

He recollected that through government’s resound fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the lives of the general citizenry and foreign investment are guaranteed.

“The Zambian government has vigorously prevented and controlled the coronavirus and introduced many effective prevention and control measures, which have strongly guaranteed the lives of Zambian people and foreign investors, “charged Mr Ming.

The Higer Bus Zambia Limited General Manager emphasized that as the enterprise investing in Zambia and a member of Association of Chinese Corporation in Zambia, his frim will not relent in giving back to the society through the integration into the local society.

Since the year 2008, at least 500 Higer buses have been exported to Zambia from China were the company is headquartered with up to, 1,000 Higer bus unites have been imported to the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).


  1. She was laughing at Kambwili’s wife being roughed on the ground during her arrests.
    Wish she could go bail her out using her K1.5 million

  2. This foundation is for money launderers and how many foundations for former presidents’wives still exist!?

    She is busy buying properties using this foundation and watch after the so called humble leader lose power next year. It will take a month and the foundation it will be as it existed 10 years ago.

    PF must go!

  3. All those asking our mother to comment on kambwilis fat wlfe. Our first lady can not lower herself to comment on matters that are before the courts. You cannot expect her to support an overweight British citizen who flies all the way here to come and abuse our officers and then expect them to just look at her because she is a woman. She then goes on to resist arrest. In America she would be dead. Let us not belittle our officers. Just like you and I they are just doing their job

  4. How old is the first lady vs kambwili wlfe? If the first lady is fat according to you then kambwili wife taking into account her age is morbidly obese

  5. We need to define the role of the First Lady in the governance structure. There’s no doubt that she plays a very important role although she isn’t recognized in the Constitution. That office handles a lot of money, especially the current First Lady. Esther Lungu moves with a convoy and security detail almost like that of the Vice President. So she needs her own budget line so that she’s audited as well. It’s not good to expose our First Ladies to crooks and temptations. There was one that was accused of mismanagement of OAFLA funds. Another found herself in an embarrassing situation with Archie MacTribouy. We don’t want those situations to repeat themselves, so let’s insulate that important office by giving it a structure and budget

  6. When you don’t have resources, the best way to help people is to rope in those who are resourceful. That’s exactly what the First Lady is doing. This effort need to be lauded as thousands of needy Zambians will get health care assistance from these donations. She is an inspiration for millions of us! People will remain forever grateful to the First Lady.

  7. This, in other terms is called as – When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. First Lady Esther Lungu has set an example on conduct of those in the positions of power or those who aspire to be there. Zambia will never forget the dedication.

  8. This is not the first time, she has shown such a generous gesture. Earlier, First Lady of Zambia Madam Esther Lungu donated foodstuffs to Cheshire Homes in Chipata at the Diocese of Chipata. She has also helped building deaf boarding school in Kitwe. Last week she has donated to Chipangali residents whose houses were damaged due to heavy rains.

  9. She has been silently working on ground for many years now, especially after the Covid19 pandemic broke earlier this year. She has been instrumental in collecting all possible help and aid for people of Zambia to fight the pandemic. Several times in the past the first Lady has donated to the needy people. I remember when she visited personally and donated various items to the children at Chipata Cheshire Home.

  10. @sammy, can you read? She is not donating, but receiving donations. The article is about a certain chawama hen receiving handouts from a Chinese company. In real world these would be perceived as bribes because she is directly connected to the head of state. Why not donate to MOH or any other government agency?

  11. In this crisis, such news gave motivation and hope that there are people who have surrender their entire life to lift up poor people in the country.

  12. Not people like us, but those poor who are benefitted through Esther Lungu Foundation Trust know her value and importance.

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